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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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JUNE 30TH!!!!





Why is this Martin Lewison video in place of what's supposed to be here? It's all over the website, where other videos should be.


I'm just asking... why? Is there a filter in place, I can't figure out? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Already answered by Robb. Please ignore this, now.

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Isn't Volcano faster (70mph)? Earlier marketing said that they were billing Taron as "Europe's fastest multi launch coaster" which makes more sense.


Yes the eariler marketing said Europe however with testing the ride obviously is faster than expected or they have increased the speeds. Taron is now the fastest multi launch coaster in the world.

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I remeber a picture on Facebook from some of the workers that stated the ride would go 130km/h (around 80 miles per hour). This was way back when the only ride structure standing was the 2 launches and the 3 big overbanked turns, tried to find the post couldn't find it, but I know it's out there.


Edit: Found it, but it has since been taken down, Picture even made it to this forum on March 4th 2015.

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The official minimum ride restrictions have been confirmed by german kiddy TV-Station Nickelodeon, which is hosting a raffle to win the first ride.


Age: 8 years or older

Height: 130cm / ~51 inches


Source (Click "Jetzt mitmachen")


They also have a short video with a few new scenes and what looks like the final employee clothing. (Warning - german kids TV)


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This is going to be completely amazing.


I hope that Taurons launches will get progressively faster and more intense and that they don't blow the ride's full steam with the first launch.

I know this is unlikely to happen, but I still love a coaster with no breaks where the pace just gets wilder as you go... I know I know... Why would you waste a bunch of speed just to slam it into the break-run? But still... A man can dream.


I've never ridden Maverick, but from a conceptual point and POV's it's my favourite coaster in the world... It stopped the height-wars, showing that a low-to-the-ground coaster can be as intense as a tall one.

... I always geeked out about the fact that it doesn't reach top-speed until half-way at the launch.


I hope this one does the same.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It all just looks so wonderful! I underestimated Phantasialand (for my own personal bad luck reasons, on two visits), but

now I really love how they've been able to isolate spots all over the park, for specific new attractions, and then just

theme the heck out of them, LOL!


This look incredible. Worth a few re-rides of both coasters, I'm sure.

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