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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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^It might slightly block the view, but i don't think it'll bother anyone. It's an incredible looking train, very impressive!


Agreed. It's a very nice looking train.

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^^ Well just read the article on Magazine.Phantasialand.de on the coaster and the train. It seems this is an adjust hight design first design was no where near the park's standard, wrong color, wrong design chooses and this was made with even the smallest of visitor in mind.


The article brought some small things to light, Raik is designed to appeal to the smallest visitor to the teenagers to the grown ups. They also promise it will go faster then you think with near 90 degree turns and near misses. Also the wheels on the return hill aren't there for show they are there just so the ride will operate when temperatures go below 0 degree celsius. Also a coaster like Raik has been in the planning for some time the park just didn't know where to put it, Klugheim gave them a place to put one in.

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A short video of some full circuit testing has appeared on YouTube. Not sure how long it's going to stay up, Phantasialand seem intent on having no trace of testing online.




Seems to hold on to quite a bit of speed as it goes round!

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