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We saw other EXCELLENTLY themed coasters before. But I guess what makes this really stand out is the fact, that they are adding some incredible theming to a coaster, that could be world class and absolutely thrilling without any theming !


I have a hard time thinking about another coaster that matches this combination ! At least not on this level ! I really do see this topping many peoples steel coaster list !

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I can imagine the percentage of people in China that will ride this version who know about the Taron original is less than .01!!!

Totally get that. But I'm also a bit.. "Annoyed".. that the "unique" status of Taron is touched. I really like it, but what I liked most about it was the fact, that the whole combination of area, coas

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Man this looks amazing, still can't believe that when it's open technically I could ride it anytime I want as it is so close by. I mean this master piece in 2 hours reach, just awesome.


I`m even more lucky. From my place in Belgium 1 hour drive.

Now back ontopic to some amazing construction pictures .


30 minutes! Wohoo!


NOW back to ontopic.

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This is ridiculous! The level of theming is indeed right up there with Disney. One can only hope that someday they'll get permission to extend the park. But with Taron being a mere 15 minute ride away from my apartment, I'm one happy coaster fan!

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Hey DoinItForTheFame!


I will gladly take the job of unwrapping the coaster when construction is done. It would be like the best Christmas present ever!!!


Funny! Phantasialand quoted you in this article and explained why everything got wrapped.


Reason: to make sure nothing of the technic and track gets damaged while working on the theming.


Here is the German article: http://magazin.phantasialand.de/verhuellt-wie-christo-achterbahn-taron-eingpackt/

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I guess, if you make an auction for "Give kids the world", you would find some nerds like me to help it unwrapped for the first ride on Taron and climb around that structure.


Exhausting but interesting

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It's Germany, they probably invented some super plastic polymer wrap that then can easier spray with water and a special additive to dissolve the wrap instantly.

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This ride has definitely used its fair amount of concrete. Of course the park are doing a fantastic job of hiding it from us. I still have no clue of the layout of this ride but I am really excited for it.

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^^ Well at least we don't have to worry that this ride is going anywhere, Taron is definitely one with the ground with all that concrete.


More pictures, more steel, more concrete and more wood.

I love it that despite Taron rising higher in the background you still look at the Chiapas station. Shows how the park handels theme difference without breaking style.

More concrete in the background, and I think the yellow coats in the trench are preparing for even more.

More steel, yeah bet some where hoping on some track. Not yet time so it seems.

Yeah this is placed on the storage room, seems that will become a new cliff.

The two small towers.

They made some new dormers (Don't know if thats the correct term, in Google translate we trust) on the right of this picture.

Source and more.


This ride keeps looking better and better. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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It's very rare that pictures, let alone construction pictures, of coasters have my mouth literally agape. Might be time to put Germany on the itinerary very soon. The theming is absolutely epic... and some of that track work suggests this thing is a balls to the wall Intamin.

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If we read in the news of some form of concrete shortage in Germany I can take a guess where most of it has gone.


Where will that be? I only see massive rocks on those pictures. Can`t find the concrete.

Is it just me or is the straight launch section very short and so very powerfull to take that upper turn? Or is the perspective fooling around?

Can`t wait to go to this medieval looking place. Will the streets have their own street sewer? Or is the park planning to place no bins? . Maybe they create some family restrooms to take a dumb together. Cowzy like the entire area.


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