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I can imagine the percentage of people in China that will ride this version who know about the Taron original is less than .01!!!

Totally get that. But I'm also a bit.. "Annoyed".. that the "unique" status of Taron is touched. I really like it, but what I liked most about it was the fact, that the whole combination of area, coas

Posted Images

Looking more and more amazing!! The track and supports look so weird wrapped like that.


I will gladly take the job of unwrapping the coaster when construction is done. It would be like the best Christmas present ever!!!

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It seems they only wrapped the pieces that needed to be. I assume the rest of the track will be unwrapped. It will take an awfully long time to unwrap all of that, but as you mentioned^ I'll do it!!

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^^^ Holger, your photos look great! And I am sooooo envious

that you will eventually get to ride this new coaster.

I also live nearby. < One hour drive.

I`m glad have the opportunity to be riding Taron next year ... on most of my free days .

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I have a new update, I have to admit the accurate above view has dropped a little to about 70% instead of 90% during the time, I will continue this despite that.


Orange: Brakes, Storage, Station and first launch.

Yellow: Is of the first half of the coaster.

Red: Second half of the coaster.

Pink: The overbanked turn you pass after the first launch, unknown if it comes after the first or second launch.

Blue: Tunnel and two turns, If you look at it now this will all connect directly on one other.

Gray: twisted turn, helix and Trimbrake, all will connect directly on one other.

With future track (the light blue):


Last update (big only):




All the same colors connect to one other for sure here.

So yeah saw them place track in the tunnel this week and yesterday night I saw pictures of the turn after the tunnel placed, they didn't look connected yet so thats why I leave that gab between them. As for the rest they didn't place that much track so nothing to talk about more then.

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Am I the only person that has the feeling construction has stalled again? I mean I know they're still busy left and right getting things done and progressing the construction, but for me the feeling of progressing is gone again.

Construction always feels slow in the beginning I think with ground work being broken and the first concrete going in, but usually when we see some track work it literally seems construction goes at an incredible speed only to die out again near opening as the finishing touches happen out of our image. But here it's just a bit to much, we started out with nothing no picture's at all then when it got interesting (first track work) construction seemed to have taken off, but not to long after that I had the feeling each photo was of the same dirt and concrete and nothing much was going on. Now the last few weeks we had an other dash in construction work with more track being placed, that iron roof and such. But now the last few days I again have the feeling it stalled and we get the same pictures over and over again.

I don't know I just hope it will still get to that point where I feel this has lifted off and has no intention to stop until the dots on the i, so to speak.


Off-coarse this all comes to one point, and that is that I'm just exited for this ride and wish to see something of the finished image already instead of scaffolding, dirt, concrete and steel.

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^ I think with this coaster there is so much theming, that it seems like construction is going much slower or seems like it has "stalled." I'm sure there is specific theming stuff they want done before and after each track installation. So the actual track installation is taking longer than most coasters because here they will install track, then stop track installation to work on scenery near the track, then install more track, then stop track installation to work on nearby scenery, then install more track... and repeat. I may be wrong, but that is what seems most logical to me.

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^Sure that's most certainly is going on here. I have to admit that despite not having the patience and having the feeling of "stalling" it does bring a big smile on my face to see the park taking so much care on theming, and that alone deserves a big thumb up.

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I think you are absolutely right about that.

Maybe I`ll go have a look on Taron this week. My orientation is kinda lost with all these construction pictures. But I`m used to that. They do this to me every time. Many of their rides are one spaghetti bol with tiny paths connecting other theme area`s.


I cannot situate the path through the western village on the current building pictures. I believe the launch track is diagonal with the old main path?

It`s so different then wat is was before.

With each demolition & construction they suprise me every time. Hard to remember how things were before.



Where are you Taron?


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I get the feeling this is going to be one of those coasters I won't dare to raise my hands on.


Totally agree with this.


Or - you probably can raise your hands with no problem,

but it looks intimidating enough, not to.

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^^ The amount of detail on this coaster though. For example that last photo... what they did with one of those footers is awesome. I wish more parks would them coasters this well.

A newer shot of that particular footer...




photo: Phantagraphy

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For example that last photo... what they did with one of those footers is awesome. I wish more parks would them coasters this well.


I always think the fact a lot of parks don't theme rides to this extent because they can't see the financial gain from the ride to be enough to justify doing it, which I can understand personally. Your right though it would be nice to see.

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So more work has been done yesterday.

Can't get enough of these pictures just wow.

A lot of work on the theming elements of this ride.

A new support going into place.

And this one is only a link it holds the spoiler for the ride. Yes a very bad picture of part of the lay-out:


But today they working on track:

A new track piece.

And this weird support.

Source and more.


This is looking good.

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