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I can imagine the percentage of people in China that will ride this version who know about the Taron original is less than .01!!!

Totally get that. But I'm also a bit.. "Annoyed".. that the "unique" status of Taron is touched. I really like it, but what I liked most about it was the fact, that the whole combination of area, coas

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NEWS: Phantasialand announces Wuzel Earth


Phantasialand has announced its newest attraction to be added to Wuze Valley in 2010, known as Wuzel Earth. I have translated the announcement from the website below.




Discover on your new adventure Wuzel Earth 2010!


Great excitement and tension in the idyllic valley Wuze. Wuze have noticed the mysterious happenings on the outskirts of the city and in the tiny, tranquil mountain village tree. A mysterious creature on two legs should have been seen huge on the shore of Mondsee. Other residents have seen wings as big as airplanes over Wuze Town and it is said also that green creatures have come from the lake. But that's not all - anywhere you hear a weird knocking and hammering inexplicable. And near the wall moves, even the earth, which gives up the Wuze the biggest mystery.


What is happening probably in Wuze valley?


If you want to know, move the magnifying glass on the Wuzel Earth map and you come closer to the mystery ... but still show up again, because the events are changing!


Explore the adventurous world of Wuze and help them to solve puzzles in Wuze Valley. Discover on your new adventure Wuzel Earth 2010!


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I am not really getting anything from the pictures. I see in the first pic(left to right) might be a dragons face. The second one I have no idea. The third I'm thinking is a sail. The fourth is birdhouses. The last picture I have no idea. Regardless I love rides with a back story, and rides with hints. The picture is also suggesting a highly themed ride, so I am looking forward to this. This is one of the parks I have always wanted to visit some day.

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^Looks like:

1 - Bird

2 - Flying Insect

3 - Sail

4 - Birdhouses

5 - Or no idea what there are trying to show


Ineresting that the name of the project is Wuzel "Earth", yet 4 of the 5 references involve flight.


Also, looking at the park map currently on Phantasialand's website, I no longer see:

Walzertraum - Spinning Garden Boat Ride

Goldenbahn 1001 Nachts - Dark Ride themed to 1001 Nights


Since those rides were both in the WuzeTown vicinity are we to assume Wuzel Earth will replace those missing attraction? Was the removal of those rides previously reported?

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My German is sketchy, but does that page reference Fire, Water, Earth and Wind on the top of the Page?

Yes it is Fire, Water, Earth and Wind ( the worldglobe shows South America ) ......if you turn off the lanterns you see some kind of Mayan calender !!!!

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Enters the Würmling Express and start the journey!


Along the banks of the Mondsee little bird babies in their nests waiting to be fed to it. And they are so hungry - that create the Wuze no longer alone, because you have to help out. In the deft's Express goes together with your friends or mom and dad on big voyage of discovery, of course, with the worms for the birds in his luggage.


NEW: The Funny Parrot


On the Funny Parrot you are the sky and the beautiful birds very close. Rotate your rounds in the air and touches the clouds. Even the big ones can be here with them, and great moments on and off to experience. That makes a lot of fun and tingling in the stomach.


NEW: Cloud's Airmail


The tense wait for Wuze their mail while you can help them. If you stand out by airmail, kick on the pedals and approaches with strong wings, you have the same post in the luggage. The Wuze happy if it brings them on the flight, the longed-for letters. So tread on the pedals and you can flieeeeegen. That makes a lot of fun and you have everything well in sight!


NEW: The Gay Bee Hunting


So what is so eager to squint as the little bee? Visit to herself, the cute little frogs and go to the merry bee hunting. On and head off for the fun ride. Since you have to just be on the round it!


NEW: The Maze Baumberger


In the hidden maze, there's much to discover and experience. In the midst of the maze, the worm-washing, as you seek for food for the little bird babies. These must be supplied by the Wuze and her she can actively help. Since they are certainly very pleased and you have a lot of fun!


Würmling Express


The Funny Parrot


Cloud's Airmail


The Gay Bee Hunting


The Maze Baumberger

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Yes, that sounds funny! But where did your read that name? If I use the link I only get the german names, though I was on th english side.


Did you use a translation software? Because the german name says the cheerful bee hunt.


Edit: My mistake. Searched now for the translation options of your word, didn´t know that this is another meaning of "gay". - Oops.

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ADMIN EDIT: I did have to remove the links as your posting them is currently in violation of our Terms of Service. You have to have at least 50 posts on the forum to be able to post links to external sources.

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OMG. I can recognize the dome from race to Atlantis otherwise I would say it is a different park. They mean serious business in phantasialand

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Have to visit the park for making photos next week. Unbelievable, heard that these constructions will come, but didn´t now they are already working at it. Thought they get only the new WUZE Attractions and the new show this year!


Hopefully I´receive my ClubTPR Card/Package before visiting the park, so it will be my premiere of using it!


EDIT: Here you can finde my Photo TR of Phantasialand 2010

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There you can see the back of the new hall. HERE


THERE you can watch the new trailer.


Würmlings Express is only the children monorail. (The people are CRAZY. They wait for the Würmlings Express over 1 hour.)



The Baumberger Irrgarten is a very cool maze with water effects and playground bridges.


In 2011 Phantasialand will get a new Wave-Swinger with water-effects and "Maus-au-Chocolat". Maybe a darkride?

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