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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Hi Elissa,


Sorry I haven´t made more photos on this day, because it was raining the most time. But I will go tomorrow to Phantasialand again to take some more pictures.



Black Mamba is an awsome coaster, for me the smothest coaster where I´ve ever been on. It´s incredible.

The ride is very intense but not like Batman.

In the mounteain where the immelmann drives trough there is a waterfall inside. When you strech out your hands out of the train, you can fell the water on it.

The coaster will have a rider cam. That means that there are cameras onboard that films you while you are riding. After the ride you can buy your video.


LG Matthias

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I'm thinking about going there in September or October as there will be some cheap plain tickets available, but I need to know if it's really worth it! So I need reviews and how it ranks compared to other coasters

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I´ll be there Tommorow.

Can`t wait, can`t sleep, can´t eat.

And i`m still asking myself who the F*** is Vekoma. .

Anyway in my Book, this looks beautifull.

I`m going to post Pics Tommorow.

Then i`ll Konw more.


But first i`ll have to get some sleep.

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WOW this ride looks so amazing. I think I would like to walk around that whole area almost as much as I would like to ride the coaster itself. Just looking at the pictures, I am in shock of the effort put into this ride. Theres wooden statues and idols, and painting on walls, and huts everywhere, and pots, and little market places type things. If ever I'm within 500 miles of Germany, this will be a must ride...Lucky Germans!

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AWESOME PHOTO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm bookin' a flight to Germany as we speak...lol


I think this ride is a preview of a Disney-esque (B&M) ride if Mickey Mouse ever had the guts to install one..lol


Ok....now awaiting the ride reviews (and vid) and then...LET THE COMPARISON BEGIN! Wheeeeee




Nemesis or Black Mamba??? (BM by B&M)..lol


Again, AWESOME posting of photos!

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The ride looks AWSOME!!! I noticed Mamba doesn't have a Zero Car.... That's weird




You can clearly see in this picture that it has a zero car. But anywho, this thing looks AMAZING! I have to ride this thing one day, it just looks like something disney would do with B&M (like that will ever happen).


Colin C

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Alright, I went to the pre-opening yesterday and have some nice shots for you. The ride is quite difficult to shoot, as there are meshes everywhere. Black Mamba is a nicely themed, smooth running, compact and thrilling ride, it's not to long but the themeing makes the difference. You have water-effects, sound-effects and non-stop action. It's not nemesis. But it's really really good. If you can - ride it!


The area "Deep in Africa"


The band "se-side" opened the pre-opening with the performance of the official "Black Mamba" Song


They really looked great


Really great!


Really really great! (The were swedish!)




Here comes the train


The first drop




Train again


First-Drop again


Themeing details - awesome


Snakes, why had it to be snakes?


The lifthill


Yeeeaaaah! B&M rules!


Loop again


First drop





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Woo i'm planning on going here sometime over the summer.


I must say the themeing beats Nemesis and anything in Europe hands down. I'd have to go to DisneyParis again to make sure though.


I don't really mind about how the ride is, the ending certainly looks different with the tighest turns B&M have made ever. And it looks so damn cool!

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