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Has anyone eaten one of these?

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That sounds very tasty!


At our local Orange County fair this year, was a very popular food item, which was an Avocado sliced in half, then stuffed with Carna Asada and cheese, which of course was then was then deep fryed! Yum!!!


When your at the Orange County Fair your "Diet" goes out the window.


Another popular item of course is the famous battered soaked, deep fryed, Snickers bar! Calories and Fat be Damned!!!

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We served them at our wedding reception! I love them, my GOD I love them. Matter of fact we made so just a few months ago for friends.


MMMMMMM Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, dipped in more egg bread crumbs, then deep fried!!!!!!!


I am off to the store for eggs.

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^ Actually I am prepared to make a big deal about a foreigner claiming that something English belongs to them!


You should be grateful that this superior country decides to export HP Sauce to a country like yours. Can't Canada make it's own sauce? Obviously not.


Stop saying it's yours, because it simply isn't, ok?


BTW, Michael Schumacher is great, but he is still german, not canadian.

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No it's Canadian because I believe everything that is good is Canadian. But don't make a big deal about this because its just my way of thinking.


Okay, so even though it's made in England, has always been made in England and most likely will always be made in England then it's Canadian ?


That not only makes no sense but it's also bloody stupid. That's like me claiming that the Moon is English, because it's a good thing! or that the Internet is English, because it's a good thing. Completely nonsensical.


Besides, everyone knows the only GOOD thing to come from Canada is Bioware Corp.

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Anyway, back on topic.... Scotch Eggs, as well as Pork Pie, with ENGLISH HP (or Daddies but preferably HP) Brown Sauce are gorgeous.


You can also find different variations of Scotch Egg. There are versions with different sausagemeat (Lincolnshire, Cumberland etc.) and versions with flavoured eggs (the only one that comes to mind is curried) too.

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