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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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I hardly never check the random forum, can't believe I didn't run upon this thread before! So much beer camaraderie. I love you guys.


I'm going to check into some these brews you all seem to be enjoying so much, if I can find them.


A little bit of Germany in my mouth.

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Well I guess I should test the latest batch of Home Brewed Ale so tonight it's a swift half of "Smoke On, GO!" which is brewed from a Yukon Smoked Ale kit. It certainly has a very nice aroma and it's got a lovely smoked hickory flavour to it.


Smoke gets in your glass!


Sampling the goodness

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Well it's Saturday and I've been shopping so time for some more Ale whilst I settle down to watch the Rugby.


Good Old Bob. (Guess the coaster picture top left)


Drink Beer.


The Egg Chasing is about to start. POOR BEER!


Fancy a Piddle?


The Selection

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This weekend was the annual ACE Eastcoaster event in the Allentown area. Over the last couple of years though, most of us have stopped going there since mostly all the information told is already known thanks to the Internet that Al Gore invented. That doesn't stop us from going out to the Allentown area that weekend though, but now we just go for Tom's party.


Friday's Preparty festivities:


And hooray, the borgers showed up (and Janna proceeded to down 3 Czechvars in a matter of minutes)


Such good stuff, even after 7 stouts and whatnot


and I finally stopped drinking for the night with a Bell's Two Hearted


another comparison shot for ya


While we waited for the Pittsborgers, we chowed down on some Yacco dogs and Tom's award winning chili made with chocolate stout marinated beef


Next up, some Merry Monks on tap to change things up again


Makes me wonder why I didn't have more of these over the course of the weekend. Oh yeah, the lactose intollerance thing


And they were good!


Next brilliant idea, Tom makes chocolate stout floats


So we decided to mix the banana and the chocolate stout, making a chocolate covered banana. Great stuff!


Ellen was enjoying a Chapeau Banana lambic


Oooh, it has a sort of tea-like sweetness. Blows Stella away


After several Chocolate Stouts, I decided to try the Czechvar Lager


Finally Ellen and Adam arrive and beer up for the evening


check out Tom's sweet new flatscreen


Ah, Rogue Chocolate Stout. Made with real chocolate syrup, and wonderful stuff


It's snowing outside, so it's gonna take everyone else a while to get here. But Tom's got us covered in the meantime

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I figure some other pics will be up shortly from this weekends Eastcoaster Party festivities (either here or in other threads) but I thought that I'd kick things off with some pics from when the weekend started for Kim and I. Meeting some of the BACT crew for lunch at Whichbrew in Easton on Saturday.


...while Derek graces us with a self photo of he and his Boonville Hop Ottin' IPA.


For round #2, Tom and I went for the Wychwood Hobgoblin Ale....


Whichbrew has some really great food as well. Here I have their awesome Margherita pizza with a side of their equally awesome fries.


And hear we all are laughing at Adam and Tim, who chose to actually go to Eastcoaster, instead of enjoying some tasty beverages.;) Was the meat parade really worth it guys?


Here we are all, getting ready to enjoy our tasty beverages.


Needless to say, Derek and I were pretty freaking pleased with it. We nearly choked on the citrus and hops in this real ale version of an allready spectacular beer.


One of the highlights of this visit was the fact that the night before, they had just put on a cask of Troegs Nugget Nectar.


Back at one of the cooler beer bars around here in PA. The rather spookily themed Whichbrew in Easton.

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After Which Brew on Saturday, it was back to Tom's house to get ready for the party, which pretty much consisted of us sitting around, talking, and drinking while Leann and Tom worked their butts off.


and the guys broke out some country music too, attracting Tom's neighbors


Eddie Vetter even showed up to sing a few


Warmed up, Heath and Kim sing "If I Had a Million Dollars" cause Heath always wanted a monkey. And not a rollermonkey, no one wants one of them


But he felt better about drinking it in the bathroom


Walt had some Mike's Hard Lemonade and such to enjoy


and Heath gets a backrub from one of the greatest wives on the planet


when everyone is drunk enough, the karaoke starts!


mmm, desserts


Walt decided to save a trip to Atlantic City and just came here to gamble


With 2 great beers on tap, we had to keep changing it up. And we drank a LOT!


We start recruiting for BACT at an early age


Just hanging out letting our food digest


ahhh, rest and relaxation with a HopDevil


and for the ladies, there's WLD (UK's WKD)


After 9 hours cooped up listening to talk about coasters, everyone needs a shot or 9


Eastcoaster ends and the party officially begins. Big crowd too


Heath and Kim enjoy their first traveling tacos at the party


and for the first time, a sushi platter to go along with the chili, jambalaya, various meats, traveling tacos, wings, etc


Upstairs there was plenty of awesome food, like Buffalo cheese curds


The ferrets were thristy too, but no beer for them this day


It was still some great stuff though!


I tried to make a HopChocolate, but the stout wasn't thick enough


Heath and I enjoying the freshly tapped HopDevil


The fridge is stocked with other beers once again. This year, a record breaking 83 varieties, 1 more than last year


Now with HopDevil AND Rogue Chocolate Stout!


First order of business was to add HopDevil to the draft list

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Only a couple today but what a lovely pair.


Mmmmmm, Beer Good!


OK, it's not Christmas but the Hook Norton "Twelve Days" is fit to be drunk anytime.


Even against the back lit window it stays dark.


First up is the deeply dark and delicious Oatmeal Stout. Not one to be gulped down but savoured slowly.

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While prepping to watch the Super Bowl, I had a whole lineup of stuff to drink tonight. Then I actually started watching the Super Bowl and was just annoyed by pretty much everything going on, all the praises to Peyton, pretty boring commercials, the Bears falling apart, etc; so I decided to watch other things on tv, meaning I had no real need for lots of beer.


Nice and malty with some nice hoppy finish. Still wish it would have been more Chocolate Stout


The first and only beer of the evening, Saint Rogue's Red

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There were too many pictures of what I had to drink during the Super Bowl so I will just give you guys an idea of what I had to choose from...


And then my secret stash


We had some hard stuff too


The best thing in the world...Our Beer Fridge!

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With extremely cold temps (for PA anyways) currently freezing our collective butts, it's time for a new winter warmer tonight. The Smuttynose Winter Ale, a rather sweet and somewhat spicey winter warmer.


I don't know what the lady on the bottle is laughing about. It's freaking freezing around here!

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