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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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I always knew having a big mouth would come in handy for something!


Thanks to it being around my birthday, I got some new stuff this weekend. Tonight's brews:


Nice pumpkin flavor, various spices. Not as pumpkin spiced as Pumpkinhead, but still great. Thanks Heath!


Its that time of year again, and I was gifted with some Punkin Ale from DFH.


Always pleasing to me(even Nicole tried it this weekend, though she hated it)


Starting out again with the HopDevil, while my other new brews chill in the fridge

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I also decided to divulge in my Left Hand Oktoberfest that Tom gave me tonight.


Very nice Oktoberfest with great flavor from both sides. Not too buttery either like some other Oktoberfests.


Malty tastes taking over


Very unique taste, nice hops to start


Figured it was a good time as any to break out the Oktoberfest mug for an Oktoberfest lager

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For my birthday I got a Southern Tier variety pack from Tom. Since he never tried any of the brews and I haven't either, I decided to start cracking into them tonight, seeing if it was worth him buying a case for himself.


Another pretty weak beer with not much flavoring of any sorts


Next up, Phil & Matt's Extraordinary Ale, an American Pale Ale


It started out with some nice hops, but it dissipated and disappointed fast. Leaving no finish at all


With a really hoptastic smell, I was hoping for something good


First up, the IPA. Very hoppy smelling, even just by opening the bottle

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Well, Just like Derek, the Flyers are down 2-0 tonight to the Habs. I guess it's time for more beer, courtesy of Heath.


Very unique! Not bad. Not as hoppy as I would have expected but pretty good. Thanks Heath!!!


Terrapin Rye Pale Ale. And just as I open this, the Flyers just scored!!!! I don't care how it tastes, just send more my way, Heath!!!!

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Glad your'e enjoying the brews Tom. I'm glad to see you posting again.


On a side note, no more posts until next Monday or Tuesday. We're leaving for 4 days in Florida in the morning. Of course I'll take lots of pics of whatever beer adventures await. Probably some happy hour at IOA will be in order, free samples at the Busch parks, the International Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, and a visit to the new home of the Tampa Bay Brewing Company.


On with the pics from tonights DuClaw release..


I'll finish with a pic of me getting festive with some Mad Bishop and a pretty kick ass free mug. Thanks for reading.


All rise. The Mad Bishop will how begin his sermon (i.e. now on tap).


....and then Ripley shows up and after witnessing a superimposed beer rise up out of a facehugger pod, torches them all. Trust me, you had to be there. It was funny.


The release video was pretty good. It used footage from Aliens of the Colonial Marines searching for signs of beer on a planet...


Preview time and it's the one everyone looks forward to each year. The Devil's Milk Barleywine!


...and some more Oktoberfest nuggets.






Trivia time. Of course it had to do with famous Bishops...


Check it out, they brought the Mayhem Weizenbock back! They were out during last month's release. They must have found some extra kegs lying around.


I went with this month's special release dinner, the Bayou Penne Pasta. Spicey stuff!


While we wait for our food, I peruse the latest issue of the Mid Atlantic Brew News, complete with front page article on pumpkin ales.


Gotta kick things off with some Venom.


Anyway, this month's release is a good one and is one of the year's most popular. The Mad Bishop Oktoberfest!


Right outside the window from where we're sitting.


Back at DuClaw for this month's release. Complete with the best rock star parking yet!

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Damn, have I been asbsent from this thread or what?? Getting married, going on a honeymoon and then coming down with pneumonia will do that. Well, it's been like 2 weeks since my last beer since I'm taking medication that doesn't allow me to drink alcohol. But, no sense crying. I hope to be back this weekend with a beer or two. During the honeymoon I drank plenty of beer, mostly at Epcot and at the Boardwalk and CityWalk. In Savannah, we tried out Moon River which was fair at best. I did manage to score a Sweetwater 420 which I absolutely love. I'll have some pics up in the coming weeks including a run-in with TPR's own, Soren. Aside from that, I picked up a bottle of Dogfish Head Chateua Jiahu and a 6-pack of Brooklyn Brewery's Post Road Pumpkin Ale at my local beer heaven last night. New to the liquor store was some beers from Great Divide including Hercules Double IPA. It was extremely expensive for a 4-pack but I believe its a highly ranked IPA. Has anyone had it? Is it worth picking up? I figured I'd consult BACT before making that decision.


Hoping to be back soon...

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Tonight was another new brew selection, as well as a tried and true good'un.


Oh well, still the best Southern Tier I had so far, but a Belgian it is not.


I was expecting it to be sweet like a Belgian ale, but it was almost like an Oktoberfest with a little more sweetness to start (which ended quickly)


Next up, the new for me Southern Tier Tripel, a "Belgian" style


As good as I knew it would be (seeing how I just had one on Monday)


Instead of starting out with an iffy new beer, I went with the Dogfish Head Punkin to start

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Last night it was my time to go scouting for new beer places. After discovering that a place not too far away had a double IPA brewed specifically for them by a local brewery, and then reading some reviews of the place, I figured it would be a nice stop for a Friday night. Union Jack's was a pretty cool place, out in the middle of nowhere, inside an old Inn. The place had plenty of parking, enough seats and stools, really good food (especially the wings and the hamburgers), and oh yeah, a huge selection of beer. I found a pretty cool place to want to go back to hang out more all because of a locally brewed double IPA, a double IPA called Hoptimus Prime!


And I can even pick up a copy of the Mid Atlantic Brew News to read about the Pumpkins


Next up for me, the Southampton Pumpkin Ale. Nice spice flavors. Heavier than the Pumpkinhead, but not quite as strong as the DFH or Weyerbacher


Even Ronnie enjoyed the smokey hints in the brew


"oh, well that makes a little more sense then"


um Dave, its called the Stone SmokeD Porter, not the StoneD Smoke Porter


Where Dave was tempted by the Stone Smoked Porter


Ronnie decided to have a Lindemans Framboise to start


Very pubby with lots of beer stuff everywhere


As well as the draft list (I love how it says where its brewed and lists DUH for Coors and Yuengling. I guess if you don't know where they're brewed, you are pretty much DUH)


The big menu isn't enough, so there is also the add-on


Next up, the Russian River Damnation Blonde, very easy and good for a summer brew


The Hoptimus was ok, a good overall hoppiness, but not really what I'd think of a double. Not DFH 90 Minute or anything like that


Hoping for a hoptastic transformation in my mouth


But the main reason we're here is to try the Hoptimus Prime


lots of stuff I'd like to try on here


and continues...


The US section of the beer menu starts...


The beer menu is pretty big, and even has some explaining of the different types for the noobs


Their newest acquisitions


Built inside an old Inn, the place is now a beer bar/restaurant


Pulling up to Union Jacks I see the Victory sign, I know I'll like this place already


At least this way I know I have at least 1 good beer tonight


Before heading out though, I had some time to enjoy some Devil at home

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More pictures from Union Jacks


And I finished off my night with some dessert, a Lindemans Framboise


Ronnie enjoyed the Apricot Wheat as her last beer, but we only got it because they were out of Pyramid Apricot Weizen


Wow, I didn't even know Sea Dog made an Apricot Wheat too!


I convinced Dave to try the Spaten Oktoberfest, seeing how its October and all. He liked it


Follow that up with a North Coast Brother Thelonius Abbey Ale, very very good, smooth, and sweet


It makes me feel like Frank Zappa!


Next up, a bottle of Lagunitas Freak Out

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I was hoping you would have tried the Hair of the Dog "Adam" beer, Derek. I need to get a bottle of myself for myself.

Any way, I broke my beer dry spell last night (finally!) with a Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale. This one was VERY good. Quite possibly my 2nd favorite pumpkin ale after Shipyard. It was darker and had some nice pumpkin pie spices in it like nutmeg. The after taste wasn't quite as good as Shipyard's which I believe sets it apart. No pictures to share though.

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It's been a bit since I've posted in the beer thread folks. I figured I would stop in and share some of the goodness that's in my fridge this slow Saturday night.



Tough choice tonight due the "brewer choice" box of Sam Adams my girl gave me. I ended up going with Pumpkinhead Ale to start my Saturday night off on the right foot. Sam will have to wait.




Sean "Gotta love frosty beverages" Menefee

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