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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Last night, I hung out with my friend Christine, her roommate Emily, and Emily's boyfriend that I can't remember his name. Josh? Oh well. Anyway, we watched Grey's Anatomy, and made strawberry dacquiris. We also had some Bacardi O. And then played with party hats.


(No, I was not drunk.)


Christine put hers on her boobs.. I just opted for some devil horns.

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Yesterday I had to go somewhere, so I drank.


After arriving in Orlando, it was off to Bubba Gumps for a Kona Pale Ale before HHN started, as I knew I wouldn't drink their watery yellow beer.


And that's what I got!


New on tap is the Flying Fish OktoberFish


I remember this place, do you?

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Today it was off to Food and Wine Festival (where they also have beer, but not as much as wine)


and I finished off the short 4 hours at Epcot with the Sam Adam's Pale Ale. Wasn't too bad, though it was still kinda warm


Even Todd and Reed got into the action!


Followed by some free Sam Adam's Boston Lager at the History of Beer seminar


first up, the Sam Adam's 11th Anniversary Festival Ale, a porter

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So Saturday, we headed to Pittsburgh to finally check out Phantom Fright Nights at Kennywood. Once we got into the "Burgh" we wanted to do our civic duty as beer lovers and give a little love to a start up brewery that is pretty much the definition of the phrase.


East End Brewing is a true one man operation. Brewer Scott does everything himself although he occassionally gets some volunteers to help him out (like on growler fill days). Right now he's doing just kegs for local places and growlers fills twice a week. Scott's a hell of a nice guy and will gladly stand around and talk shop with ya as you sample some his great beers. If your in the area, definitley stop by and help this small operation out, as I can easily see it going big time soon.


...and leave with a growler full of Harvest Ale. East End was awesome! It's really cool to see a guy doing something like this from the ground up. We will most definitley be back!


I wind up the sampling with their excellent Black Strap Stout...


He also allready has down a key component of any good brewery. The merch!


Scott runs this 10 barrel setup all by his lonesome.


I do a comparison between the normal and extra hopped up Harvest Ale. Which was better? Who cares!


Next up is the Big Hop Harvest Ale. Complete with some extra hops thrown in for measure!


I try the Big Hop IPA. Fantastic!


Kim really enjoys the East End Witte, a really tasty wit beer.


They even let us run loose back there!


The staff was very friendly as they happily poured us some samples.


Welcome to East End Brewing. The most innocuous brewery facade yet!

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After East End, we still had a little time, so we checked out a Pittsburgh drinking institution, Fatheads! This sports/beer bar was packed but they had a great beer selection and a nice vibe. We'll definitley be back when college games aren't on the TV.


Did I mention how cool Fatheads was? This pic should pretty much sum it up.


Stone getting some love. I wanted a bottle of SRIS but at $7 a bottle, I passed until next time.


...and six pack shop, where you can mix and match.


Upstairs is the gift shop...


...and their photo wall where people send in photos of themselves from all over, wearing their Fatheads gear.


Check out all the kick ass beer graphics on the wall...


...which ended up being a Penn Brewing Oktoberfest.


They still had some great stuff on tap though. I wish I had time for more than one...


Being dinner time and with college football games on, needless to say, the place was packed.


Welcome to Fatheads!

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Must get back to Pittsburgh this winter!!


But in the meantime, I'll stick with hanging out with my buds at the ole LBC, holla!


The second one makes him more like the Heath we know and love!


So good I'll have another (horray, now I'm up to 1 Liter of Lancaster Oktoberfest vs 3.5 Liters of Lowenbrau Oktoberfest)


This dude looks familiar, though the Oktoberfest doesn't give him his patented Face


Where of course, we'll have an Oktoberfest, which is the reason we came!


Back to the LBC again, this time in October

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^ I had looked into checking out Penn Brewing Ted but from what I could gather on their website, it didn't look like they were open on Sunday and Saturday we got into town too late to spend any kind of quality time there before we had to be at Fright Nights. That's why I tried their Octoberfest at Fatheads. We'll get to it on the next trip though.


More pics from Pittsburgh:


The Dead Guy representing over the urinal. I love this place! Thanks for reading.


Yes, I said Frank Zappa tribute ale.


I finish up with a bomber of Lagunitas Freak Out IPA, the Frank Zappa tribute ale.


After getting denied both Great Lakes and Sierra Nevada Octoberfests, I finally got to try something else I've been wanting to check out. The Great Lakes Nosferatu, a nicely hopped red ale.


It's mexican restaurants, with a crapload of craft beers on tap. Ah man, why can't we have something like this around here?


Uh oh, I see taps...


Afterwards, we decided to finish up with a stop at the Monroeville location of the Mad Mex, a chain of "edgey" mexican restaurants. But why you may ask?


...while I kick back with my cornbeef and a Iron City beer.


Kim enjoy her knockwurst sandwitch...


Our sandwitches were good but they weren't quite as big as we thought they were going to be.


This is the original location and though on the smallish side, it still has a lot of character and one of the friendliest staffs around. They made everyone feel like a local.


Late Sunday morning we made our way to a Pittsburgh institution: Primanti Brothers!

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what do you get a guy who already has a hot chick and pretty much buys himself anything he wants as soon as he gets the notion? The answer, beer he loves!


A tad older and still a hophead


One of my coworkers got me a whole case of these babies

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This last weekend was Night of Thunder 3 at Dollywood. Ted was nice enough to bring along some Hop Devil for me to try out. As a regular reader and occasional poster to this thread I must say that I was very excited to finally try out this Victory brew for the first time.


Very nice! Definately high on my list.


I would say by the way Ted is making out with his bottle that Hop Devil is one of his favorites also.

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^Quick! We need a moderator in here to fix this!!! I find this to be totally against TOS. Why am I not a mod yet?! Oh the pain, the shear pain! Even in desperation, I don't think I would drink a Coors Light. Maybe wash my glass, or use it like a bidet. But its ok, I know not everyone is as strong willed as myself


Originally, tonight I was going to go to BBW for my birthday meal. Well, since there was supposed to be really bad weather in that area, I opted for staying home, prepping my car for the winter, and then hitting Fridays.


If I was Jack, I would have held out until they brought this around!


and for Lost watching, take the Devil with you


Maybe I'll get to Bethlehem for my free birthday, but Friday's and its Sam Octoberfest will substitute nicely tonight

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Tonight was IPA Thursday.


And one can never have too many shirtless Derek photos :D (Bring this to PPP and I'll sign it for you, free of charge)


Lots of chunks of unfiltered hoppiness in this Lost Coast brew


Quite happy, considering I passed up free beer and dinner


Starting out the night with the old fave

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This last weekend was Night of Thunder 3 at Dollywood. Ted was nice enough to bring along some Hop Devil for me to try out. As a regular reader and occasional poster to this thread I must say that I was very excited to finally try out this Victory brew for the first time.


Ha, your walls are the exact same color!


Colin C

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Still smarting over the closer of our favorite local beer bar, KClingers Publik House in Yocumtown, we decided to head to Hanover on Sunday afternoon to get back to it's sister bar, KClingers Tavern.


The Tavern is alot less of a "beer bar" than it's closed down cousin and more of a "townie bar" but it still has a lot of great stuff on tap. While they were out of the majority of the stuff that I wanted to try (sorry Tom, no Post Road Pumpkin review ), they did still have some other new stuff for me to check out.


With some good beers and a bunch of rather enthusiastic local Eagles fans to help me cheer on my Birds take down those hated Cowpies, it turned out to be a pretty good visit.


Finally, because of a screw up, I got a free pint of Speakeasy Double Daddy. Guess what? It's still a let down of a Double IPA.


The "kick the keg" special of the afternoon was the North Coast Brother Thelonious, a Belgian Strong Ale. Very good. Lots of flavor and fairly mellow for a strong ale.


I next get things back on track with a Thirsty Dog Hoppus Maximus. Decent hoppy amber. Not sure what type of hops they use for this but the hop bite at the end had a very perculiar taste to it.


I start things out with a New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale. This was very light and thin and hardly tasted like pumpkin. Don't be fooled by the smile, it was disappointing.


Welcome to Hanover, PA. Home to the only KClingers that is currently open.

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Been a while since my last update, but don't worry, I didn't die, nor did I give up beer. We've been busy BACTing it up in Central and Eastern PA this past weekend.


In case you live under a rock, Knoebels Phall PhunPhest was this past weekend, and since Selings Grove Brewing Company is like 30 minutes away, we decided to stop off there for lunch after we had Heath and Kim scout it out a few months ago.


With lots of homebrews on tap and a cozy atmosphere, SGBC is definitely a place we'll return to


To finish off, I downed the caramel dip


Heath didn't care for my Heathface, but he enjoyed his Smoke Mountain Stout, nice smoke finish


Me and my Heathface went with the IPA, really good


Next up, Tom got the Belgian Triple, kinda Witbierish


Not quite as large as a Munich pretzel, but it was big enough, and cheap!


Not wanting to ruin our Knoebels appetites though, we just got pretzels, mine with caramel and sugar


Except for some of the girls, who went with homemade root beer


To start, we all got their Oktoberfest, Market Street Fest


Right on Market Street though, in a really old house, Selingsgrove Brewing was pretty awesome


Real small little place that if you didn't know it was here, you'd pass by


Saturday started out here though


Even Tom enjoyed a beer out even though he's got it on tap at home


Followed by some Troeg's HopBack at the restaurant


Went great with the kabobs he grilled!


Friday night it was time for some HopDevil from Ted at the campground

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On Sunday after destroying Dorney in like 2 hours, we went to Bethlehem Brew Works so I could get my birthday meal and we could introduce Rich and Melanie to the place.


Sadly, they were out of Oktoberfest once again before I could try it, but the Pumpkin is back on, and its pretty good this year again!


The girls in the beer thread! Nicole with a Hoegaarten Mimosa, Melanie with a Valley Golden mixed with Raspberry


Though it may be trying too hard to become a country club, BBW has some pretty good beers, and decent food

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