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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Yesterday, hard vodka. Mistook my mother's cup of it for my water.


HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation*

ME: *sips my water*

HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation*

ME: *sips my water*

HER: *phone conversation phone conversation phone conversation*

ME: *get up bathroom sit down* *sips my water*

HER: *phone convers-* That's vodka. *phone conversation*

ME: *spittake*

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Kim and I had dinner and movie plans with some friends Saturday night up in the Harrisburg area, so we decided to head up early and run some errands beforehand. Of course, I had to fit a little beer in there somewhere.


Kim has some of their Root Beer that they brew right there on site. Good stuff.


I have to say I really enjoyed it. Some nice underlying hops that really stuck in your mouth for awhile afterwards.


The Major Hops Olde Ale. This actually started out as a single batch over at the ABC in Gettysburg but I guess was popular enough to put into the monthly rotation.


Finally, we stopped over at the ABC Harrisburg, which was all decked out for Oktoberfest, to check out their newest seasonal offering.


I leave Troegs with a full growler of Hopback and a big smile on my face.


I next try some of my favorite, the Troegenator.


...while Kim has the same.


I check out the tasty Hopback Amber...


The crowd this time wasn't so bad. We were going to do the tour to check out the new fermenter they recently added but decided to skip it.


I wanted to fill up the growler for dinner that night, so we decided to hit up Troegs for a little sampling.


Started out our day with lunch at my favorite place to grab a quick burger and a beer. Red Robin! In this case, the Sam Adams Octoberfest.


I'll leave you with a shot of the Troegs themed Honda Element over at the brewery. Wow, I'd like to tool around in one of those!

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^Mmmm, looks good Wally.


I've had some of that Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin (and shall dip into some more this season) and I remember it being pretty decent.


So with fall officially starting yesterday, I figured it's time to start getting into some fall beer drinking.


We'll kick things off with The Kaiser, an Imperial Oktoberfest from Avery Brewing. It's pretty much what it sounds like too. The tasty sweet maltiness up front, subtle hoppiness on the backend and bold flavors of a traditional marzen jacked up a notch. Just a good job of a bigger, bolder style.


Now this was a 2005 bottle. My understanding is that this year's batch is even higher on alcohol content and taste.


The Avery Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest. A great way to get the fall beer season underway.

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LOL. No, I'm not like Ted!


Monday nights drinks also from Phantasialand


Followed by a bigger one at the Dragon bar (pay no attention to the label, they didn't have large glasses soley for the Gaffel, probably because Ted stole them all on his last visit!)


First up, a Gaffel Kolsh with dinner

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Oktoberfest's update is complete, check out page 11 of my trip to Germany in the roller coaster forum for lots of pictures of the rides and the beer!


Last night it was back into the swing of things, jetlag all gone!


Nice and spicy, pumpkin spicy that is!


My last bottle of Pumpkinhead for now

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