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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?

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To celebrate the start of a 4 day weekend for me, as well as a Pre-Holiwood Nights nod, I present to you: HoppiWood Night!


Too bad its nowhere near Holiday World, or I'd make that a side trip this weekend


Next, the Indiana's own Three Floyd's Alpha King Pale Ale


Beer first, change clothing second


We'll start off the night with a Lancaster Hop Hog IPA

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A shot of NY Distilling Co. Ragtime Rye Single Barrel to ring in the weekend. As it’s Friday, I’ll probably have another few tonight while I watch the Yanks. I’ll make a whiskey & coke drink &

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For the 12,000 or so people who DON'T have access to the TPR UK Trip Super Uber Secret Forum, Derek is celebrating his 'stunning' victory over Elissa and Meteornotes in the final round of a trivia contest. He actually didn't get any questions wrong the whole time, so hats off, and cheers!



how many beer glasses DO you have?

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HoppiWood Night concluded shortly after midnight in good fashion. HoliWood Nights will end with ERT, but HoppiWood Nights with IPA, 90 minutes of it thanks to Dogfish Head. Pictures will be shown in a few days when I get back from Indiana.


Even after all those hops, this really stood out!


Our surprise to conclude the night was one of the Imperials

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Sounds like a good time Derek. I just bought my first six of Hop Devil this afternoon. Your constant TPR's of it better do it justice! I'll post pics later this weekend too.

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I had some riesling last night as well as a martini. No, not at the same time, that would be disgusting. They were spaced a couple hours apart. Ashly and I were feeling quite classy!


Here are some photos from our first stop, Butterwood. After we were done here we went to Cecilia's Martini Bar and had one each. No pictures from there though.


I can't rotate my pictures cause my computer sucks, so just deal.


This is the sink... pretty sweet!


Ashly told me I had to see the awesome bathroom, so I did. Here I am in the mirror.


It came with sorbet. I kept saying the yellow one tasted like petunias.


So she had some delicious strawberries instead


We got some chocolate fondue. Ashly wanted to eat the rose, but I wouldn't let her


The only reason this belongs in this thread... the glass of riesling


Here we are in lovely Williamsville..

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^Dude I want a sink like that!


So, a few of us have been away for a few day, in case you couldn't tell. Some of us went to Holiday World, and after Friday's ERT all decided to hang out back at the hotel. But forget the bar, we've brought our own stuff! Lots of what we had was thanks to Mike (Memphis) because he's awesome (and he drove). Here's the documentation:


mmm, Fat Tire. Coasters, Beer, only 1 thing is missing from this being paradise. ;)


And I was happy to get back to my Fat Tire, thanks to Mike!


Heath ended the night with a 3 Floyd's Alpha King


Good stuff yo!


In honor of Lily, I tried the Terrapin Rye Pale Ale


Then Heath went with the Spaten Optimator, found at the convenience story nearby!


With no alcohol of his own to consume, we sacrificed Glutenfree to the beer gods


BACT group photo!


Adam gives the Derek-style self portrait a try, but he's clearly not the master I am


Heath does his signature face with his New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsner


Its sunshiney!


I start out with the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat


Time for a BACT meeting/Beer Thread gathering. The bottles chill out in their little ice bath

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Finally, we end at today. Originally I was thinking about stopping off at SFKK for a few hours before my flight home, since all I'd have to pay for is parking. But on the flight in, I found something interesting that was more worth my time and $15. Since we didn't get to hit up any microbreweries this weekend with the delays at Beech Bend, I had no alternative!


Ahhh! And still another day off before I have to go back to work!


Finally, as a welcome home gift to myself, the local Lancaster Hop Hog IPA


Then the Bluegrass Gold, which was just a lager. Still better than the alternatives though, both other beer companies on tap AND the park across the street!


First up, the Alt Bier, pretty tasty


Yeah BBC, right at my gate too!

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Finally tonight, I think I'll end with a Victory


See, I'm normal, I swear!


"Durrr! It does smell like a da hot dogs!"


The Whirlwind Witbier, supposedly smells like hot dog water

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Just got home. Had a great weekend! It was great hanging out with all of you all. Got to hang out with Ted, Derek, Heath, Adam, Rick, and everyone else that was chilling in the luxurious 366 Friday night.


Thanks for the swap guys! I look forward to trying all of your regionals.


Not pictured: varieties of New Belgium, Nut Brown Ale, Dortmunder, and Terrapin. But help yourself to some fudge


Heath was hatching a foolproof plan for this photo...but the beer thread can't be held up! Onward!


Dos perros makes me scurred


BACT filling the room


Standard proceedure...move along.


After a good BBQ pizza we rode around the block to pick up some more supplies for Holiwood Late-Nights


Here's their brewery, they have 6 huge servings tanks between here and the bar.


Why the sampler of course! Blackstone had generous sample glasses filled to the brim. 30oz for only $6!


Here's their beer menu. They produce some good beers here and had awards all over the place. What to get...What to get?


We started off our BaC weekend with a stop in downtown Nashville, for a tasty meal at Blackstone Brewing.

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So with all these coaster trips on weekends, I've gotta cut the grass during the week. May as well get it out of the way today and have a cold one while I'm at it!


After a job well done, its time to enjoy the rest of the Hog.


A few sips before starting the mowing process


I choose you, Hop Hog

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So summer has followed me back from Indiana apparently, as its stinkin' hot here. Decided to cool off with a beer, but I guess I should have stuck to one I know and love instead of trying something new. Went with the Yazoo Dos Perros, a dark ale with Austrian heritage and stuff. Chocolate malt, hops, etc. Good beer, but not the right type of weather to enjoy it.


Its good, but its too hot for this right now =(


Dos Perros, see? uno, dos. Dos perros

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OK, this I had before and I KNOW its good for this time of year!


Ahhh, this will cool me off a little bit more. Until I turn on my phone again, that is ;)


Yeah, I'm shirtless. But its hot!


Look Wally, more Curve Ball. Aren't you proud of me! =)

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Ok you two, that's enough!!


I at least want to see 3rd Nipple if we're posting topless photos!!!







I see your challenge and raise you a Sam Adams and Guinness!


Yup, I went there!

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^^Now Elissa, if people want to see 3rd nipples, they have to sign up for TPR trips and then see the pictures on the secret forum. I don't bring out the superfluous for just anyone!

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I was going to post what I had to drink over the weekend but, I'm not sure I can compete after all this!


Yeah... I've pretty much given up. Derek and Heath pretty much own this thread now. Hop Devil beats out Widmer any day.


On another note: I start bottling the Weiss Ass Pilsner on Friday!!!

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Glad the Hop Devil get high marks. I had not seen it around here until Friday so, I immediately picked up a six. I'll post pics of my first taste, perhaps with my man boobs covered up....or not!


Looking forward to seeing the first batch of Weiss Ass.


Humorously, I had a claimant with a last name is Weidass. It made me giggle.

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