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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Have you had any of the wines from the Western NY region? I am no wine aficionado by any means, but a lot of people seem to really like the wines around here as well as from the Finger Lakes region.

Don't think I have. We don't get a lot of beer from that region around here either. We do have one specialty wine shop in town that carries a lot of things no one else has, so I may have to see if they have one.

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Woo-Hoo - Part 2 has been released!


This is much milder than the first release 'All Is Well At The Station'. Great hop balance and not as strong as other unfiltered double IPA's that I have tasted.


There is a story behind the six part series of releases...this one is called 'A Wrinkle In The Fabric"


I like it!

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Love the name and the can art. Very cool.


It's the weekend and I'm enjoying a Mother's Backyard Lime Gose. The Backyard is a vacant lot next to the brewery that they bought and put up canopies and games like horseshoes and beanbags. They have a stage too, and live music on Saturdays with good weather throughout the summer.


Limey and gosey, and certified backyard worthy.

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I have not tried a MILF, or a beer by that name either.

Mother's have a million varieties, and I've had most but not all of them. And yeah, totally PM me when it gets to be about your vacation time. My schedule is decently flexible, since I work in the tech/travel sector.

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Excellent. Great Adventure opens this weekend then? The one in St. Louis opens this Saturday.


My prediction is Great Adventure will not open on Saturday because we're about to get a half foot of snow tomorrow and park mgmt are a bunch of pussies.


HOWEVER, BGW and Kings Dominion also open this weekend.

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Spring has suddenly arrived on the Norwegian west coast, and this is the second day in a row where the weather/temperature has allowed for a beer on the terrace after work. Today I have enjoyed a Silver Lining White Belgian IPA from Norwegian brewery Nøgne Ø. This one was perfect for sitting in the sun!


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^ Awesome. After all the very extreeeeemley thin and hugely uuuugly-sized ones I have seen in parks (IMhO),

but never EVER wanted to eat, these ones looked great!


Now, back to our regularly scheduled What-Beer-Did-You-Just-Drink? thread.....

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