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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Double post, sorry:


It was Devil's Backbone draft night at my local beer place, had the following, some as just samples and some as drinks:


Sugar Plum - my favorite of all the dafts


Pear Lager - enjoyable and would have again


Dark Abby - 2nd Favorite of the evening, not what I would typically go for but as a branch out it was great.


Schwartz Bier: was just not quite a taste for me, wasn't bad, but wasn't something I would go out of the way for.

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Redd's Strawberry Ale, just now.


Surprisingly tasty, despite the bad things I've heard from my beer snob friends. It's less like an ale, more like a hard cider, which is cool because I'd take a cider over a beer any day of the week. If you don't like sweet drinks, you're probably not gonna like this at all, but I have a huge sweet tooth, so this hits the spot. They didn't skimp out on the strawberry flavor, either.

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Bud Light last night! Ever since i've been dieting, i've cut all alcohol out of my life until I weigh 200lbs. There were two exceptions and this was one of them. My tolerance has gone way down since I stopped drinking and I'm now a light weight again! I love it!


If you're drinking Bud Light, you might as well quit drinking altogether and focus on the much better flavored alternative - tap water.

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