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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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^Nobody will judge you, Hilltopper39


Ok, it's my turn...


I love the Březňák Pils from the Czech Republic, much more than any beer from Germany (or Bavaria;-), honestly.


It seems almost, that the master himself (Anton) is drinking this original bohemian pils beer ;-)

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Sorry for the lack of photos; but these beers are too good not to recommend. I stopped at the World of Beer bar in Pensacola, FL and had the Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout...it was so good I had another...and another...and so on...and so on. I even bought a round for the young Navy pilot (and his lady friend) who we were talking to.


Next up, this past weekend--back home in Atlanta, was a growler of Red Brick Brewing's Brick Mason Series #7--20th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (also available in bottles). This is, by far, the best beer Red Brick has ever done. As my girlfriend would say "It's like sex in my mouth!"



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I met up with TPR member JJLehto in Downtown SLO last night, and we both had a pint of Firestone DBA (Paso Robles, CA) at McCarthy's Irish Pub and then went over to Frog & Peach English Pub where I had a pint of Figueroa Mountain Danish Red Lager (Buellton, CA) and a pint of New Belgium Pumpkick (Fort Collins, CO) and he had a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale. Sorry no pictures.

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Bell's Oarsman Ale - A sour mash ale that certainly is sour. I've heard the smell compared to "a burned flour tortilla" and I have to agree, but with a lot of citrus backing it up. Tastes of grains, citrus, sour, and funky deliciousness. It's a very unique beer, and probably isn't for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely buy again.

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I'm not a big pumpkin beer fan but last year I developed a taste for Shipyard's Pumpkinhead (I think it may be something to do with the cinnamon rim they sometimes put on the glass) so when I saw Shipyard's Smashed Pumpkin sitting on the shelf in Whole Foods, I had to grab a bottle. I must say that I am pretty impressed and despite it being very pumpkin tasting, I would actually drink it again.


Shipyard Brewing Co, Smashed Pumpkin

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