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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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There's some more pics of the actual tasting to follow from Lyndon and some video footage as well but for now here's what I have to say about Brewdog's 'Sink the Bismarck.' ABV 41%


Well where do I start?


This stuff is nothing short of amazing! When I opened the bottle and sniffed the aroma my first reaction said it all "WTF!" There was this tremendous hop on the nose smell which probably could of cleared sinuses within a ten mile radius! As I poured the first mouthful into one of the glasses you could see the sheen of the alcohol, as it slid towards the bottom of the glass, coating the inside of the sampling vessel. Once suitable amounts were poored for the tasters another long sniff confirmed that this would be an interesting next few seconds.


It is difficult to describe exactly what transpired as the Bismarck hit the tongue. There was the initial wallop of hops as my taste buds got a thorough kicking from the Quad IPA. Next came the tingle as it slid down the throat warming the gullet with a spicy after taste akin to a good port and then a final burst of hops as I had that "Ahhhhh" moment followed by the smacking of the lips.


Even that description doesn't do this beer justice but I can at least say I HAVE tasted the strongest beer produced in the world.


Punks indeed!


To avoid detection it was hidden in a brown paper bag!


After being released from it's disguise the Bismarck took pride of place on the window sill.

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Having a HobGoblin this evening as I'm working (from home I may add.) Tomorrow it'll be up to the local and some Fallons Ales in The Black Horse. Probably on the Dark Prince unless Hex Original is back on.


Off to the Great Welsh Cider and Beer Festival in a couple of weeks time and then the weekend after I've got my first festival as a Brewer lined up.

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^ LOVE Two Hearted. Just bought a case the other day and have been enjoying it immensely. The best IPA available here in GA year-round. In fact, I just had a few yesterday!




there's an awful lot of underage drinking going on here these days...

ADMIT EDIT: One simple rule about this thread:

"If you are posting about drinking and you are underage, your account will be banned."

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