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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?

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A shot of NY Distilling Co. Ragtime Rye Single Barrel to ring in the weekend. As it’s Friday, I’ll probably have another few tonight while I watch the Yanks. I’ll make a whiskey & coke drink &

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So it's nearly Christmas, it's snowing outside, I've got the next couple of nights off from work, and a horde of Christmas/Celebration/Winter brews in the fridge that I need to try out. We'll call this "The 12 Beers of Christmas".


Next up. Shipyard Winter Ale. I really need to try more Shipyard product. I recently finished off a case of Pumpkinhead Ale and really enjoyed that as well.


Let's start things off with a little Pyramid Snow Cap with lunch. I really enjoy Pyramid brews and this one is no different. Yum!

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We're planning on hitting either the alehouse in Walnut Creek or Berkeley, when we do a coaster tour of Nor Cal next summer. Which one have you been to Wally? Both? Which one has the best atmosphere? Anyway, on with the beers.


Weyerbacher is one of my favorite local breweries (OK, their like almost 2 hours away) and they brew an excellent winter ale. Surprisingly smooth with a great taste. Plus I love the klepto snowmen on the label.


Three Floyds Brewing produces some outstanding beers and the Alpha King Christmas Porter is no different. Excellent hints of Chocolate in both the flavor and aroma. Better than a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day (like today).


Ah, the Otter Creek Alpine Ale. Very hoppy and delicious. After trying their Otter Summer, Octoberfest, and now this, Otter Creek is one brewery that is quickly growing on me.

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We're planning on hitting either the alehouse in Walnut Creek or Berkeley, when we do a coaster tour of Nor Cal next summer. Which one have you been to Wally? Both? Which one has the best atmosphere?


I have been to the ones in Sacramento and Berkely. Both are very nice. Walnut Creek is a little to uppity for me.


Make sure you try the NEW Amberweizen while your there


Oh, and Berkley is one of the larger ones because ALL the Hefeweizen is brewed there. Used to be an old North Face factory. It's very cool to see how they coverted it into a large scale brewery.


The Anheuer-Busch brewery I work at is about 10 minutes from Six Flags Marine World. FREE tour and FREE beer samples. Stop by and say hi!

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Thanks for the tip on the Berkely location. That sounds like a good one to visit. I'm always interested in breweries that have come in and occupied a previously used warehouse or factory building. It definitely adds some history and character to it. And I'm always up for a Hefe.


The Appalacian Brewing Company up in Harrisburg did the same thing when they first started, totally renovating an old factory building that had been used for various businesses for the better part of a 100 years. Plus the large size of it allows for a ton of space to put their brew pub and brewing operations in.


OK, here are my last couple of the night. We'll have to see what I get into tomorrow. Maybe a little something special from Santa.


We'll end the night with one of the Anderson Valley "Booneville Beers". The Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale. I enjoyed it. It had a nice spiciness that was a good contrast to everything else I had today.


This is the Winter Storm Ale from Clipper City Brewing down in Baltimore. I've tried a few of the Clipper City brews and they are all pretty decent. I need to get down and visit the brewery sometime.

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The 12 Beers of Christmas continues with some more Nor Cal Brew representation.


The wife let me treat myself to a little early Christmas present tonight. I'm most definitely not worthy!


The Anchor Brewing 2005 Christmas Ale. Once again, another outstanding beer. This years has a very strong accent of cherries and spices. Loved it.


The Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Freaking fantastic! Great taste with a nice hop bite. I really need to try more from these guys.

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Last night I headed to my usual Friday spot after work. It was fairly crowded, the entire movie trivia contest was about Ocean's Eleven, and they were giving out samples of Michelob Ultra Amber or something like that. Then it got weird and some Miller Lite chicks were there in referee outfits. I made up a name for some random fat girl, and that actually was her name, so then she spent all night staring at me, and when she left she says, "maybe next time you'll be nicer to me." It was very disturbing, luckily the beers I had were good.


Sadly, it was too dark for most of the pictures to come out good, stupid camera phone.


It was dark, but here's my impression of a klepto snowman trying to steal my beer.


It was a snowing and a sleeting and a icing the other night, so I decided that even though winter was still a few days away, it was a good time to break out the Winter Ale

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Last night at our company Christmas party they had an open bar. Sadly, no one liked my suggestions as far as beer went. Ended up with Coors Lite and Yuengling lager on tap, and Corona, Heineken, Molsen Golden, Bud Lite, and Budweiser in bottles. I chose to celebrate Canadian style.


I will IGNORE the obvious diss 'bout me an my eahs (hmmmmph Mr.DRx), and just say...




Can't go too wrong with Molson's, really.


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And I forgot to add (:p yourself)...


Had a brew still in the fridge. Decided to partake of it...


Okanagan Spring Brewery Lager 'Premium'


Not bad. As a lager it didn't taste as heavy as I've found some to taste.

No big deal. Probably won't buy again. Hey - I live off my par-tay left-overs, wink wink.


It's okay. Nothing spectacular, but a nice lager.

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