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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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I know you were joking; but, as a fan of word usage/origins I had to look it up.


The term ghetto rose to common usage during WWII.

Beast was introduced in 1984, Beast Light in 1986.

So, in this case, the ghetto came first.


edit--OK U of Dayton began buying housing in the area in the 1950's; so the ghetto still comes first

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Heavy Seas DIPA is great.


funny seeing Mils Best (i cook brats in it all the time... also makes for good beer can chicken.)



Had a sampler of Mendocino: White Hawk IPA, Red Tail, Black Hawk stout and Eye of the Hawk.

Odd beer. It tasted good, but there was no head whatsoever. The Stout tasted very good.

Also tried Stone Ruination. Without a doubt, the best IPA i've tried yet.

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^And sad as it is, Beast is quickly disappearing from campus. Being replaced by Natty. Yuck. But I'm still repping the old-school UD and keeping the Beast alive.


Whine whine whine. Whatever works, I'm too drunk off of good stuff or Joose to care if it's Natty, Beast, or Keystone.


My last beer was a UFO, dunno if I'll have one tonight, but if I do it'll be my favorite beer ever: 312..... mmmmmmmm

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Last weekend I headed down South for a quick trip, stopping at a few beer places along the way.


and Chuck finished with a Blackberry Wheat of his own


The White Ale was next on my agenda, keeping it light for as hot as it was outside


Chuck went for Clyde's Pale Ale to start and he was happy with its hoppy character


I started out with the Blackberry Wheat and downed it pretty quickly since it was so light and fruity


The current tap list, only the brown ale was gone


The next afternoon it was off to Myrtle Beach and Liberty for happy hour


Chuck and I both went for the Stone 13th Anniversary Ale though, seeing how it was on tap


A nice tap selection too with lots of local Virginia brews amongst the other usuals


Pretty cool old vibe in here, and we arrived early enough to beat the crowds


Afterwards it was off to Green Leafe Cafe, a beer bar across the street from William & Mary


While at Busch Gardens, I found it hot enough to actually purchase a beer, Beach Bum, a blonde. Not the greatest, but definitely the best thing they offered at the park


To go along with it, their Sawtooth, a witbier


The first stop, DuClaw in Bowie, MD for a quick lunch

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