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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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^ Just goes to show I've totally been forgotten (and rightfully so! )


so here's a few pics


It was rather mediocre as I liked the aroma which gave off a bit of tartness but there was nothing of that nature to be found in the taste, just lots of raisin flavor and light caramel


Next, another Belgian import, this one from Deca Services called the Vleteren Strong Old Dark Ale


It was quite tasty! This one was heavy on the banana and yeast and better than average


Last week I opened up a bottle of Watou Tripel from St Bernardus

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Well this demotion blows, especially considering it gets more views than a lot of the stickies, but oh well, people need to post more of their drinkings!


Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Fears and Beers weekend. Last year the base was here at home, but it fell short due to inclement weather and house problems, and this year's trip to New York and Connecticut looked to be troubled for a bit, but all turned out well in the end.


Onto the beers end of the deal. Saturday's plan was to pick up beer at Half Time in Poughkeepsie, NY and then head to the Gilded Otter Brewery nearby for dinner and drinks, but due to traffic problems on the way up and maximum crowds at the restaurant, we only got to pick up some goodies at Half Time before heading to Headless Horseman for some fears. But Sunday's venture went well (except for our visit to SFNE, but we'll save that for another time).


I also chose the East End Big Hop Harvest, lots of earthiness in this one.


Heath went with the East End Big Hop Harvest while Kim the Roy Pitz Watermelon Lager, which tasted like someone dropped a Jolly Rancher in a grainy lager


Lots of good stuff on tap, as usual. This time preparing for the Harvest celebration


for a late lunch, a stop at Capone's


they've even got a Beer Advocate Top 100 display


plenty of sweet singles to keep the beer thread fueled


On our way home on Monday we stopped off at the Oak Tree BuyRite in Jersey, one of the top beer stores out there


a quick look at the bar area before we head off to Lake Compounce


Adam went with the Dyvyl Hopyard Double IPA on Cask while I got my Bethlehem Brew Works mug filled with some V.E.G. IPA. Sunday at Willimantic is bring your own stein day, and they fill it for the same price as a pint, and the VEG was simply awesome, one of the best IPAs out there with lots of citrus and pine, but with nice honey and biscuit flavor as well. Apparently the VEG is named after a patron who liked this IPA so much he provides the hops for it


For round two Heath went with the Husky IPA and Kim the Overseas Mail Octoberfest. Kim was happy to not be driving for once


plenty of appetizers to go around


The girls went with Summerfest, water (designated driver), and Super Silly Saison


us dudes all decked out in our gray shirts enjoyed some V.E.G. IPA, Fall Harvest Ale, and Belgian Black Ale, all very good


plenty of great stuff on tap, including 4 IPAs!


It's no longer the post office, it's now a Brewpub (and an awesome one at that!)


First stop, the old Willimantic Post Office in Connecticut

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Wow, looks like it's time to start posting again!


Last Friday, they tapped their Pumpkin Ale over at the Iron Hill in Lancaster and invited the area Muggers to come on out and give it a try. Who are we to say no?


November 22nd. We'll be there.


Good stuff too. Lots of yeast, spice, and citrus with a pretty nice tartness to it.


The man himself, Paul Rutherford, came out to pour us Saison samples from a hand bottled jeroboam.


For round # 2 I go with the cask Pumpkin while Derek tries a 10 oz of their new Bourbon Porter.


Since we're here, I've got to go with my stand-by pesto chicken and artichoke pizza.


....while Kim shows you what it actually looks like since you can't see it in our mugs!


Yeah, it's Pumpkin Ale time. This was a pretty darn tasty one too! Pretty even mix of pumpkin and spices. I enjoy the draft version while Derek enjoys the cask one...


One thing I love about these Mugger events is that they keep a few tables reserved in the bar area for us.


Back at Iron Hill on a beautiful October Friday evening.

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I thought that I'd thrown up a couple pics of some of the more hoppy offerings that I've checked out recently.


And boy, this actually lived up to the hype. Pretty much the quintessential West Coast IPA with huge note of pine, grapefruit, and a grainy malt backbone. Freaking fantastic stuff!


Finally, Derek made an impromptu trip over to the house last night, so we split something that I had received via a trade just that day. The #27 rated beer over at BA. The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.


This was brewed purely with locally grown hops and was quite awesome! There was a total all-around herbal feel to the taste and smell that reminded me of something else a little "homegrown" if you know what I mean. Great IPA!


Although this is in a SGB growler, it's actually a fill from somewhere not too far away. The Homegrown IPA from the Elk Creek Cafe & Aleworks.


This one was a little surprising. More earthy than I thought it would be and a touch watery in the feel. Overall something just felt a little "off" with it.


Up next, another Oregon staple. The Bridgeport IPA.


Anyway, this was a very solid IPA. Lots of good pine and citrus notes.


A bottle of India Pelican Ale from the Pelican Pub & Brewery in Oregon. Didn't Justin do a BTR from this place?


Fresh, hoppy, and quite drinkable. Did you expect anything less from Victory?


Derek grabbed me a growler of the Victory Harvest Ale on a recent trip to the brewery since I couldn't make it to the Fall Fest last month.

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Alright, time for some more beer pics!


October is always an exciting time of the month for beer, with not only all kinds of Oktoberfest beers making the rounds but also a style that's starting to basically become the American version of that style, the Pumpkin Ale. Everybody seems to brew one now every Fall but luckily we don't live too far from (IMHO) thee best out there.


And I finish up with a warming goblet of Organic Tripel. This is similar to their Stealth Tripel but with naturally all organic ingredients. A good closer for this visit! Look for more Pumpkin Ale pics coming soon...


They even had a pumpkin inspired special this week. A pumpkin seed pesto over Fusilli pasta. Very nice!


Luckily the tasty Fall seasonals don't end there. Here is some Market St. Fest, their take on the Marzen style. This was a good one too. Lots of sweetness, bread, and a crisp hop profile that lends balance. Tasty!


Kim shows off her glass as well. This is just some great stuff that crams in pumpkin, spices, a bready tasting crust, and the topper is that they serve it on nitro, so that is feels just like eating a piece of pumpkin pie with whip cream on it.


Yeah, it's the return of their annual Fall treat, The World's Greatest Pumpkin Ale! (My name for it anyway).


As you can see, the lineup is locked, stocked, and ready to rock with a pretty full selection to choose from. What's that I spy over on the left side?


Let me give you a hint...


Back at the SGB for the third time this month but as far as we're concerned, this the visit that matters most...

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Hey guys, long time no see! Looks like you guys in Pennsylvania have been up to your usual awesomeness. I am very jealous about the Sculpin. Really glad we got stickied again too because getting unstickied and feeling like the beer thread may struggle because of it made me realize how important it is to me.


I am going to make a much bigger effort to contribute more frequently than I have been because I feel like I get too much enjoyment out of the thread sometimes without contributing much in return.


I wish there were more good pumpkin ales out my way to try, but I think it seems to be more of an east coast thing or something as far as seasonal releases go. I am happy to report I've been enjoying Oktoberfest seasonals though! They taste like Autumn, though the weather here has still been like 80 degrees, ugh, cool off already! No one wants a warm halloween, it just ruins the spirit.


Anyhow, here goes some catching up over the last 3 weeks up until last night.


They make good beer all around really besides the Winter Seasonal and this Oatmeal Stout is just a pleasure to drink. 'Til next time!


Wrapping up last night with an Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. I like supporting these guys.


I wanted to pop this right open since I just got it from Omaha and was concerned about freshness. It was just how I remembered it. A hugely malty backbone with citrus and piney hops and one of the most bitter finishes I've had in a beer. Much like 90 Minute IPA. My uncle liked it a lot too.


Ahh, some over the rockies goodness in the form of Hercules Double IPA courtesy Great Divide Brewing. It's too bad they don't distribute out here yet.


Decent flavor for a beer this light, but I don't know how this is considered a Marzen/Oktoberfest beer. Lemony hops with a smooth bready flavor. Doesn't remind me of a fall beer, rather a summer beer. Still pretty decent.


Weihestephaner Festbier. Another BevMo pickup. I was surprised it was this light in color.


While it seemed like they did add some more malt since it's darker, they didn't tone down the hops from the IPA AT ALL. I really can't call this a pale ale, it may be a little more balanced than the IPA but it is still hugely hoppy and bitter. Good stuff but almost identical to the IPA.


Santa Cruz Aleworks Pale Ale this time, also from my Uncle's friend. We expected this to be similar to the IPA, just more balanced.


It still gets the awesome stamp of approval from me.


We then ended the night by dropping anchor with a Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout, my uncle's favorite beer.


The head on this beer was a bit out of hand. Excellent sticky foam that lasted forever and gave great aroma. The malt backbone had excellent caramel tones, and the hops were pine needles and citrus. It reminded us a lot of Drake's IPA, but with more awesome flavor from the hops, not quite so subdued. A real winner from Mikkeller.


Here's Mikkeller's Stateside IPA. This was the same night that my birthday beer shipment came in from my dad. (It was actually this past friday) I had him send me some stuff from Beertopia (that awesome beer store in Omaha) If you guys are interested, they actually ship stuff out now! http://beercornerusa.com/beertopia/


I still maintain that Trumer Pils holds up to Reality Czeck, and that the only reason Reality Czeck rates much higher is because it is rare. I know I know, bold statement.


Trumer Pils, a common pilsner around here that rates pretty dang good. This is my Sharks Game beer.


It was no good last time, we think maybe the last one we had was skunked or they changed the recipe, because this one was quite good. It tasted very fresh and extremely hoppy. It's more like a double IPA but it doesn't have the malt base to be high alcohol or heavy mouthfeel.


A friend gave a bottle of this to my Uncle. We can easily find it at BevMo, and this will be our 2nd try. Santa Cruz Ale Works' IPA.


We can find six packs of at BevMo all year for $7.99, so I was even more pleased this was on sale for $6.99. That's just absurd value because I think this is my favorite American Stout. The complexity of the roasty malts and coffee is superb.


I bought Obsidian because my uncle always complains about how we don't see enough Stout on the shelves out here. He always forgets about this one though.


The face pretty much says it all, it's back and just how I remember it being last year, amazing. My uncle and I will probably slam a lot of this stuff while it's still at its best.


The 12th year of Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale is on the shelves everywhere here now! And just look at that beautiful pillowy head.


I was quite impressed with this Oktoberfest, it's got awesome malt flavor with a full flavor profile, yet it's awesome as a session beer as well.


I made a little BevMo run to pick up my Fall Seasonals, mostly Germans. Including Hacker Pschorr's Original Oktoberfest, which I don't think they had last year.


My first 401k deposit bought me a couple shares of Samuel Adams. I figure I may as well have fun micro-managing my portfolio for a couple months before I diversify. I wonder when Imperial Pilsner comes out...


Hey look, the new Beeradvocate magazine came, and Racer 5 is on the front! We'd enjoy a Sam Adams while listening to the end of the Sharks loss to the Ducks.


More alcohol warming factor than I remember, but all the crazy huge hops and extreme bitterness are still there. Great stuff, but strong!


Now that the more mild beer is out of the way for the night, let's wreck our palates for the next week. Moylan's Hopsickle Triple IPA...


A nice easy drinking winter seasonal that has good flavor all around and is highly satisfying.


Welcome Winter! Oh wait, it's 80 degrees out and it's fall! Samuel Smith's has it all wrong.


BeerAdvocate has this one as just a B+, but I must say, I absolutely loved this beer. I'd give it something like a 4.5 on BA. It had everything I want in a great all around Barley Wine. It was balanced perfectly, great look, smell, mouthfeel, the works. Seek this out if you haven't had it.


I think I picked this up in Portland. As you can see, this beer pours beautifully. It's a little lighter in person too so the ruby abyss is just excellent to stare into.


Still as good as we remembered it, but now that I've had Peche Mortel it kind of pales in comparison.


It's Cappucino Stout time of the year again for Lagunitas.


Strong stuff with heaps of flavor that do shine through underneath the yeast. I must say I like this considerably better than 07/07/07


Now for some more Stone Vertical Epic 08/08/08.


I'm glad we ended up giving it another shot though because I liked it this time around. There's not much malt here but the hops are floral and tasty.


Lagunitas' Maximus, My uncle also bought this because he didn't remember that we didn't like it so much the first time around.


Lived up to how we remembered it, tremendously malty and sweet up front with a lot of bitter hops in the finish, outstanding.


Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale was up next. Also had been a while since we've had this.


We hadn't had this for a while and I thought I remembered it being a little mild last time we tried it. This time was different, it really surprised me how flavorful I thought this was. Great stuff. I want to try some Double Dead Guy soon.


Over at the uncle's garage for the weekend lineup, he bought a Rogue Dead Guy.

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Last night I had my first Beck´s Ice. It is a colorless beer with lime & mint mixture. I am not a huge fan of these beer mix stuff, but the taste was not that bad. I mean you are drinking a beer that looks like sparkling water, but taste like beer. Isn´t that strange? Like the crystal Pepsi a long time ago.

Anyway, I think I will keep drinking Beck´s gold or other "real" beers.




Beck´s ice

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We can find six packs of at BevMo all year for $7.99, so I was even more pleased this was on sale for $6.99.


I had the same thing happen when I hopped the border to get some Stone. Arrogant Bastard and the Smoked Porter we're $2.99 a bomber.


Needless to say, I cleared them out!

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It's one of my favorite times of year, and I've got plenty of new stuff to go through so this will be a big themed update all based around pumpkin ales. I've still got some to go, but I figured I better start now.


It may not have a lot of body, but it's got some pretty good flavors and a nice balance of them


and we'll end this update with the original pumpkin ale, from Buffalo Bills Brewing out in Norcal


Yuck, surprisingly not good, even though Smuttynose brews some great stuff. This had good nose and started off all right, but there wasn't enough of a backbone and the finish was really bitter, like citrus rind, ginger, and earth.


Coming down the home stretch with Smuttynose's Pumpkin Ale


a little different than last year's, but still oh so creamy and awesome


it wouldn't be proper to miss out on the greatest pumpkin ale of all time


This year they really redeemed themselves, making one of the best pumpkin ales out there. Lots of cinnamon cookie like notes mixed with pumpkin meat, pumpkin seeds, brown sugar, and nutmeg.


Time to give Southern Tier's Pumking another try, though last year's was nothing but pumpkin meat


Blech! This stuff was terrible, cinnamon, brown sugar, lots of nutmeg and a finish of sour lemon and ginger. Gross!


Otter Creek/Wolaver's was next with their Organic Pumpkin Ale


A little higher in alcohol to session, but this is still a really great pumpkin ale with lots of brown sugar, molasses, and malt with just enough spices and pumpkin flavor


This time I will not be denied their seasonal brew, so bring on the Punkin Ale


I later found myself down in Rehoboth Beach, so we may as well check out Dogfish Head again


meh, not much going on here, pretty light flavors all over


Four + Brewing out of Utah somehow found its way here, so we'll try their Punk'n


This was another satisfying pumpkin ale, lots of floury dough, molasses, pumpkin, cinnamon, and a touch of floral hops


Elysian's Night Owl pumpkin ale was next, newly released in PA and surrounding areas


Holy crap, Lakefront actually made something good!! and though it's a little thin, it's pretty sessionable with a nice spiciness and some good pumpkin and malt flavors


First up, Lakefront's attempt at a pumpkin ale

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Decided to break from my pumpkin theme to show some of my recent brewery visits.


We'll be coming back to Troegs more often now that we can drink full pints on site and pick up sixers, especially next month when the espresso stout comes out


It's pretty cool that you can now check out more into the brewery while you drink and shop, whereas before you could only see behind the taps


and this year's batch is good stuff, lots of nice spices and cherry flavor


but that's not all, Mad Elf is back for the cold weather approaching as well


We dig the new look, and we also dig the Scratch 14, a saison


but now you can also buy full draft pints to consume on site (and by default, some really bad burgers)


the tasting area was still there


we were completely shocked to see they had just recently remodeled the whole place...and now could sell 6 packs!


speaking of Heath, he and I decided to stop off at Troegs for some samples a few days ago


all dressed up and ready for Heath


While here I decided to fill up a growler of Harvest Ale, but you've already seen that get consumed on the last page


all were excellent, the Bags Packed really good, roasty and creamy on cask


then a sampler of some of their other brewpub exclusives; Saphir Pils, Cask 132 Cents IPA, Cask Bags Packed Porter, regular 132 Cents IPA, and the Dampf California Common.


I just had to start with some Harvest Ale while it was still fresh and on tap


some pretty sweet things on tap, lots of brewpub exclusives


A few weeks ago I had to go to Victory to grab some merch and to goes, decided to check out the taps list too while I was there.

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Before it gets too late, in honor of my friend and main reason I drink quality beers who is celebrating a birthday today, here's some fun we had last Saturday at a very rainy West Coast Firkin and Pig Roast event at Spinnerstown. Happy birthday, Tom!


but it was too fruity for her and didn't taste like beer, so she went with a Hop Rod Rye instead! What a great time at Spinnerstown, hope they do this firkin thing again next year, hopefully with better weather


Smelling my Framboise, Tom wanted some of his own, as he'd never had it on tap before. Figured he'd get some for Michele too, as she's never had it ever


and let me say, it was worth the wait. Nice and creamy smooth with a great citrus wave mixed with honey and caramel and nice piney blast to end. I need more of this, and if it comes again next year, I'm bringing my growler!


finally, about 5 hours later the brew I wanted most came online. Hello Hop 15!


fortunately, the bartender let me trade it in for some Lindeman's Framboise


After a friend told me this was the only place in PA that got it, I decided to try the Gritty McDuff's Halloween ale...which wasn't a pumpkin ale at all, it was more of an oktoberfest meets an esb meets some allspice. I wasn't impressed


trying everything on cask thus far and wanting to hold out for what I really wanted, I decided to venture inside to see what was on tap


When Michele showed up Tom and her both enjoyed some more Stone Smoked Porter


good stuff, $7 for a sandwich, like 9 types of sauce, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, beans, peppers, onions, slaw, and rolls. A great deal


time for some of that pig roast goodness


This stuff looked and tasted a little bit like iced tea...iced tea mixed with hops


Woohoo, looks like the Coronado is finally on, as Le Freak has fallen


After loving Lagunitas' Sirius last time he was at Spinnerstown, Tom got really brave and went with their Maximus double IPA, and he really enjoyed it. West Coast IPAs are definitely different from the East Coast versions, a whole different flavor


the patio is starting to get a little busy, but the rain kept lots of people away. Luckily they had the cover and sides tied down to keep the rain and wind out


Racer 5 on Cask was pretty good, but at first was kinda soapy. Oh well, I'd do dishes more often if the dish soap tasted this good


Tom got a little brave and went for the Dry Hopped Shakespeare Stout from Rogue. You could definitely pick up the hops, but it was still really chocolatey and roasted


Ballast Point's Big Eye IPA, ahhh, pure West Coast dreaming here


Not all that big into hoppy beers anymore, Tom started off with some of Stone's Smoked Porter with American Oak


first up for me, some Le Freak from Green Flash. Definitely hoppy, but you could still note the Belgian yeasts and spices


8 West Coast Casks and 2 locals, but only 6 are on at the moment. Of course it was the 2 I was most desiring that were held for now.


here's what we're here for, firkins (cask conditioned kegs) of some sweet West Coast brews that don't often make it out East


Back to the Spinnerstown hotel. (this picture is older, it was pouring down rain outside during this particular visit)

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It's been like over a month since I've even looked at this thread. So I make my return with one of the best winter ales out there......


Very similar to last years offering but that's not really a bad thing at all. Plus, I have to stock up on some Dechutes anyway for my beer trading buddy in PA.


08 Jubilale from Deschutes Brewery.

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I need to do some catchin' up! A few weeks ago, I went home for fall break, which included a trip over to Cincinnati to hang out with my bro. As always, this meant a stop at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield since I live in the beer hell that is Alabama. Here's what I picked up and enjoyed over the following couple of days...


I obviously expected some vanilla notes to this, but I was blown away by the strength of the flavor! I never was able to decide if the vanilla flavor was too overpowering or not. It was definitely tasty, but wow! It packed some nice toffee flavors as well, but the vanilla was noticeable from start to finish. I really enjoyed it, but it is a very sweet beer.


Last from the collection was a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. My bro and I looked at each other with a stupefied stare when we noticed this, having never seen or heard of vanilla beer.


After having the amazing Weyerbacher Insanity with Joe a month earlier, I've been curious to try the standard Blithering Idiot. Unfortunately, I didn't have the proper glassware and again, I served it a little too cold. You definitely notice the alcohol a bit more when it's colder. As it warmed up a little, it smoothed out and I could really notice the fruit flavors. I'm becoming a big fan of barleywines.


I was really impressed! It had a much richer flavor than I expected! It had a really nice hop/malt balance and a great caramel flavors!


My bro offered some Brooklyn Brown Ale he already had in the fridge, which I wasn't about to pass up!


This is definitely a pre-tasting picture. This beer was nothing but a disappointment. It had one hell of a banana aroma suggesting there would be a nice strong banana flavor, but it was barely noticeable. In fact, banana absence aside, the beer itself didn't even have much of a flavor. Honestly, I would compare the beer to a slightly better tasting Miller Lite with an extremely subtle banana hint. Not something I would recommend.


Next was Wells Banana Bread beer. I had seen this before and passed on it, but after having Wells Bombardier about a month back, I decided to give it a shot.


This is a face of serious content. I was actually slightly underwhelmed initially. However, I credit that to serving it too cold. As it warmed up, the rich coffee and outmeal flavors really showed their true face. The chocolaty notes rounded off this awesome brew. Not my favorite stout (has to go to Struise Black Albert), but it definitely deserves the praise.


Jungle Jim's had a supply of Founder's Breakfast Stout! They even had it labeled with it's #12 BA ranking at the store! I was hoping they might have some so I couldn't pass up the chance, even with the steep price.


My bro and I rockin' the '79 Triumph Spitfire. In case you aren't too familiar with the car, I'm pretty sure we would be on the losing end if we got into an accident with a moped. Nevertheless, it made for a fun ride to Jungle Jim's!

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TIme for another update, on a very special night for us eastern PA peoples.


Wow, this brother is showing lots of love in the form of malt, with a touch of citrus. Congratulations Phillies on winning the World Series after a 28 year drought!! VICTORY is ours!


and go they did, all the way to become World Champions! Time to celebrate by reaching deep into my beer vault for a bottle of something Philly local. A bottle of Victory Ten Years Alt from 2006 will have to suffice for celebratory purposes


It was a pretty solid Oktoberfest, very smooth, balanced, sweet, and sessionable. Go Phils!


Long Island's Blue Point Brewings Oktoberfest was recommended a few weeks back while up in Poughkeepsie. Let's see if they were right


OK sweetness, some nice bready malts, a touch of citrus, but lots of hop bitterness in there along with a metallic feel and lots of carbonation. I was surprised this wasn't better coming from Bells


Time to switch it up a bit and restart drinking Oktoberfest beers before October sneaks away. Bell's Octoberfest will repave the path


Yup, this is one AB beer I don't mind spending money on, it's pretty good. Not something I'd drink all the time, but I don't mind having a few of these each Fall season


Another pumpkin up next, this time a bottle of Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale from Anheuser Busch


This was another OK pumpkin ale. Not the greatest out there, but very sessionable and worth a pick up every year, with a good balance of pumpkin, malt, and spices


more pumpkin ales, this time Saranac Pumpkin Ale from Matt Brewing up in New York

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Wow that's like the 4th time I've made a post and it's been deleted due to forum connection problems. Looks like they did a restore from the 30th. So annoying when you spend like 45 minutes on a post and then you can't even replicate what you said because it's gone.

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I saw it too, don't worry Bubba


Anyways I spent the better part of last week vomiting and sleeping so I was happy to get back to enjoying this cooler fall weather with some beers


A nice sour, lemony aroma but the tartness is rather suppressed in the taste. Not among the best sour beers but still enjoyable


Tonight, I went with another American interpretation of Belgian beer, the second batch of Ommegeddon


It was really pleasant - highly drinkable as the 750 just disappeared, a great malt bill and LA brought the hops out on this one to round it out wonderfully


Yesterday afternoon I cracked open a Lost Abbey product - always a sign of a good day! And I'll take Tech's 31-28 win as a good enough excuse!


It was different and bolder than I expected and had a nice surprise with some sourness and cherry but I was once again overwhelmed


Finally, on Friday, I ate some pasta and enjoyed a Rochefort 6. I think the 8 and 10 are overrated so I was a bit skeptical...


I "liked" it - it fit the blend of styles they were going for well. Nice rye, lots of malts, a bit of smokiness and a smooth drink. However I just wasn't really feeling it, I'l chalk it up to the rampaging viruses that were invading my body


First, the Left Hand/Terrapin collaboration I had before I got sick the Terra-Rye-zd rye schwarzbier lager whatever

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I havn´t posted here since a while and I think it is time for an update. Right now I am in Phuket and I had the chance to try some thai-beers. The taste was okay, but not as good as other beers I had before.


Yep, it is a lager, too.


Another one. This time King Fisher.


My first beer in Phuket.


Singha - lager beer

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