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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?

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In reply to Wally, what law is the forum going under, is it just American law or international, depending on where the post is being made? Because I know in Britain I may not be allowed to buy beer, but I am able to consume it in my house if I have my parents consent, which I do have, so even because of this does this mean I can't/shouldn't post in this topic because if I did this in America it would be illegal?


Or am I just replying to the wrong thing, making a totally confusing mess...

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^If you are legally able to consume alcohol, go ahead and post all you want. I am aware the the law does vary from country to country.


I made the "PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE" statement because there are to many KIDS here on the boards that are posting what they drank.


I... in no way what so ever, condone underage drinking. And me, being a brewer for one of the largest beer companies in the world, it doesn't look good for me either.


So if you are legally able to consume alcohol... post! If your not, don't post on this thread.

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Yesterday I had over 30 different tastings of beer in a little less than 3 hours...Calculating it out, that equals about 9 16oz beers in that time period. Some of the beers were pretty heavy in Alcohol content, the most being 18% World Wide Stoudt from Dogfish Head. Here's a little rundown on everything:

1. Weyerbacher Hops Infusion (x2)

3. Lancaster Milk Stoudt

4. Lancaster Strawberry Wheat

5. Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat (x2)

7. Victory Prima Pils

8. Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA

9. Stone Smoked Porter

10. Stone Arrogant Bastard

11. Abita Purple Haze

12. Rogue Soba Wheatale

13. Rogue Dead Guy Ale

14. Clipper City Oxford Raspberry

15. Clipper City Winter Storm

16. Clipper City Imperial Stoudt

17. Clipper City Loose Cannon Ale

18. Manayunk California Dreaming

19. Crickett Hill Colonial Blind Cask Ale

20. Manayunk Whistle Whetting Wheat

21. Ramstein Classic Wheat

22. Ramstein Winter Wheat Doppleback

23. Dogfish Head World Wide Stoudt

24. Bethlehem Brew Works ESB

25. Bethlehem Brew Works Apricot Corriander

26. Abita Turbodog

27. Magic Hat #9

28. ACE Buttmonkey

29. Troegs Pale Ale

30. Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot

31. Sam Adams Boston Lager

32. Sam Adams Winter Ale

33. Clipper City Chocolate Covered Raspberry (imperial and rasp mix)


Luckily I didn't drive, but I did happen to forget my camera at my friends house, so no pictures for a while

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I get what your saying,but you have to think that wether I post or not I drank the vodka and no one can or will stop me from drinking what I what to drink, so wether I post or not the dirt was done that's just one thing that cant be stopped by anyone in my house or anyone on tpr, im know it sounds like im getting mad but im just trying to make a point.

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^ You can do anything you want. That is your own right. But when you brag about "breaking the law" in a public forum, expect to be called out on it.


// wether = whether


/// You have successfully written the world's longest run-on sentence. You may want to lay off the booze.

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If you need help finding your own age limit this website has a table if you scroll down.




So judging by that the last legal drink I had was in July in Paris. Not sure what it was but I do remember having something in a restaurant.

I have had wine since then at meals but unless i'm having more than 3 glasses I don't count it really.


I really find it funny that the Usa has such a high age limit for drinking. No offence but it seems almost like a bubblewrap country.

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The last beer I had was a Sam Adams for $1.75 at the Hookah Lounge, but before that I finally was able to have my favorite beer again, a Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewery. Sitting outside at Wynn in front of a waterfall with friends under a heat lamp, it don't get much better than that (unless there's a Vertical Loop nearby!)



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Here were the last beers we drank. Tonight at the Monte Carlo Brewery.


Robb after 16 "Silver State Stouts"


"High Roller Red" for Elissa (since those nickel slots are considered high rollers!)


Belgian Ale for Derek

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