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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?

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Tonight starts the Great Beer Weekend for me and some members of Coaster Team. I started off the night at Don Pablos where I had a 23 oz Dos Equis XX. Then it was back to DorneyDude's house trying to put a dent in his amazing selection. Tomorrow its off to Weyerbacher Brewing, then up to the Great Wolf Lodge and dinner at Barley Creek Brewing. Sunday is "Beer Fun Place" otherwise known as the Great Brews of America festival at Split Rock. PTRs will follow throughout the weekend.


Behold, a spectacular assortment of beers. Gentlemen, you may weep if you choose at this beautiful site.


Tom's got Troegs Hopback Ale on tap. There used to be Sam Adams Octoberfest too, until we drank it all.


Nothing goes better with Mexican food than a Dos Equis. And nothing goes better with a Mexican beer than lime

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I have a couple to contribute today Phishy...


Last night after dinner I realized that I had some Wee Willy in the fridge. Normally I don't like to say I had a Wee Willy but it's okay. It's a ale based on Scottish recipes.




Like they say, "Grab your Wee Willy"


Tonight after curling I downed two pints of Wellington County's Special Pale Ale. They have it on draft at the club. We also have their Trail Head Lager but I was in the mood for a PA.




Special Pale Ale


Grab your Wee Willy

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Other good stuff from last night.


Tom shows off his baby, a Vintage 2001 bottle of Chimay blue. It won't be opened for another 5 years.


Then it was dessert time, a Chapeau Strawberry. Tastes like jam


I decided to have a Flying Fish Octoberfish, in a Victory HopDevil glass

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