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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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OK, so last weekend when we were at Cedar Point, Heath was sick and passed his stupid cold on to me. Now, 5 days after I last saw him, I am STILL sick. Thanks, Heath!


Anyway, Derek insists that drinking beer is a cure for all sickness, so I decided to try it out.


And did it work? Well, I kid you not, the moment I started drinking it I felt less congested!


Conveniently, I still have a bottle of this Reading stuff in my fridge.

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^ Hey, an actual beer post from Nicole herself, that's the first I've seen!


Thanks for the birthday wishes, though I am perplexed as how Skylark knew it was my birthday other than looking it up in my profile one time and somehow remembering it?


My mom and I went to Gordon Biersch in San Jose for my birthday dinner last night. Tonight I'm going to a comedy club to see Matt Kirschen among others with some friends of mine. Matt Kirschen was one of the comedians on Last Comic Standing, I like him. And Tomorrow we will have a family BBQ to celebrate my birthday, so I feel like I'm getting my money worth with 3 celebrations!


Anyway I've been rather busy with the job search and working part time for my dad. (He's a web contractor) But I have been drinking the beer that I've had left each night and it's been like over a week since I've posted, I think, so I have some catching up to do in posting the pictures.


We'll start off with some of the stuff I had about a week ago.


It's really not a very hoppy porter at all, which is nice once in a while. The reason it's so much better on cask though is because the mouthfeel of the bottled one is a bit rough.


Anchor Porter, yay San Francisco. I still hope to make a reservation sometime and get a tour of Anchor's Brewery.


A fine IPA. Not near as good as Racer 5 or anything, but just really solid all around, yet not very memorable.


I've been looking forward to this one for a while... Farmhouse's Oasthouse IPA.


This six pack has had some serious yeast floating around in it compared to other bottles I've had, but it hasn't changed the great flavor one bit.


Hmm, I think this beer should be familiar to you guys by now.


Very nice hint of hops up front with a really nice fade into roasted coffee malts. The mouthfeel is smoother than most porters as well, and I'd have to actually give this a small edge over Anchor Porter (but the one in the bottle, not cask, because Anchor Porter on cask was damn sexy.)


Odell's Cutthroat Porter. From what I remember, I was impressed with the amount and fluffiness of the head on this one.

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OK, so last weekend when we were at Cedar Point, Heath was sick and passed his stupid cold on to me. Now, 5 days after I last saw him, I am STILL sick. Thanks, Heath!


Yeah, and I'll bet it's the best cold you've ever had baby!


Time for this month's special bonus edition of Friday Night Pints.


Big, make that huge, aroma of pumpkin and spices on this thing. Unfortunately, the taste just couldn't keep up. Straight up pumpkin the whole way through with maybe a touch of vanilla but not much else. For a change of pace, I think Derek actually liked this Southern Tier a little more than I did. I think that we'll both stick with Weyerbacher's though.


And finally, we'll finish this night but kick off our traditional Fall drinking season with something new from the always controversial Southern Tier. The Pumking. An Imperial Pumpkin Ale.


Wow, this was pretty deserving of it's current ranking. While not super hoppy, it does have enough to nicely balance out a superb malt backbone of caramel, spices, and a little earthy smokiness. Uncannily smooth for a +10% ABV.


Then it was time to get into the beer that currently lies at an impressive #40 on the Best of BA. The Great Divide Old Ruffian Barleywine.


This one is brewed in a more traditional English style, meaning more sweet malts than hops. And boy was this sucker sweet. Derek likened it to liquid Swedish Fish. Pucker up!


Let's mix it up with a couple of Barleywines from out West. First up, the Old Foghorn from good ole' reliable Anchor Brewing.


Butte Creek? More like Butt Creek cuz this stuff tasted like ass! Seriously, this mess of an "organic" beer was so oatey, it tasted like a bottle of IPA poured over a bowlful of grapenuts. Sound appealing? No? Next!


Next up, something that I thought sounded interesting when we were doing our beer shopping in Santa Rosa. The Butte Creek Organic Revolution 10th Anniversary Imperial IPA. Wow, that's a mouthfull!


Wow, I love this stuff fresh! Just a big bite of smooth malt, fresh hops, and blistering alcohol. Very nice.


First up, some leftovers that we picked up in Nor Cal. First up, a revisiting with the one of our favorite hoppy breweries out West. The Moylan's Hopsickle, a "Triple" IPA.

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To help Nicole return to good health, I decided to make tonight stout night, one of her favorite styles of beer.


The wonderfully awesome and highly ranked Obsidian was all for me. Such a great stout.


For Nicole, the Java stout, along with some chicken tenders with Anchor Bar sauce to help clear out her sinuses


Tonight's selection Bell's Java Stout and Deschutes Obsidian Stout

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Our local alcohol store had a free tasting yesterday. No pics since the camera is in for repairs, but I tried the Southern Tier Pumpkin too. I loved it. It was like drinking pumpkin pie. Also tried out the Rogue Hazelnut Brown, and Two Brother's Northwind, their new stout. All three were winners in my book. My sister loved the Jack's Pumkin Spice Ale, which is from from Anheuser. Then we all hated it.

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Today was our annual return trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair, making it Nicole's first experience at such a place. So why is this in the beer thread? Why because this is the only Renaissance Fair in the nation to have its own microbrewery on premises.


Here's to you, Michael! Go Phils!


back home, I would be celebrating both the Phillies win and the memory of Michael Jackson, a real beer expert (no, not THAT MJ)


and in a Shakespearian way, everyone died


Havoc ensued


Our dude won, we were happy!


and with more fire, here comes El Toro, part of the joust!


much better than anything George Lucas could come up with!


She gets to light stuff on fire, she's my hero!


Nicole being part of the action!


what's better than 2 dudes swordfighting?


Time for me to enjoy some Red Sea Amber, nicely hopped


yup, Damien Blade is insane!


then, 3 swords at once?!


then having some random audience member pull the sword out! Dude's insane!


and juggle at the same time!


Nicole was so impressed with the firebreathing dude, we went back to watch him swallow swords


then, more beer! Swashbuckler's Gold for Nicole and more Oktoberfest for me


and Nicole gets a new necklace made of green amber


Afterwards I go back to buy myself a weapon, Elsid


Mark, the brewmaster, goes over the history of brewing and his own personal story, all while we get free Oktoberfest!


haha! The brewing plans, we have them! Now we can brew on our own!!


ok, the history of brewing seems to be soothing the savage Heath


Heath's getting a bit antsy, better see if there's some herbs that can calm him


followed by some S&M action


Two tipsy guys and some pointy weapons, not a good idea


time for some action, like fire blowing dudes


just in case you want to be a furry, here's where you can buy your long lost tail


haha! This time I get to be on the kissing bridge! :D


This time it's the Capt Rude for us, tastes much like the East End Black Strap


Time to refill before heading off to watch some more performances


The brewpub is a really hopping place, and even more special since the taps are directly connected to the tanks


While Heath and I load up on the Helles Syren


after a little enjoyment in the sun, we decide we need more beer! Nicole goes for the Capt Rude Stout


if it's good enough for the Queen, we shall partake in it as well


after the first pour goes to the Queen and company, everyone agrees it's worth drinking the Oktoberfest beer made just for this weekend!


The brewer, Mark, drills the ceremonial hole in the barrel to enjoy the goodness


They even got the local German club to come in hauling the barrel for the Queen


Swashbuckler Brewing, the Fairs own brewery now sports a nicer looking brewpub seating area


and to make the Fair even better, this weekend's special theme was Oktoberfest!

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As it's October now and we kicked off Pumpkin Ale season on Friday night, I decided to try another one last night, this time the newly brewed Jaw Jacker from Arcadia Brewing out of Michigan.


Smells of pumpkin pie, loaded with cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg, and some bready goodness. Probably my favorite pumpkin ale to date as it was very well balanced with all the different flavors, and wasn't too light nor too heavy in ABV.


Jaw Jacker pumpkin ale, really evil bottle art.

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Straight from the bottle! Awesome!


Well the camera is in for repairs, and to show you guys and gals that I do take pictures, I just never post them, here's some from the past few weeks.


First up, Capital Brewery's Autumnal Fire. This has taken over my favorite Oktoberfest style brew. It's simply amazing.


Second, Pyramid's Amber Weizen. As a fan of Pyramid, I was disappointed. Not too much to write home about. In fact, it's been so long since this photo, I don't recall why.....I need to post these faster.


For a wheat, not very tasty.



Delicious! As it's made in small batches, I'm cherishing my two sixers.


The color reflects that changing leaves perfectly. The taste is one awesome doppelbock.

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^Yeah, the Amber is kinda weird for a wheat. Tonight, time for the last of my Sweetwater IPA. Such a sad day.


Still great, though it's starting to lose a little of its citrus hop kick, so I'm sorta glad I didn't hold off on this until later.


The last bottle of one fine citrusy IPA that Joe gave to me. As much as I wanted it to last, I just couldn't keep away from it for long

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Well it's been a little while since I posted in here but if you look over to the left you'll notice a new location, as I've moved to Houston. I haven't had a chance to make it over to Speck's (the local place for micro's) yet but I did find something that wasn't available in Florida at the local grocery store. Something I've been wanting to try that everyone in this thread is very familiar with.


Victory's Hop Devil. What a great IPA. Finishing the last of a sixer now and will definately pick up another tommorow.

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Happy Birthday Derek!


Time to drink locally over the last couple of nights.


Hell yeah it is! An American Barleywine to the core, it's kind of a cross between Nugget Nectar and this years batch of Bigfoot Barleywine. Just big fresh hop character and a chewey, chocolatey maltiness. And unbelievablely drinkable for a 9% Barleywine. Definitley not a sipper. Hands down one of the best beers I've ever had from Troegs.


Oh my! Look at that dark malty color and foamy hop head! This is going to be good isn't it?


Unfortunately with a description like that, a bottle just isn't going to cut it for my first taste of this bad boy. It's growler go time!


They finally did something with this release that they should have been doing with all of them, putting a sticker on the case telling a little bit about the beer. And this one even has a name. The Flying Mouflan! WTF?


I picked up the latest Scratch release from Troegs the other day. #4 is a 9% Barleywine.

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Had a nice birthday, pretty typical day of working and eating. Decided to switch up the drinking a little bit though by doing something I normally don't do during the week...(plus Nicole had to go to Allentown anyway)


and to end my birthday fun, a nice refreshing Shipyard Pumpkinhead, one light and spiced pumpkin ale


Meanwhile the bar's proprietor was busy trying to kick his keg of Hoegaarten so he could get a keg of something Oktoberfest. He succeeded


Pretty good stuff. Not nearly as good as they are over in Germany, but nice and sweet and dangerously drinkable


Being October and all, I decided to try the Hofbrau Oktoberfest, a product of Germany


My birthday will see me back in the Allentown area to one of the finest bars around. A bar where there is no charge, no smoking, and everything is free!

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With the end of the traditional Oktoberfest to soon end in a couple of days, I figured that I better get into at least one of these.


Not a blow your socks off Marzen but very, very drinkable and seemed sweeter than many I've had. Prost!


The Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest. A traditional Marzen style Lager.

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