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What Was the Last Beer You Drank?


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Well, I thought it was about time I posted again. Tonight I'm having a bottle of Rhymney Bitter (Approximately pronounced RUM-NEE) from the Rhymney Brewery which is not far from me. The tasting notes on the label say :-

"A complicated beer using 4 types of Warminster malt, complimented with the rich flavour of Northdown hops and the slightly citrus First Gold variety."


Tasty & well rounded, with a nice citrus "twang".


4.5% A.B.V.

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Tonight I had one of them drug rep dinners where they get some doctor to come tell you how awesome the drug is, all while providing you with food and drink. Lucky for me, it was at one of my favorite French restaurants, and alcohol was included. So I opted for the better of their limited selection, a Hoegaarden and a Spaten.


Definitely will help me while listening to Sanjaya attempt to sing something on Idol again.


Then it was back home for some Carolina Pale Ale

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Well with very Spring-like temps today, getting near 80 degrees, I knew that a Stout just wasn't going to cut it. Luckily I had a 4-pack of an old fav chilling in the fridge.


Craft beer in cans rule! *Burp!*




It really helped beat the heat on this unseasonalbly warm day. But what to do with the empty? That's right...


Ahhhh. Just as piney, resiney, and hoppy as always.


I thought I'd invite my old friend Gordan over to enjoy this nice spring weather with. In fact, he brought 3 of his friends along too.

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Another nice day today. Of course, not as nice as yesterday, but that's because I was busy all night yesterday, figures. Figured I'd start off with a nice summery beer while this warm weather lasts.


mmmmm, Nectary


Oh yeah, back inside (stupid pollen) for bottled hops


The best thing about these random warm spells, I don't have to shovel snow OR mow grass yet, so the outside world is wonderful!


Abita's Purple Haze, a nice raspberry wheat

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Back to the Stouts tonight. The Black Fly Stout from the Gritty McDuff's brewpub chain up in Maine.


This one was pretty blah. Weak ass aroma, taste & body plus it poured such a huge head that I lost a 1/4 of it just pouring the foam out of the glass. Lame.

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Tis a very special day, our own Mr Jaco Taco himself is having a birthday, which requires much celebrating here in the beer thread!


Hope you had a happy birthday, Mr Taco!


And who can think of Matt without thinking about Bell's and what a wonderful product Matt can no longer get in his pathetic city


Ahhhhh! Matt, you better come visit me soon, before this stuff is all gone for another year


First up, I'll break out the BBW mug and DOUBLE my Nugget Nectar intake

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The last beer I drank was Wolf Ale from the Wolf brewery in Attleborough, Norfolk. Only 3.9% but rather nice! There were several others before it as I was at the Walsall Beer Festival with Mr Pete & I'm sure he will be posting a quick photo report some time soon!

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Visited an old and very dear friend tonight.


OMFG, I forgot just HOW nice this was. You can smell the chocolate from half a mile away and it just slides down like liquid Cadburys. It's alcoholic too, BONUS!


My old friend the Chocolate Stout


Time to go "Knocker Up" again.


So here's the selection for this evening.

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The Kölsch from Four Peaks Micro-Brewery in Tempe, AZ


From the website:



Sunbru Kölsch Style Ale


A very light golden ale that is malty sweet, almost honey-like in the nose. This ale has a light to medium body and a very delicate flavor. Easy drinking, it has very low bitterness and a soft dry finish. 5.2% alcohol/volume. This style originates from the city of Cologne, Germany where all twenty eight breweries are dedicated to brewing only Kölsch.


Wish I had a picture of the actual beer, and the rockin burger that went with it. Maybe next time, but this is my favorite pub beer around here. Also was my favorite brew when I was in Germany.

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Tonight you'd expect a typical Derek and Heath drinkathon. But with Heath being suckered into joining those of BACT who put coasters before beer this weekend, I'd be flying solo. Luckily for me, there's always Tom. Of course, tonight Tom was busy, and there was plenty of other things for me to do tonight. So, I decided to go with the "Dude In Exile" event at Sly Fox, which celebrates a local brewer, Scott Morrison, who won several Great American Beer Festival medals over the past couple of years. He recently got fired from his job, as his establishment was more geared to the "stupid drinker" and the owner was angry with Scott's daringness to create some wonderful brews. After getting laid off in early December, the nearby Sly Fox decided to honor him with his own night. And so, a few weeks ago he met up with the head brewer and together they recreated a Scott "the Dude" Morrison ale, which was tapped tonight in Phoenixville. With nothing else to do, I decided to attend, and bring some work peeps with me.


This update has been brought to you by HopDevil. When you need a beer, choose the Devil. Until tomorrow....


and to end, I went with the Donny Brook Stout, a dry stout. Very creamy and smokey.


To eat, my right leg instructed me to choose the HopDevil Cheddar and Bacon soup. Good stuff, but sadly it was no BBW beer and cheese, as much as I wish it was even better than that dump


Jeff and Shelly, with the Victory Lager and Mad King Weiss, respectively


and of course, I started out with the HopDevil...on cask! Awesome


I couldn't stop there, so Victory won over The Drafting Room, only because of the nonsmoking, and HopDevil vs bocks


Sadly, the Dude was too busy elsewhere so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. This is as close as I got


Though I think Jeff was thinking the price would be more like the domestics he's used to drinking


Shelly and Jeff enjoy their first microbrewery experience with some Phoenix Pale Ales


After we managed to score seats at the bar, I felt obligated to order another. So Rt 113 IPA on draft was my choice.


I'm not going to pass up on the chance to enjoy one of the Dude's brews. And this one was great, sweet, yet hoppy with a little alcohol taste, and wonderful spicy tones


Ah, there it is, Dude de Garde, along with many other Sly Fox brews


The place was pretty packed, of course you'd expect that on a Friday night, but even more so from folks wanting to try the last of the Dude's brews


Back at the Sly Fox. Haven't been here since...December!?!

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Well, Thursday was the opening night of the annual Walsall Beer Festival held at Walsall Town Hall. This is the first local Beerfest I have been to in my area, Nodder's also made the journey up from Sheep Land (jk!) to see what they were offering. We were not disappointed!


We managed 8 half’s in the 5 & 1/2 hours we were there, for some reason we just couldn’t take any more..... Will definitely have to attend next year's.


Apologies for some of the picture's, I was using my basic digicam and it's a bit temperamental.


#I fulfilled my lifelong ambition, I got me a part time job at the Sizla# How many of you get that??? LOL


Oh dear......


Having fun are we??


Oh yes, another tasty ale. One I will have to look into.


Another local brewery "Dark Ruby" by Sarah Hughes at 6%


Damn this was good, very thick, smooth and just damn tasty!


Time for the strongest on offer, the "Thomas Sykes" from Burton Bridge. In at a wopping 10%


The two tribute ale's by Falstaff, "Billy Connolly" and "Spike Milligan"


A comedian in the pic, and it's not me. This was the "Billy Connolly" by Falstaff. Quite citrussy in flavour if my memory serves me correctly. In at 4.2%abv


Forget IPA, we have WPA. "Walsall Pale Ale" another brew from Beowulf. Strength: 6.8%abv


Nodder's first drink, The Beowulf "Dark Raven" in at 4.5%abv



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Yesterday I decided to check out Weyerbacher over in Easton, as they were having an open house, and had a few new beers for me to try. Then it was on to Which Brew for lunch. Afterwards it was back to Tom's house for some more drinking.


and yeah, this was like my 6th or 7th pint of the DFH Aprihop. And then I don't remember what happened, other than lots of sleep


And Crazy Jake smoked up some boneless pork ribs for us


Since it was nice out, we hung outside and ate BBQ stuff, like these awesome chips


Great taste, and very easy to drink, and at 7% that's dangerous


It's Dogfish Head ApriHop, hoppy and apricotty too


Back home, it was time to tap some new kegs. Nope, it isn't Shipyard Export..


and a Mojo Risin' Double IPA for me


After his Maibock, it was time for Delirium Tremens


I went with the Stone IPA to start while Tom went with the Spaten Maibock, all while eating awesome burgers and fries


Lots of quality stuff on tap


Food time, off to the other side of Easton for Which Brew


Lot's of people anxiously await the Wild Ale. Brewer Dan and his friends were seen running around a lot, chatting it up


We both enjoyed the Raspberry Beret Wild Ale, which won't be bottled until next year. It was sorta lambic like, and very tart and sour


The soup was really tasty, better than BBWs


They also had free samples of the soup that Wegman's makes at their local branch, containing their Hops Infusion Ale


Tom enjoys the Blasphemy, an oak aged QUAD


With the open house came lots of free stuff, and free stuff brings out lots of people


Back to Weyerbacher, haven't been here for a while

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Back from another fun filled weekend of BACT Attacking the VA parks.


Screw Virginia is for Lovers. Virginia is for Beer Lovers! Let's check out some pics...


...and finally the Roadkill Barleywine, which ended up being my favorite. Real nice balance between the malt & hops, with just the right blend of alcohol & hops in the finish.


...the Black Stallion Oatmeal Stout, a rather nice stout with a roasty finish...


I then get into their chainwide Pale Ale...


...and the light & fruity Silverado Ale.


Kim helped me out with the light ones, including the Naked River Light, a low carb lager...


That ended up being a good choice as the little, tiny pilsner glasses end up being of a pretty good size!


We weren't really sure what to try first, so for $8, we decided to go for the sampler.


No more High Dessert RIS but they did have plenty of other new stuff.


After a couple hours @ PKD on Sunday and some beer shopping @ Whole Foods in Falls Chruch, we next went back to the local branch of the Sweetwater Tavern for some lunch.


Just check out the date specific 20 page long beer menu! At this point my camera crapped out, so Adam will have to provide pics of our shenanigans.


After the park, it was off to Glen Allen, VA for a late dinner at the Capital Ale House @ Innsbrook. A top 15 best place to have a beer in America and it was rather good!


Over at the other table, Adam shows off his Bareknuckle Stout, flavored with hot chocolate. He seemed to really dig it.


I try the Wild Hop, which I'm still not crazy about. Neither Wild nor Hoppy.


It had banana in it though, so Kim was happy.


Later a guy stopped by and made us a "beertini". Don't ask.


Tim liked it. It reminded him of some of the other beers he's had over in Asia.


Our hostess Fran pours out some Harbin, a Chinese Lager, that A/B is now distibuting.


They have a new setup with the tables. They also allow you to pick your beers "ala carte" which was a welcome change.


Tim shows off his evil self as we prepare for the Brewmaster's Club.


Glutenfree even gets in on the act with some...well...glutenfree beer! The new Red Bridge Sorghum beer. It wasn't half bad.


I try yet again with the Bare Knuckle Stout. Oh well, it's got more taste than most of the stuff they sell here.


The group says "Heh, when in Rome...."


Later we came back with the rest of BACT in tow.


Kim even get's on the action with a big ole' cup of her own.


All though I shouldn't, I really enjoy this for some reason. It's good for A/B anyway!


Yeah, my favorite of the A/B seasonals is back on. The Spring Heat Spiced Wheat.


When at BGW, we always have to stop off at Grogan's Pub in Ireland to kill a little time.

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^Wow, trusting Adam to post pictures? We could be back at that Ale House multiple times before Adam gets around to posting them, I think he's still on his Honeymoon pictures!


Another beautiful day outside (of course it is, I had to work 10 hours!) so why not enjoy a nice Stone IPA while waiting for tonight's event.


Wonderful grapefruit and citrus taste, perfect for warm weather


One of Stone's simpler, but still ever so great brews, the IPA

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Since Heath started his PTR on the Capital Ale House, it's time for me to grab the baton and complete it. Firstly, I had a really awesome time this past weekend and I think we have a new stop whenever we're down near Richmond. And even though our car and Tim's car were lost for like 20 minutes trying to get there, it was worth the trip. I'll post photos of our Sunday evening at the Fell's Point DuClaw with Mark and Amanda tomorrow.


To end the night, Heath tries a Kentucky Bourban Stout (not sure of the brewery, I'm terrible with remembering these things). I had a sip and it was very good!


It was a long day at BGE but BACT is having a great time at the Cap Ale House.


I really loved my Rogue Mad Monk. A great choice!


While her husband Tom was tending to Derek's drunkeness, Leann enjoys a Kahlua and Cream.


Greg wishes he could get more Red Bridge as Tim enjoys his stout. Not sure what it was, Tim, care to tell us?


From the looks of it, Janna is not enjoying her beer, or is she just tired?


Dave is down with the very enjoyable Green Flash Imperial IPA.


Heath goes with the Stinky IPA (what was the official name?) on cask. And man, did it really stink (in terms of smell).


Ellen decides on an old faithful and not something you can always get on tap- an Allagash White.


WOW! Look at all these pages!


The dated beer bible!


Here's my dark shot of the outside of Capital Ale House.

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Damn, you guys are pro at Beer Photo Trip Reports. I wish my friends were willing to try new brewpubs instead of going across to the gas station and buying cases of bud light over and over.

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Another fine day, today. Sunny with highs in the low 70's. Very San Diegoish. Unfortunately, it's not going to last with one final blast of cold, crappy weather on the way. Better take advantage of it this week while I can...


But what did I do with the can? Did I smash it on my head & throw it out in the yard? I'll keep you guessing...


Ah, but it's such a nice day, that I'm not done yet. I invited Gordon over to hang out on the deck with me.


Ahhhh. The sun, a light breeze, and a tasty brew. Perfect!


Uh oh, I believe this is a first time appearance in the BT of our back deck.


The latest seasonal from Bell's. Their summertime Oberon Ale. Wow, this was good. A nice fresh, crisp, and zesty wheat ale. It really hit the spot.

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Yes, another lovely day that will soon be turning back to crap. Better enjoy some good stuff while I can. Sure am glad I saved some winter beers, as it seems that'll be making a return in the next few days here.


and so, the last of the Redbach is now gone too, for now...


and since it's cherry blossom time, why not break out the cherries


It's da Kronic!


First up, the last of the Lagunitas Censored Copper Ale

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