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Barclaycard Rollercoaster Advert

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It's amazing what they do for a commercial, but a great looking, memorable commercial does a lot for the brand.


My thoughts exactly.


I'm not familiar with credit cards in the UK, but if Barclay's is the first to offer this technology in the UK, I think these commercials are a great way to introduce the new product!

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I've seen the waterslide one before, and that's immediately what I thought of when I first clicked on the roller coaster one (even before seeing coaster-crazy's post about it) that's pretty good brand recognition for not even being in the same country the ads are intended for.

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I don't know, all in all I do not see how the company can warrant spending the money they did on an advertisement


I'm not sure if Barclays had an advertising spokesman the past couple of years, but Samuel L Jackson used to be their spokesmen and was paid a hefty amount to shill for Barclays. You cut out the high priced pitchmen and you can commit more dollars to production.


There is a certain cost of entry to create a high quality television ad to begin with so in many instances the additional production costs for effects are not a relatively insane add-on cost from a percentage standpoint.

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I've noticed that UK adverts tend to be more about a story and less about a product than American adverts. American adverts *tend* to be the more unsubtle "BUY THIS BUY THIS!!!!".

Some more famous British adverts include Cadbury:



When you first see them you never guess what it is until the end. (unless you spot the glass and a half production logo)

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Any commercial that incorporates coasters and Boston is a win for me.


I think one of the problems with American commercials not having "stories" is that the vast majority of them are only 30 seconds instead of a minute (or 2, in the case of those Honda ads).


But still, I think Barclays gets at least as much actual company name time as Bud Light does in their "Too Light, Too Heavy" commercials. And everyone knows what company that is as soon as they start.

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I see two flaws

1. Never, ever, ever, EVAR base something off Manhattan Express!!!


2. Knex track as a model for a simulation--really people. They're fun but not very flexible. The track's manuvers would kill you!


I dont get the point of your post? This is a commercial that is done and very well done, using everything you claim is a flaw...

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