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Parktour through the northeast of the USA 08/12 - 09/05/10


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I'd like to do a theme park tour through the northeast of the USA in the above stated time and I'm looking for people to join me, because I'm alone until now.


These are the parks on my itinerary:

Playland Park

Lake Compounce

Six Flags New England

Dorney Park





Darien Lake

Canada´s Wonderland (2 days)

Michigan´s Adventure

Six Flags Great America

Indiana Beach

Cedar Point (2 days)

Kings´s Island

Camden Park

King´s Dominion

Busch Gardens (2 days)

Six Flags America

Moreys Piers

Playland Castaway Cove

Gillians Wonderland

Six Flags Great Adventure (2 days)


I also would like to visit the Niagara Falls and Washington.

The tour will begin and end in New York. The cost will be about 2500$+your travel cost to and from New York. The 2500$ include:

- Car rental

- Gas

- Park entries

- Parking

- Accommodation

- Food


Best regards


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That's quite a bit to attempt in 25 days. And those parks cover quite a large area. You're going to have quite a few long drives in between many of those parks.


You might want to try to narrow your trip down a bit.


Looking over your list, I have a rough estimate of 25-27 park days not even taking into consideration visits to DC or the falls. Add in travel days, and it seems like you're going to go over on time.

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That´s right. I´ve planned to visit Kennywood and Waldameer on one day as well as the falls and Darien Lake. The three peers I also would like to visit on one day.

But I could go directly from Darien Lake to Cedar Point, that would make the trip 5 days and about 1000 miles shorter.

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If you wanted to credit run these parks I could see doing it in 25 days and adding parks like... Holiday world, Beech Bend, SFKK, Martins, Clementon Park , more of the Jersey piers and Sea Breeze.


Day one..

Playland Park open

Lake Compounce mid day

Six Flags New England close

Day 2....

Dorney Park 10-4

Knoebels 6-cl

Day 3... (In PA, you could add, Lakemont, Del Grosso's and Idlewild.)


Day 4 ... (they could be more of a struggle to add tho)


Day 5..


Day 6..

Darien Lake. Add on Martin's and Sea Breeze. Since coming from NYC I would do these parks in this order ( Sea Breeze, Darien, Martin's ) plus do Niagara Falls at night !!

DAY 7 &8 ..

Canada´s Wonderland (2 days) I would stop at Marineland.

DAY 9 ...

Michigan´s Adventure

DAY 10, 11 AND 12

Six Flags Great America

Indiana Beach Add on Holiday world, Beech Bend and SFKK.

Day 13 and 14...

Cedar Point (2 days)

Day 15

Kings´s Island

Day 16

Camden Park Two hours here then Keep driving that day to save time.

DaY 17...

King´s Dominion

Day 18 & 19 ...

Busch Gardens (2 days) add the water park day 2

Day 20 , 21, 22

Six Flags America and DC.

Day 23....

Moreys Piers

Playland Castaway Cove

Gillians Wonderland ....add two more piers, Jenks and Sea side.

Day 24 and 25....

Six Flags Great Adventure (2 days) You could add on Clementon lake park here in the Morning of day 24.



Finish the trip with a night ride on the Cyclone.

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