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Sightings is a short film that a friend of mine and I are writing and I am directing.


Synopsis: A group of high school students are doing a video report for their Digital Video class. When the group starts following an unknown figure, the get themselves entangled in a quite horrifying situation. One by one the group gets plucked off by an unknown assailant, and the only thing left is their footage.






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Nice work so far.


This kind had that Cloverfield feel to it. (the way its filmed and terror/suspense aspect)


You should forward your finished version to Bad Robot productions, so J.J. Abrams might possibly catch a glimpse of it. (A long shot I know, but in the Directors commentary for his Star Trek film he stated that the opening logo for the movie was designed by a 23 year old guy he came across on the internet.)


Good Luck!

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Hey that is looking fantastic. I am part of my school's film club, Vibrant Films.

You have clearly thought about the scripting well, and it looks professional style - low budget. Exactly what you want. The only suggestion I would have is when inside the building, add a sort of black and white effect. Would just make it feel a little more spooky.

What editing program are you using?

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Wow! The preview trailer is very impressive. I'm not gonna lie, 0:23-0:31 was pretty intense. It reminds me of a Blair Witch kind of storyline, set in a school. Nothing wrong with that, of course, Blair Witch was brilliant.


Nice work so far. Can't wait to hear more about it!

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That looks really good! Are you really 14? It looks quite impressive, especially if you are only 14.


Keep us updated on here and on F/B as I want to see more of this film.


How long will the finished product be?

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Classic "white girl in horror movie" touch


"Becky, I heard a weird noise over there"

"Really April? Let's go check it out!"




In all seriousnes, the production, acting, and delivery seems superb so far. I was actually impressed with what the project is so far and look forward to seeing updates on it.

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This is looking very good. I always enjoy seeing low-budget amateur films, because most of the time they end up being better than what we get from the professionals. I personally can't wait to see your finished project. This makes me want to finally get started on my "shaky-cam" film.

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