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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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I asked the PR department about cheeta chase and they assured me it would "remain untouched" in regards to the 2011 project.


I just dumped my Primium passes for Disney annual passes. I feel this might have been a bad descion D:.

I should go out and get a fun pass this next year :I


(I miss my spell check on my computer, damn Ipod ;-; )

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Isn't the ongoing rumor that the coaster is going to be call Cheetka?


The speed of a cheetah with the airtime of a kangaroo.



Wouldn't that be a Cheetaroo?


Awesome vid! It really get me excited to get back to this park.


Guy "The Swahili translation for the word Cheeta is Cheeta! So I'm guessing Shaka Zoolo!" Koepp

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All of the sudden, going back to Disney/Orlando next spring took on a whole new interest for me. We may just have to make that drive over to Tampa. As already said, great idea BGT, looking forward to the next installment.

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I'm quite looking forward to how this baby will turn out.


If it gives you that 'close-up' feeling with animals that the River ride at Flamingoland does, it'll be fantastic. Obviously, if they are planning that up-close personal theme with the animal encounters, then I'm sure that Busch will try and push the boundaries a little more then just floating by a lion exhibit (reference to the boat ride). I mean, it seems like they are trying to push and get known with their new rides and attractions lately, just look at the 'Alone' concept for Howl-O-Scream. Such a novel yet simple response to that 'alone feeling'.

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Still a great ride and not a bad way to end the work day!

I made it out to the park last week one night after work to check out the construction progress and experience some of the Summer Nights festivities before they end this weekend. I couldn't believe how many walls had gone up and the new pathway from the Edge of Africa looks pretty good. It will be good to hear an official announcement hopefully this fall. Here are a few photos I took.


The park's Summer Nights program keeps the park open until 9pm or 10pm. This is late for Busch Gardens Tampa.


I had to check out the new Walkabout Way.


I must say this is the first time I have ever seen an albino Kangaroo.


I thought the park could have made the look of Walkabout Way a little more elaborate. But the experience is pretty cool. How many places can you hand feed kangaroos?


It was nice that the animals in Walkabout Way were able to free-roam around the exhibit.


Hopefully this time next year, this view will look dramatically different.


The new pathway from Narobi over to The Edge of Africa.


Preview of good things to come!


Other side of the new parthway.


The Serengeti Safari's new loading/unloading area.


Taking the new pathway to the Edge of Africa area near the Lion exhibit.


Entering the Crown Colony area.


For all the wall lovers, these next few photos are for you!


Maybe the new coaster station?


Feel the Speed!


More of the Crown Colony area.




Heading back to Narobi.


Looking back at the Crown Colony area.


Near the Narobi park entrance.


That's it for this update. Glad to see so much progress is going on for next year's big attraction!


Almost forgot, I checked out the Kinetix Summer Nights rock show. The stunts were pretty impressive!

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Agreed, that Kinetix stunt show was very imressive. I'm sad I only went to see it once this season. (which is a shame, since I generally visit the park 1 to 2 times a month...) And since it was towards the end of the Summer Nights season, didn't leave myself an opportunity to see it again. Hopefully BGT will bring it back again next year too... As for all that construction, I'm drooling more and more every day... Spring of 2011 (May I'm sure...) can't come soon enough... I actually went two weeks in a row (last Wed and this Thurs) and the construction walls near Caravan Crossing gift shop (near Nairobi Gate) had all new teaser photos on them in just that weeks time...

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Cant wait to see this new ride. Will get to see the construction for myself when I jet over in 2 weeks!

Has anyone seen the teaser stuff with the barcodes on a smart phone?

I've tried with mine but the site we get redirected too doesnt work from Ireland, maybe it only works in the US?

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OK, so we know the following so far:

- Something, one of a kind

- Zero to 60MPH launch

- Interact with the animals

- Largest Footprint of any BGA coaster (thanks ghost007jas)


Anything else I'm missing?

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The QR barcodes in fact link to videos on the website. Six of them point to simple "teasers", while the last one points to the video previously mentioned.


The first six videos mention:








Here are a few pictures from last Saturday


The old monorail station has a hole cut in the roof.



Dirt near the Crown Colony area


I'm not sure what is going to happen with the old Clydesdale building. We miss the donkey!

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