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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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Went to the park for an hour yesterday morning to get few updated construction photos. More dirt being moved around. Looks like progress has been made on the new path/bridge leading from next to the Narobi Train Station over to the Edge of Africa. The train is running again, but the Narobi station is still closed. The park has re-opened the Egypt train station for now. I'm not sure if Animal Connections is closed now? It was roped off and the looked dead with no activity. Last thing I noticed was in the gift shop by The Moroccan Palace, the store used to carry lots of Katonga items, they now have been replaced with Cheetah stuffed animals and toys. Makes sense since Katonga is on it's way out by summer's end, and maybe an another hint of what is to come. Onto the photos!


New construction wall outside of the park since my last visit.


Flamingo parade.


New cheetah items in the gift shop near the Moroccan Palace.


The Animal Connections attraction looks to have closed.


Wall by the old monorail/skyride station bordering the Edge of Africa.


The cheetah topiary is coming along quite nicely.


Heading out of the Crown Colony sky ride station.


Looking back at the station.





Part of the new pathway from Narobi to the Edge of Africa.



New pathway.


Rhino Rally minus the water portion.


Looks like they have started removing Rhino Rally's track.


Before heading out of the park, had to visit one of my favorite places in the park, Tiger Trails in Jungala.


They are such gorgeous animals. That's it for today's update. Thanks for reading!

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^ Cool update. I have not had a chance to see Jungala yet, the tigers look awesome.


I hope Busch gardens will install a webcam for construction. Have they done that in the past? I know they have registered the domain name for Cheetaka.com and could possibly have a camera there.


I would love to here some of your guesses on what the layout may be. Maybe a little launch out of the station. I think they will go immersive with some sort of pre show. What is that figure 8 for? Then the first big launch. Will this thing ever get high? Will it have to slow down like Maverick to enter the second big launch?


Cheetaka is officially Florida's best coaster

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sorry for being ignorantt.. but what r they constructing?? I m in London soooo haven't heard any news about the construction in Tampa bay soo, quite surpirsing

It would probably help if you went back about 10 pages and started reading from there. Everything we know to date has been posted already.



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^ From what I hear it will be scrapped soon though. Isnt the water section the main aspect that made it a crowd pleaser? Thats what I have heard.

Look at the pictures, it's already half gone! The water part was probably closed about 1/3 of the time anyway. I think I've only been on Rhino Rally 3 times and only seen the water part working once!


The water part was also a very short part of the ride. I don't think it really added that much to it.

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^ From what I hear it will be scrapped soon though. Isnt the water section the main aspect that made it a crowd pleaser? Thats what I have heard.


I don't think it really added that much to it.


My opinion is the complete opposite. Even though the whole "disaster situation" was pretty cheesy...watching that dam overflow and all that water gushing towards the vehicle was my (and the rest of my group's) favorite part of the ride.


But oh well, I'd rather have an Intamin wing-rider, anyway.

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^I was pointing out the fact that pretty much half of your posts seek out posts by Robb and/or myself and have a completely opposite view. Doesn't offend me at all, I find it hilarious!


Now back to Busch Gardens and what hopefully will be a kickass new ride for 2011!

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Nope...I'm not on a mission to disagree with you at all, lol. We just happen to often have differing opinions, which is fine, right? Life would be totally boring if everyone felt the same way about everything...I'm just one of those people who is usually, inconveniently, in the minority.


But as I said, like yourself, I'm excited for the BGT's new coaster!

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Although I am perfectly fine with losing the Rhino Rally and getting a new coaster, I just don't think it was a terribly smart idea for Busch Gardens. Rhino Rally was really the only "major" family ride (except maybe the 3-d theater or the water rides) and I feel like Busch Gardens will lose their some of their family appeal with one of their main rides for families gone.


And it was a great ride too, my brother got to ride in the front seat and the driver was messing around with him. It was funny. Also it's a much more exciting way to see the animals and the water part is really fun.

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The ride is not "gone", just modified to its "dry" incarnation... and there was a blurb on screamscape about 6 months ago, stating that there was a rumor that BGT might expand the "dry" safari back into the savannah some... I think that would be a nice change for Rhino Rally... the water section, while original, had many mechanical issues from what I've read... and it while neat, didn't MAKE the overall expirience for me, just enhanced it a bit. I will still enjoy riding the "dry" Rhino Rally...

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Are they going to have to modify the skyride for the coaster? I think it's pretty awesome we are going to have a top view of the construction as it goes. I just hope they don't shut it down before we get some good coaster construct pics.

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