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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 359: Iron Gwazi opens on March 11th, 2022!

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On 10/1/2021 at 12:33 PM, tndank said:

Heads Up: Cheetah Hunt down for annual maint Oct 11 - Dec 17.


We will be there on 12/22, they better reopen it on time............I'm already super disappointed/angry about IG. It's so frustrating since we are there anyway for a family Christmas trip and know IG is sitting there perfectly capable of operating AND we happen to have passes that are good until April 9th. 

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Adventure Island has announced several new attractions and offerings coming to the water park in 2022!



Splash into 2022 with 2 New Attractions

Opening in March 2022 — Two new attractions will be making a splash at Adventure Island, just in time for spring break! Guests can race down an all-new dueling water slide, Rapids Racer, featuring the world's first dueling saucers. Wahoo Remix, formerly Wahoo Run, will also re-surface as a new experience, with exciting first-of-its-kind ride elements for Tampa’s Island Paradise!


NEW! Rapids Racer

Three, two, one go! Feel the rush of competition on the ALL-NEW Rapids Racer! Riders grab a two-person raft before racing through nearly 600 feet of slide, complete with low walls to encounter your opponents throughout this side-by-side experience. The thrill of the chase is amplified as guests swirl through the world’s first dueling saucers in this exhilarating journey full of high-speed tunnels, turns, and more! Who will conquer this high-speed slide first? Find out at the finish line


NEW! Wahoo Remix

Riders will enjoy waves of water and sound as they splash to the beat of a remixed favorite attraction. Formerly Wahoo Run, Wahoo Remix will be Adventure Island’s first waterslide to feature synchronized light and sound elements, delivering an all-new, high energy, family raft ride experience with ultimate party vibes. Enclosed tunnels that were once dark will now glow and groove as riders zoom through over 600 feet of fun.

More Additions to Tampa's Island Paradise


New: Hang Ten Tiki Bar


As the water park’s first full-service bar, the laid-back vibes of Hang Ten Tiki Bar will offer an all-new wave of refreshment to guests. With hand-crafted signature cocktails, fan-favorite local brews, and a regional and international rum selection, Hang Ten Tiki Bar will offer guests a perfect island oasis to fuel up for all-day fun. 


Now Open Year Round with Heated Pools

Tampa’s Island Paradise is now open year round for those endless summer vibes and comfortable water temperatures any time of year. Check out the operating calendar and plan your next splash.


New: Virtual Reality Snorkeling

Dive into NEW VR Snorkeling at Adventure Island where you can choose from three virtual excursions to transport you from Paradise Lagoon to vibrant oceans, deep space or a realm of fantasy beyond imagination.



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22 hours ago, SharkTums said:

^And they lost me at Virtual Reality Snorkeling! =)

I don’t understand the point of it. Isn’t the whole point of snorkeling to see what’s under the water? Like how does VR improve it?

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7 hours ago, DoinItForTheFame said:

We had a chance to experience VR Snorkeling this year, and found it really enjoyable! Glad to see more parks adding this. :) 

So, could you describe what depth of water you were in, etc? I am curious, like others are, probably. And how big the pool?

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5 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

So, could you describe what depth of water you were in, etc? I am curious, like others are, probably. And how big the pool?

Sadly only in 3ft of water. And we were tethered. Had about 10ft of free line from the anchor point. 

the pool was big enough that 4 people could do this at the same time, and never run into each other. 

it was actually a great experience. 5 of us did it, and all loved it, and wish we had the time to do it again. You get so involved with the VR aspect… that you forget you’re even in a pool, and tethered down. Not once did I ever hit the “end of my line” I was always free swimming, never felt restricted. :) 


hope this helps some. 😁

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And speaking of torture. There is video from a vlogger of people (he thought probably employees) riding IG from last week, just to remind us it will be awesome, it's ready to go, but no coaster for you until March 🙄

Maybe they were filming riders for promotional purposes but it's just gonna start new rumors. People commenting on the vlog were convinced this means a soft opening is coming for Christmas season, which is not going to happen no matter how much I wish it would 😒

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Did my first Howl O Scream yesterday. Had a good time. Weather kept people away. Park was dead til 7 or 8. 

Houses were good. Bayou and Cell Block were our favorites. Did those a few times. By 11:30 all the house lines but Witch in the Woods were 5 min or less. Cell Block at 11:45 had no line and we got to walk through basically by ourselves. 

While Falcon was down during the day, it miraculously was running all night.

Had a great day.  Rained for 10 min once and some very slight drizzle now and again. Otherwise, mid 70s and very comfy. 

Forgot to mention...the show 'Fiends' was great. Wife and I really liked it. Not for kids. 


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We went to Howl O Scream yesterday for the first time in a few years. I’ve got to say, we had a great time but it’s a shell of what it was even a few years ago. I feel like hopefully it’s a staffing thing but knowing that chain it’s probably a budget thing. There are less houses, the houses that they have are Six Flags quality and there are way less scare actors out on the midways also.

They also just got rid of a lot of things they used to have like entertainment in the Sheikra plaza and they no longer bring out Halloween themed midway games / food carts everywhere. The big takeaway though is that the houses just aren’t very good (minus maybe one).

We did a house at Six Flags New England last weekend and it was better than a few of these. That should never happen.

That said, it was a great time anyway because no matter how much they scale back the event they still have Montu and Kumba. We got a back row Montu rain ride right at 1am after it had been running for 15 hours straight and holy-absolute-shit that ride is incredible.

Death Water Bayou is still the best house. It’s like a relic of the past and it makes all of their new houses look like an absolute joke.

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It's really needed. Until BGT became my home park (last visit was 2012 before this year), I didn't realize how few flats and non coaster rides are in the park. On my trip a week and a half ago, the log flume was closed for annual maintenance and Falcon's Fury was closed all day. That left the carousel, train, bumper cars and rapids as the only non coaster rides running in the entire park.

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