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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 375: Serengeti Flyer opening on February 27th, 2023!

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Allow me:


Busch Gardens is known for it salient wildlife conservation practices as well as its rides.
The climb and the drop are the most intense parts of this ride, but with theater-style seating and a floorless car, every minute of this ride the SheiKra
Skip: Scorpian
Passenger's feet dangle as they are brought up a deliberately steady climb which lingers just briefly enough before dropping into a steep sloop.
Skip: Kumba
The cart, instead of slowly climbing the tracks, is risen on a platform to face the majestic, col0ssal cobra.

Whomever "wrote" this article needs to actually go to a theme park instead of reading website ride descriptions, reading Wikipedia articles, and looking at the layout of that park on Google Maps.


Also, some of the wording makes me think that the article was originally written in a foreign language and then run through Google Translate.

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Articles like these make me envy the model Europe has with tour guides where you're only authorized to act as a historical guide guests in a region if you're properly certified. That sad fact is that some unknowing general guest will find this article and think it is the gospel truth when it is full of nonsensical descriptions and "advice," planning their visit with these "insights" in mind.

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If Cheetah Hunt is busy all day I’d definitely hit that right when we get there, but I don’t think we’ll be there at opening since we’re catching the shuttle from Orlando that leaves at 9:15 am. I’ll probably play it by ear and get the Quick Queue if it looks bad cause $30 is really reasonable. Thanks everyone!

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Does anyone know how crowds are going to be on Monday next week, January 6th? I know the holidays will be over but I don’t want to go in expecting it to be dead and be surprised.
Monday 1/6 is Three Kings Day... its the last day of BGT's Christmas Town and the last day of their three kings celebration... with the park staying open till 8' date=' I feel like they are expecting it to be busier than a usual Monday. Not sure if area schools are out or not.[/quote']


I can confirm that a good portion of FL schools are out that day for a teacher workday, including Hillsborough County (where Tampa is located). Most out of state tourists should have gone back home though.

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Went today for the first time and had a blast! We got there at opening and went straight to Cheetah Hunt, which we walked on to. It was such a fun ride and definitely top 3 in the park for me. Wasn't expecting it to be as long as it was and the scenary around the track was awesome.


After that we went towards the back of the park and walked onto Tigris, ShieKra, Kumba, Falcon’s Fury, and Scorpion all before going to have lunch outside the park! ShieKra was incredible in the front row! I'd rank it second out of the dive machines I've been in (Griffon #1, Valravn #3). Falcon's Fury was also a terrifingly unique experience!


Once we got back around 1:30ish the crowds started to pick up a little bit, we took the Sky Ride to the back of the park. This had about a 20 minute wait. Thankfully we had done *almost* everything that the crowds had flocked to by this point. So we waited about 10 mins each for the rapids and the log ride before taking the train back to the front of the park to ride Montu, which had a station-length wait. Rode it twice, once in the very front and once in the very back, and LOVED IT! Easily my favorite invert now! I was surprised at how smooth it was while also being intense!


Unfortunately we decided to skip Cobra’s Curse because it was hovering around a 60-85 minute wait all afternoon and was periodically going down so we didn’t want to use up that much of the time we had left for it. Instead, we opted for rerides on Cheetah Hunt (25 min wait) and ShieKra (40 min wait) before catching the shuttle back to our hotel in Orlando.


Tomorrow we'll be hitting SeaWorld, which will also be a first for all of us! Thank you to everyone for the tips on this visit to Busch Gardens!

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So stoked an RMC, a huge one, will be just a few hours from me!

Speaking of, is there any vague idea/guesses on an opening?


I will be in St Pete early March so it'd be pretty sweet to pop over to BGT. Though I will be going when it opens regardless

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I foresee a couple midweek trips down there next winter to ride the crap out of IG. Flights down to Orlando and Tampa have been dirt cheap this year. Can't wait for it to open. This year will be my first trips down to that area.

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This is a little over a week old but I'm surprised that I missed it considering it was reported by a Tampa Bay area news station and not some random enthusiast blog. There's not a ton of info here but given the way this company has been spending money lately this could really be anything from something extremely small and uninteresting to a multi-million dollar coaster and nobody would even be surprised.


Busch Gardens Files Permits for Possible New Attraction

By Ashley Carter Tampa

PUBLISHED 4:23 PM ET Jan. 07, 2020


TAMPA, Fla. – Busch Gardens could be working on another new attraction.


Busch Gardens files permits for "Project Jethro"

Plans call for demolition, grading work near the old Rhino Rally

Busch Gardens is getting ready to open Iron Gwazi coaster this spring


The theme park filed permits at the end of 2019 for a project called "BGT Project Jethro."


The plans involve demolition and grading work in a 1.83-acre area near the former site of Rhino Rally, a safari tour attraction. According to documents included in the filing, work would also include the "removal of 18,663 square feet of impervious area and construction of 6,944 feet of impervious attraction/walk area."


A closer look at the plans reveals that two new pathways will connect to an existing pathway in the area. An existing "story building" in the area as well as a wood deck and steps will be demolished.




Busch Gardens submitted plans in November for "Project Jethro." (Photo courtesy of SWFWMD)


The permits come as Busch Gardens prepares for the spring debut of Iron Gwazi, which will be the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world. Busch Gardens' water park, Adventure Island, is also getting a new attraction called Solar Vortex, which will be a dual tailspin slide.


Busch Gardens hasn't said what "Project Jethro" will be.





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I think another site that shall not be named (because I forgot what it was haha) mentioned a rumor for an S&S Screamin Swing, which would make sense considering BGW just recently installed one. I've only been on a few of those rides but they're always fun and would be an awesome addition to BGT, and in that are over near the Savannah I'm sure could have some cool themeing and views.

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While I hope it doesn't take up too much space in the Rhino Rally area (that corner of the park is primed for more expansion because the Edge of Africa does use as much of that edge land), I'm totally game for a Screamin Swing. I really forgot how much fun these rides are until my visit to Busch Gardens Williamsburg earlier this year. Finnegan's Flyer was so ridiculously enjoyable.

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