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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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Anyone know if they have changed the intended height of Falcon's Fury? The last couple times I heard comments from Busch Gardens they said "about 300ft" about Falcon's Fury, and not 335ft as they original promoted. With Kings Island Drop Tower at 315ft Falcon's Fury would not be the worlds tallest free standing drop ride if it's "about 300ft". Anyone know why Busch Gardens have been recently promoting Falcon's Fury as only "about 300ft"?


Also, it's about time they tear down Gwazi before injuries happen and they get sued. Gwazi was never half as fun as I would had hoped. I'm no fan of the dueling coasters. I would rather a park make one good/great coaster then two mediocre coasters in the space they have to work with. I would put up with the roughness on a wood coaster like Son Of Beast because that was a great monster coaster, but there is nothing special about Gwazi. It's just a rough, mediocre coaster that's not worth the rough ride. A wood coaster modeled after Texas Giant or the Iron Rattler would be a great replacement.

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^^^I didn't know that the seats will return to their normal position before the ride hits the brakes, that's interesting. I'm guessing they might have done it to eliminate the need for some sort of leg restraints like on B&M flyers as, if properly restrained, riders can actually withstand more Gs in the "flying" position that if sitting upright.

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^ I think that there would be to much pressure on your body, from the contact points of the restraints, if the ride was braked in the face down position. It would cause some great pain for people who have a higher weight (and probably normal weight people as well).


The ride will hit a pre-brake section where the seats will start to flip back, and then the main brakes will start. So there won't be to much free falling on this tower, but I think the tilt system will more than make up for that. This will probably be the best drop tower in the world IMO.


Here is two photo where you can see the pre-brakes, as well as where the main brakes starts.




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It's done!


I think it looks awesome, yet a little bit weird, as I excepted the crown to be a lot wider than the tower.

Now a few weeks of electrical installation will follow, and then they will assemble the ride vehicle and then we will see some testing.
























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