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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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I'm just wondering...the train seemed to be crawling through the layout on the full layout test video. That's not the full speed, right?


I hear this talk about this ride being marketed to families and I really hope that's not the case. It has so much potential, especially since it is Intamin and it is the Blitz type like Maverick.


Really, this ride looks fantastic. It's gorgeous and the layout is great...unless the talk I'm hearing is true and it does run at that speed.


No, it's not at full speed. We've been talking about this for many pages. And yes it is marketed for families. That's why it has a 48" limit. I'm sure it has the "potential" that you all want, but BG wants a coaster that kids and parents AND coaster nuts can enjoy.

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I don't believe that many families would like a multiple launch coaster with inversions.


Agreed. I know for a fact my younger sibling would hate it.


I don't think they mean families as in young children with adults, I think its a more of you will enjoy it with you family who like roller coasters.

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They would. Except for their 3 year old, who isn't 48". I know my entire family is. And it'll allow those kids under 54", who really want to ride Montu, Kumba, and Sheikra, to ride a thrilling ride that will be enjoyed by many people.

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They would. Except for their 3 year old, who isn't 48". I know my entire family is. And it'll allow those kids under 54", who really want to ride Montu, Kumba, and Sheikra, to ride a thrilling ride that will be enjoyed by many people.


I know, lol. It was a joke. My entire family wouldnt ride it, me and my brother would though. Regardless of height requirement, its going to be an incredible ride.

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I went to the park for a few hours this morning to see the latest developments with Cheetah Hunt and to actually see the trains running the full course. This thing looks great and should definitely be a great ride. I took a few videos and edited them together a bit. Unfortunately I did not get video of the launch out of the station or the second launch up the tower, but that second launch does look like it will be fun. They were testing a lot first thing but I started the day by heading the opposite direction in hopes to get a few rides on Sheikra before the massive amount of groups got to the back of the park. Unfortunately Sheikra was down most of the morning. By the time I got back up to the front of the park by Cheetah Hunt they weren't testing as much, probably b/c it was lunch time and I left the park not much longer after that. Also, for those worried about the speed in the early testing videos....it is definitely running faster now. On to the video and pictures...





upside down


support banner on the edge of africa pathway


into the trench...


...and out of the trench


plaza area viewed from edge of africa


skyride ride regulations



area details


ride entrance and station


the one train I saw launch when I made it back to the front


after this it was a lunch break



Cheetah Run banners







second launch trench



inside the cheetah house


cheetah run construction


more cheetah run construction



tower footers




what could this be?


the cutest baby cheetah cub ever!


he woke up briefly to look around


and give a quick yawn


but then it was back to sleep. these guys are too cute!

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I may have missed it but whats up with the dog??


This is done for socialization. The cheetah cub was abandoned by his mother so they paired him with a dog. Many zoological institutions do this all over the planet.

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