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[RCT3] American Adventures

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American Adventures Funstruction Guide 8, March 26, 1976.

Wow, we haven't updated in over 6 months! We have just about completed the park. Just this previous weekend, we had our employee preview day. All of the employees at the park and their family and friends got to visit the park. All rides were open, but the shows were not. We didn't take too many photos because we didn't want to spoil the real opening day. Here are the photos we did take!

Here is our park entrance, about 1,000 guest were at the park this day.

Most guests went to Cannonball, the world's tallest roller coaster!

Just about every guest agreed Cannonball is the best coaster they have ridden!

Guests grabbed ice cream and other treats at the State Fair section of the park.

Liberty Square looks nice, I can't wait to see how it looks in the upcoming years!

Another big hit was the log flume which was given the name- Chattahoochee Saw Mills.

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Ok, I have to ask! In the picture with your train in it, what CS are you using to get the train crossing gates? That is fantastic, and I would love to have that in my parks. Also, does it act like a pathway that the peeps can cross or do you have to have them go across another way?


Love the park so far, keep up the great work!

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Ok, I have to ask! In the picture with your train in it, what CS are you using to get the train crossing gates? That is fantastic, and I would love to have that in my parks. Also, does it act like a pathway that the peeps can cross or do you have to have them go across another way?


Love the park so far, keep up the great work!


The CS pack is DasMatze's German Railroad crossing set. There are also more "American" railroad crossings in Vodhin's Gadgets and Gizmos set.


The pathway trick is done in four steps:

1. Build a railroad track.

2. Lower the grid squares that you want to have as crossings.

3. Build pathways on those lowered squares.

4. Raise the squares.


AEB, the updates are so realistic! Keep it up!

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Indianapolis Star, April 11, 1976

American Adventures Amusement Park near Mooresville just had it's grand opening yesterday! Over 13,000 guests were at the park for it's opening, that means about 18% of Indianapolis was at the park! American Adventures said they will be open on weekends from now until Memorial day weekend, than it will start all day operation until Labor day weekend when it will close for the season.


American Adventures Funstruction Guide 9, April 11, 1976

Wow! That is all I have to say about yesterday! We had over 13,000 people attend yesterday's park opening day! We had guests as far away from Brazil at the park! Luckily all rides at the park were open, cause some rides such as Double Loop and Cannonball had lines up to three hours most the day! The only attraction not open was the Aquatic Adventure Dolphin Show which was closed because it's April. Through out the day we interviewed people and took many photos! We will show the photos first!


Welcome to American Adventures, Indiana's biggest amusement park!

The State Fair is home to some of the biggest attractions at the park such as The Cannonball, Aquatic Adventure Dolphin Show, and Midwestern Tour Vintage Cars.

One of the most popular rides in the Fairgrounds was Spider.

The Fairgrounds could possibly be the most beautiful area in the park with it's fountain and gardens.

Sadly, Aquatic Adventure Dolphin Show will not be open until Memorial Day weekend once it's warm!

Jolly's Circus was for sure the most crowded area!

You cold barley walk without bumping into someone!

We have two car rides, one for the whole family, and another for the kids!

The park's smallest coaster was a hit with the kids!

One area that didn't get too much attention was the trail connecting Appalachia to Jolly's Circus.

Double Loop had a full queue just about all day.

Our park has three bathroom facilities, this one is the most themed!

Just about everyone said that Appalachia was the coolest themed area!

Chattahoochee River Saw Mill wasn't too busy because of the not too warm weather.

All the guests, and even me are extremely excited for the rest of the season!


Now here are some of the responses we got after interviewing guests!


Q: What is your favorite ride here at American Adventures?

A: My favorite ride has to be The Cannonball! It's so tall I thought I could see my house from the top. Plus it was cool being against the water!


Q: What do you think about Double Loop?

A: Double Loop was the scariest ride here! It was almost as tall as Cannonball! Than the drop was almost straight down, oh and the loops were the scariest! I thought the train might fall off when we flew through those loops!


Q: Will you be coming back to American Adventures?

A: Oh yes! I had the best day of my life today! I can not wait to come back!


Q: Do you have any advice which could make your next visit to American Adventures better?

A: My day at American Adventures was so great, I can't think of what could made it better. I think it would be so neat if the park had fireworks like Kings Island in Ohio though!




Who wants to visit the park for themselves? Well, you will get a chance to visit the park one day this week! But only if we can succeed in getting more advice, criticism, or even compliments!

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This park is just as good as Coasterdude5's Charleston Gardens! I'll definitely be following this one. I also love the FAQ's you've done. What a great idea. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Charleston Gardens gave me most of the ideas, but I also got inspired by Kings Island, Carowinds, Six Flags America, and Six Flags Over Georgia.



American Adventures Funstruction Guide 10, April 12, 1976

Yesterday was our second day of operation. To the guests who came both days, you could obviously tell that opening day was much more crowded. Yesterday it was in the lower 60's and rained some of the day. It didn't really look too good outside besides the morning and evening. We were shocked to see that both Cannonball and Double Loop both had walkons almost the whole entire day!

Cannonball with it's just about empty queue

Double Loop's queue just as empty

Barnstormer was closed during the rain, but did open some of the day

No one wanted to ride Chattahoochee River Saw Mills due to the weather so we ended up closing it early

Being a Sunday, we closed at 8PM.

It was a pretty good weekend, but lets hope they get better!


Mk! The park will be up for download after I get a few more replies. Once we get more replies I will release more details and a date!

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^There is supports already.

^^Thanks! Wait no more!

^^^Thanks! Haha yes, But Indiana has alot of floods and tornadoes..!



Now that the park is open, we aren't having Funstruction Guides anymore, for now on I will just be posting updates from a manager (or someone like that)'s view.


We are now in our everyday schedule, meaning you can visit the park on weekdays. We have been asking many guests for criticism on our park and we haven't gotten too much, but one of the most common things said was that the park doesn't have enough food options. This update will be showing some of the great places at American Adventures to grab a bite, and also telling you that we do have plans to add much more food options in the near future!

The popular Indiana Dining Hall on Liberty Square has an outdoor seating area

There is a back door from Indiana Dining Hall leading to the outdoor seating area, and there is also a hidden pathway to it from the park entrance

Appalachia Grill has mostly meat-related food such as BBQ and steak. There is some indoor seating, but alot of outdoor tables

Throughout the park there are small vendors such as this one in Appalachia

Than in the Fairgrounds we have a massive ice-cream bar

There are a few booths, many tables, and a good amount of bar stools here to provide guests a relaxing environment to eat




This is all the custom scenery I have, you will need just about all of it if you want the full experience. IMPORTANT: You will need Vodhin's Invisible entrances, and the other invisible CS by the guy who's name starts with a B (sorry I can't remember, and it's not on the list for some reason...)

's American Adventures.dat

Place file in Documents>RCT3>Parks

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I'm not going to do a story with this 'update' I'm just going to show you guys something. I got bored and filmed POV's of Cannonball & Double Loop. Sorry the quality sucks, I'm sure you all know that youtube does that. I don't know how to insert the video, so here is a link!



You can comment on the actual video, or even better comment here!

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Well the fourth of July is quickly approaching! This years will be very special with America turning 200! American Adventures will be holding a big fireworks show and have discount tickets! Indiana Adventures Camp Ground will have a big BBQ and summer activities such as corn-hole, canoeing, and swimming. American Adventures Amusement Park and Indiana Adventures Camp Ground will be where all the fun is at this fourth of July!

The park has been pretty low on attendance on weekdays

The County Fair received tons of Union flags

Appalachia received Confederate flags

One area that is always popular is our huge kids area, it's actually the busiest area in the park so we plan on expanding it in the next few years.

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I love the tunnel on Double Loop in the video! Great job.

One small criticism is that the trains on Cannonball seem a bit long. Taking off one or two cars might make it look a bit more realistic.

Thanks, it was inspired by Demon's. The trains on Cannonball are kind of long. They have 8 cars on each train. I know most steel coasters have 8 cars (or atleast B&Ms) so I just put that many cars on it until I was for sure.




This past weekend was the fourth of July. American Adventures received record attendance, even more than opening day! Indiana Adventures Camp Ground also received record attendance, and it was opened over five years before American Adventures was! Since the day was so jam-packed, I couldn't really wander around to park and take too many photos but I did take a few!

First of all, just a few weeks ago we decided to add a Liberty Bell replica to go along with the name "Liberty Square". We just got it finished the day before fourth of July!

Midwestern Tour Vintage Cars was pretty popular throughout the day

Appalachia was the place to be to watch the fireworks!

The fireworks were beautiful

It must of been a memorizing ride on Double Loop for these guests!

We stayed open until midnight every day this weekend, most guests stayed until closing. We really enjoyed celebrating America's 200th. birthday this way, we actually decided we will have a fourth of July celebration with fireworks and activities each year for now on!

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Great update! I hope this park lasts longer than the Charleston Gardens one did. Both are great parks. Now I need to start working with my RCT3 again lol!





It's now late August and the park is going to close after Labor Day weekend. Any visitors in the past few weeks may have noticed some dirt next to Liberty Square. This construction site is part of a small expansion to Liberty Square for 1977.

With summer coming to an end, the park is starting to not be as busy as people are preparing for school

Double Loop's queue was only about 20 minutes

Since it's so hot outside, all the trees in Appalachia provide great shade

If you look closely, you can see some of the dirt. We will keep you updated on what is coming in 1977!

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April 10, 1977, Indianapolis Star

American Adventure in Mooresville just had it's opening day for 1977 yesterday. Many guests were expecting a new roller coaster or thrill ride but came to the park to find something different... The popular park built a new 'cinema' for live shows, a small petting zoo with horses, a sit down restaurant on the water, and a new Antique Photo shop. It may sound like the park went easy on money this year, but actually of this cost a couple million. New at Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio is 'The Screamin' Demon' a steel launched shuttle looping roller coaster. Kings Island expects it to bring in many people, including people from the Indianapolis area. Will Kings Island's new mega coaster affect American Adventure's attendance?, we think so.


The first new thing you may notice is the sign saying "Have a nice day", it was added for this season. The Liberty Bell was added mid-last year.

The big building that resembles a court-house is the new theater. The barn is part of the petting zoo.

The inside of the theater's lobby is close to being done, all that needs to be added are the signs advertising what show is playing.

Last year the park interviewed people asking them what the park needed, many guests said the park lacked multiple places to eat. So the park built a huge new restaurant on a lake by Appalachia and Jolly's Circus.

The last new thing for 1977 is the Grist Mill Antique Photos.

One neat thing about the small pond next to the Mill is that you can feed the fish that live in it.


More photos and details will be released soon from the park.



I won't have another update for probably another week or so because I will be at Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Dollywood.

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August 1977

Although this year's additions are doing really well with guests, it's not bringing in the amount of people we were expecting. Sadly, we have decided that the petting zoo will not return next year, and the theater will not show as many shows. Don't get too upset though because there will be a few new things next year!


The park entrance area is just about empty and it's just a little after park opening

Even the most popular rides have empty seats

The usual most crowded area looks empty

Even the popular State Fair section has had a drop in attendance

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Indianapolis Star, April 15, 1978


Last year American Adventures in Mooresville experienced a drop in attendance, many people including the park it's self feared the park may not reopen for the 1978 season. Luckily, American Adventures and a company called Arrow Dynamics came together to build something new the hopefully boost park attendance.


Although we can't release the name of the new attraction, we can tell you what it's like! First of all, it's replacing the petting zoo that was on Liberty Square last season. The park went all out on landscaping for 1978. You start off at the end of Liberty Square and walk down a curved midway filled with landscaping and a creek along the side. Once the curved path ends, you end up in a pilgrim village, all of the buildings look like they are from yesteryear with straw roofs and clay walls. A rescued carousal from a now closed park made it's way to Indiana and now lives as the centerpiece of the new area.


Next to the carousal is a big restaurant serving Thanksgiving type food. There is a few tables indoors, but there are tons of tables on the outdoor patio which is along a small pond. This area is very scenic.


Just down the midway from restaurant, you start to notice the landscaping stops, and overgrown trees start to appear. Your now somewhere in the woods. Than out of no where, steel roller coaster track appears. This is the main attraction for 78'! The coaster is themed to make you feel like Lewis and Clark exploring the now United States of America. You will have to climb mountains, dive down ravines, make your away across water, near dodge trees, and even come face to face to a monstrous waterfall! Will you make it across the un-explored land, or will you be hunted down by Indians or bears?


This new scream machine isn't near as big as Cannonball or Double Loop, but instead it's a family coaster that is fun for everyone, with a few thrills mixed in! It's a big investment American Adventures made to bring in guests, and we think it will definitely do the job!




American Adventures opens to the public next weekend, we all hope to see you there!

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