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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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Apologies for the double post.


May 18th, 2010


No update today - the major AMGEN Tour of California bike race was completing it's final leg of the race right in front of the Boardwalk! Most of the major streets downtown were closed so I decided not to go. However, I will be taking pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Interested in photos of today's event? Visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's official Facebook fan page to see some take by professional photographers:




Stay tuned !



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^Thanks for the comments and posting that time lapse. I was going to in the last MINI update but I forgot. I will take all of the time lapse videos and put them together after all are posted by the Boardwalk. Thanks again.

Well, it's that time again! We're closing in on the opening of the new ride! Just over 1 week to go and the ride is looking great.


I went and visited this afternoon to find them installing lights on the outside as well as ride testing going on. There was a man from R&R Creative Designs(designed the ride) and he happened to be the guy who designed it - all himself! According to him, the ride was designed 4 years ago and after many complications, they got to building the ride last fall. He appeared to be very proud of his project(I would be too!).


Next week I will be going to a VIP Boardwalk event on Thursday that gives us a preview of the summer AND.... a Haunted Castle preview as well! If I am able to take photos, I will most definitley post them up.


Enjoy the update - thanks as always.






NEW haunted looking lights had been put up and were in the process of adding them when I was there!


Back of the man who designed the ride from R&R Amusements.


A worker stringing wire through.


View down the walk. I hope that guy in the lift doesn't drop anything!


Another view...


Panoramic view.


The worker in the yellow hard hat is the one man responsible for designing the NEW Haunted Castle. We can also be thankful for R&R for working on the Cave Train, and Neptune's Kingdom arcade.


Working away on the lights.


Games being installed and walls all painted up!


New trellis looking things were added for the awnings coming in soon.


Back side with the newly put in pavement.


Another cool view - I am still wondering why that one spot in the middle is purple! Also, many flag poles have been put up all over the top of the building.




NEXT UPDATE: Tune in this coming Tuesday for another update as well as one on Thursday for the VIP preview, and FRIDAY for the grand opening! Thanks everyone for the support.

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Do you know when they're going to have the exclusive ride times? I read in the season pass booklet that season pass holders can be the first to ride it at 10am but the date says TBA.

And I was going to ask if you can video the VIP event on thursday.

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Am I the only one that thinks the color scheme is a bit cartoony and happyish?


I am embarrassed. I was waiting to see how it would look once it was painted black!

I did not imagine this was the final color! Maybe they want it to be kid friendly.

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Might I remind everyone of the original concept image:



Theming is being added as we speak (bats, spiders, lighting, fences) as well as the ghosts in the windows. No doubt the building will look cool at night!

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^I don't think anyone here knows for sure if the event will be videotaped, but I'm sure an official Haunted Castle video will show up on the Boardwalk's Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/beachboardwalkfun) soon.


Well, as long as the Boardwalk puts up an official video or commercial, that's fine.


(!)To eveyone concerned about the new castle's paint job:

The blue is primer. They have to put primer all over the building before they paint it. I heard it will be a spookier color when it's finished.

By the way, ony 3 more days till this bad boy opens!!! I'm soooooooooo excited!!! I might video the ride inside when I go this friday!

My first time riding it, I plan to have my eyes covered... I think it would add more suspense. Then when I ride it the second time, I'll look around. Then when I ride it a third time, I'll video it and pop it up on youtube.

Caaaaan't wait!

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^Thanks for the comments and info everyone!


We're closing in on the opening on the NEW Haunted Castle with only 3 days to go till opening on this Friday, May 28th! I am planning to be there after school(around 3:30ish) to ride it as well as take a video on board! Also, I will be there on Thursday for a VIP sneak preview of the ride. I will try to take as many photos as I can, if that is permitted.


Visited the site today and was looking really spooky. The ghosts were in the windows, all the lights were done, the bats were on the roof, and the ride signs were leaning up against the base of the building, getting ready to be put up. It was also another rainy day today, so try not to mind the gloomy looking pictures ... even though it does add to the spookiness!


Enjoy the update - prepare to be scared on the NEW Haunted Castle!


Almost done!!!


Another view - a wet day.


These two wooden boards are actually the signs for the ride!


"A wild bat has appeared!"


Ohhh SHNAP. Looks like he brought his little friend too!


There are now ghosts in the window. BOO!


Someone lost their head...


Close-up of the new additions: shutters and lights!


As always - a panoramic view. I will be making a video with all of the panoramic views of the ride after the HC opens.


Farther end of the HC building.


BOO! Ha, got ya again didn't I. *wink wink*


The back side of WAT.... wait. No...




NEXT UPDATES: TWO more updates will be coming your way this week. One will be on Thursday and the other on Friday. THE HAUNTED CASTLE OPENS THIS FRIDAY - I will be there, will you?

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I like how it's turning out. Though it doesn't look as scary, the attention to detail I'd say looks on par with what we could find at a Disney park. Before the castle was painted though (when it just had the stucco coating) it had this ominous/creepy look to it as it was all dark. The primer killed the creepy look, but with the final coat of paint and details added, it's looking great!

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! Wow! This ride is coming along great! Niether rain nor storm nor flood nor snow will stop them from completing our new Haunted Castle! Thy are very dedicated to their work, and I respect that. So excited for this friday! This is going to be a BLAST!!! Can't wait!

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I think its looking good.


One thing though, about those three ghosts at the windows. The one on the left. Is that Spongebob?


I look forward to seeing how they light the building at night.


LOL it DOES look like Spongebob... and he's doing the sponge dance!!! LOLOLOLOL


The VIP event was cancelled? Aw, danggit... Well, can someone please take some pics or videos of them testing the ride? That'd be sweet.


I really hope the ride opens on friday... I took the day off just to go...

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FYI, the VIP event scheduled for tomorrow morning has been canceled. The ride needs to be inspected during that time. If all goes well, the ride will still open on Friday.


I've talked to Brigid and she's also told me the Haunted Castle will not be open for this event - however, the VIP event was not just for the new ride. All other planned fesitivites will still be going on! I am hoping the ride signs will be up tomorrow afternoon so I will be sure to take a few pics of that.




^p.s. I will try to get photos of it testing for you tomorrow!

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^^ At least, postponed. Although I don't have anymore information about it.


About the ride testing, I'll do my best to snap some pictures and take some videos of the ride cars moving through the station tomorrow, and possibly a video ride-through!



Some more info:


After the riders are seated, the car proceeds from the loading area to the double doors. As the car moves forward, it spins 180 degrees, pushes through the doors, and heads at a relatively steep angle down the spiral hill with the riders still facing backwards. Almost the entire ride takes place underground. Towards the end of the ride, the car heads up two hills (equipped with anti-rollbacks) that lead to the unloading area.

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