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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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I haven't really been following this thread so I am not sure if this has been discussed previously or not, but either this is a new model or Maurer Söhne has updated the Xtended SC 2000 a tad bit. From what I can see the the turn right before the first block brake has been banked (where it was previously flat on other models), a drop out of the 2nd block brake (rather than a turn then decline down into the turn going into the "trick track" section), and a new ending section after the 4th block brake.
You could call Undertow an SC-2000 Series 4 as it's the first of the 4th Evolution of the ride model.


- Sid

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Is Undertow ever going to open? I haven't even heard that its testing. No announcement date yet ether. I'm coming at the end of July I hope that it opens soon. It seems to be taking a while to get this ride open.

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^I've heard it's supposed to open in July. Based on the current state of the attraction, I'm guessing late July. I'm hoping an opening date will be announced soon as I'm planning a trip to visit the Northern California parks in mid/late July and I'd prefer not to miss Undertow if I can help it. Given that it's just a permanent installation of a portable model, I'm surprised it's taking so long as I always expected it to be open by July 4th at the latest (if it hasn't started testing, that's pretty much not possible at this point).

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Headed out to the Boardwalk for some Corey Haim and Feldman action with Lost Boys playing on the beach tonight- got a few pix of Undertow along the way. The cars are still wrapped up... hope they bust those suckers loose soon!









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Considering that the Boardwalk opens a new roller coaster every 20 years, I give them a little more slack than SFMM for the late opening


Here's an article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel a few days ago (6/27/2013) about the progress of Undertow: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_23555706/new-undertow-roller-coaster-nearly-ready-action-at


SANTA CRUZ -- A new $6 million roller coaster looks ready to roll at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, but it won't open until July at the earliest.


The Undertow will be the only roller coaster in Northern California with cars that spin, Boardwalk spokesman Kris Reyes said. Yet it still needs some behind-the-scenes work such as a platform for the ride operator, a place for riders to wait in line and other features.


Boardwalk officials said they haven't set a launch date.


"We're confident it will open this summer," Reyes said Tuesday. "It looks a lot more finished than it is because the track is done."


Like all new roller coasters in the state, it also needs to be inspected by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.


The Undertow, built in Germany, will have individual cars rather than a train like traditional roller coasters such as the Giant Dipper.


Each car holds four riders with seats that face outward. The car spins and the ride is different for each seat depending on the weight of the car.


"I've ridden this exact coaster at a park in Utah and it's really a great ride," Reyes said. "It's really thrilling. People of all ages will like it. You're getting a new ride every time."


The turquoise and yellow Undertow replaces the Hurricane roller coaster, which raised the pulse of riders at the Boardwalk for 20 years. That coaster was retired on Labor Day 2012.


Boardwalk leaders said they try to introduce a new ride every year, but it hasn't been as common to replace big roller coasters such as the Hurricane.


The last major ride to open at the Boardwalk was the revamp of the Haunted Castle in 2010.


Reyes said amusement park fans who want to know when the Undertow will open should "like" the Boardwalk's page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SantaCruzBeachBoardwalk.

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I love that their spokesperson gets it with social media, telling people to like their facebook page for the latest updates. It's crazy how many PR people are still stuck in the past...

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I have to say I love the colour scheme on the ride. Does anyone know if Maurer use the test car that doesn't spin anymore? It was multi coloured if remember correctly. It always looked strange to see it running round a ride not spinning. Would be a interesting ride experience to try this or any other spinner in a locked car for the whole ride.



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From the park's website:


We are optimistic Undertow will open before the end of August, but we do not have an exact date at this time.


Well, it looks like I won't be getting to this one on my trip in two weeks. When I first started to see track going up for it, I figured it would be open around Memorial Day, but it looks like its going to be a push to get it open by the end of the summer season. As this is just a permanent version of a portable design, I'm very surprised it is taking so long, and I wonder what the hold-up is. At least this isn't a completely unique design so it's not too big of loss to miss it (and I might have a chance to get back up there next summer).


This has certainly been the year of delays for California amusement parks. Timber Mountain Log Ride, Gold Striker, Full Throttle, Undertow, Windseeker, the new Adventure City coaster...as far as I'm aware, the only significant new attraction to actually open on time was the Knott's boardwalk expansion.

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^Disney had their Fantasy Faire and Magical Map shows open on time, although I guess those are more shows than rides. I'd like to find out what's holding up Undertow, of the aforementioned new additions it looked like the simplest installation (off-the-shelf, small footprint).

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^Disney had their Fantasy Faire and Magical Map shows open on time, although I guess those are more shows than rides. I'd like to find out what's holding up Undertow, of the aforementioned new additions it looked like the simplest installation (off-the-shelf, small footprint).

I wonder as well. The only thing I can think of besides just being behind schedule or equipment arriving late is that maybe it's harder than thought for them to construct on that cement platform with a 2 rides right below it. Might be a very cautious construction site. Just a guess though.

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The rumor is that Undertow opening has been pushed back to late August.


Hope that isn't true. I'm holding off on visiting the bay area until that opens!

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So, I was at the Boardwalk yesterday and took some photos to share of Undertow's construction:


Yep, this update will be mostly about Undertow.


First drop craziness!


Hmmm. How late in the summer?


Undertow's cars are just sitting and doing nothing. Hopefully, testing will start soon.


Queue construction area for Undertow.


Undertow's station has been built.


I don't know about you, but I like Undertow's color scheme.


The new park map with Undertow on it. This map style is way better than the bland top view version of the former map style.


The expensive rides at SCBB raised their tickets from 5 to 6.


One final photo of Undertow. Update over!

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