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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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Wow! Very nice. Sucks I'm not in the Bay Area anymore to get on the new coasters. I'll have to make it up soon.

Your cat told me he thought it would be good for you to visit the Bay Area again and ride some coasters.


The colors of this coaster look kinda funny to me, but might just be cell phone quality. Can't wait to see this in person some time!

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I wonder how many people will think that Hurricane just got re-painted and re-named.


Thats funny, I was thinking the same exact thing when I was looking at the construction pics. How may of the GP are going to say "oh wow, they re-modeled hurricane, but I bet it will still be crap"...

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Here are a few pictures from this Sunday of Undertow construction and the Cyclone replacement.


Not much room for other rides on the Hurricane deck.


Especially once the station gets installed, I can see there not being any extra space for rides like there used to be.




Cyclone's replacement, which according to the ride plaque is still a Zero Gravity.


Although it appears to be the smaller version of the Zero Gravity.


Which begs the question: why did they replace the ride in the first place? I think there's more to this story.

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Your cat told me he thought it would be good for you to visit the Bay Area again and ride some coasters.


I'm kinda freaked out that you and my cat apparently talk behind my back. And I love not living in California! I may never go back, ever! (I'll be back to visit very soon I'm sure).


Loving all the pics, I think this thing will be a great fit with the park. I personally love the colors and and just glad Hurricane is gone.

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^ But that was a great moment! Hurricane has always been one of my favorites because of that one dive.


It was actually significantly more intense in it's opening weekend..it was open for a couple days then they shut it down and made some adjustments to slow it down and reopened it. I heard during the first couple days some people actually came off injured..not sure how much of that is true.

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Aside from the one "OMFG" moment of airtime, it was a very mediocre ride.


I agree. That one drop was awesome, then it was just an ok ride. Glad to see the new ride almost being finished! I think it'll be a nice addition to the park.

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I set up a hard hat tour of Undertow at the Boardwalk today for a story that I'm working on. With a hard hat, I was able to walk up to the top of the ramp and take pictures/admire the coaster.


Track work is now complete, and I was told that the remaining steel work should be finished by the end of the week.


Testing should begin very soon. The Boardwalk's Kris Reyes told me that the cars are already on site, waiting to be unpacked.


Still no firm opening date.


This was the first time I've seen Undertow in person, and it looks great! Lots of steep banks and drops, and the color scheme has really grown on me. While it is about the same height as Hurricane, it's much wider, taking up the majority of the upper deck.


What's going to happen to the kiddie rides? Jet Copters will return, along with two new attractions: Beach Swing, a kiddie swing ride, and a new 360 degree rock climbing attraction. The original rock climbing attraction by the Cave Train, which isn't 360 degrees, will be removed.


On to the pictures:



Hello, Undertow!


Crews were installing the staircase next to the lift.


Hard hat tour time! Getting a closer look at Undertow.


80 degrees!


This twisted mess of track couldn't look any better.



First drop.


Let's get another look at Undertow from ground level.



The track gets pretty close to the edge.



The Boardwalk's skyline has sure changed.


Thanks to Undertow, I'm sure this recognition won't be lost anytime soon.



Wild mouse turn.



The view from Beach Street.


Other off season improvements include a new Marinis candy stand across from the carousel.


This new caveman bench is going to be a hit!


Fireball was testing. It's got a new look. I'm assuming the lights will be put back on.


For comparison, here's what it looked like last summer.


From the parking lot. So long Undertow, see you on media day!

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^ None of the other SC-2000s have taken that long to commission. Maurer even had to remove a brace on an upright and fabricate a column on site for Spider and that only took a few days. Spider was up, themeing completed, and running in a Month. If there is in-fact a delay, it could be with US Customs, as Lagoon's Tipsey Tea Cups and Red Rock Rally were held up by that this spring.


- Sid

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