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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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^Thanks Robb, they really do pack in the rides!




Hey everybody!

Today for you I have a small update, since not too much has changed in terms of construction. The roof has been put on partly, as well as the second floors' floor party in. It has been raining like cats and dogs here for the past 4 days and will continue for the next week, so not all of the pictures will be crystal clear! These pictures were taken on January 17, 2010(I wanted to wait till Tuesday for the update). You can also expect a short video between now, and next Tuesday! I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks as always.





One last street-side picture showing the whole structure, with it's new roof. Brrr, it's cold!


NEXT UPDATE: New updated pictures of the Haunted Castle as well as some concept art, and possibly a video! Let's hope the rain doesn't hold-up construction too much!


Street-side view of construction. I'm sure those guys are glad to be working under there rather than up-top welding!


Beach-view of the NEW Haunted Castle. Note that you can see the roof and 2nd level roof/floor put in.


Close-up shot of Boardwalk level construction of the Haunted Castle. Looks like it's pretty wet there too!


Sparks from the welder above make tiny explosions when they hit the frigid water on the Boardwalk.


Working up-top welding - in the rain and wind!


A very wet, and windy day here at the Boardwalk. As you can see, part of the roof and 2nd level floor has been placed.

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The building will be three levels.


top level (2nd story):

-new employee break area, ride department check-in area, admin offices



bottom level (1st story):

-ride loading area, food, and games on beach side

-operations office, lost and found, etc. on the RR tracks side



underground (sand level):

-main ride area




Upon loading onto the ride, the car will descend underground via an elevator where the majority of the ride will take place. Towards the end of the ride, the car will travel up to the boardwalk level via a ramp.

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Thanks everyone. On the top floor will be offices, first-aid, storage etc. The Boardwalk level will be the ride loading platform as well as the return of the Ice Cream stand that was there and also a Roller Boller game, to name a few. On the basement level(10 ft below sand level) is where the main ride takes place.


Sorry I didn't respond earlier, we lost power on Tuesday after noon from the huge rain storms and didn't get it back till last night! Possibly expect a video this weekend or concept art.


Here is an image describing the layout of the ride at the Boardwalk level. Enjoy and as always, thanks for following! ~Nicholas


Boardwalk level of the ride configuration.

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Hey everyone! Sorry for not having any updates recently. It's been a very busy week of school and I didn't even get to go to the Boardwalk until yesterday! Not a lot has changed in the past 9 days but I got a whole bunch of pics to show you! You will still get an update on this coming Tuesday like usual. I also plan on posting a topic fairly soon of my amusement park collection.(I collect the OLD stuff...) So let me know if you're interested in seeing that stuff or not! Here is a video courtesy of the Boardwalk of the Winter Storm we just had!


Anywho enjoy the update and thanks as always for following.




Cool shot of the Dipper I wanted to share. I wanna ride it!!!


NEXT UPDATE: Coming this Tuesday, expect some new pictures of the Haunted Castle construction as well as a photo of a piece of the attraction I own... STAY TUNED!


Street-side view of the HC. Not much new except for those stairs and wood supports at the far right.


The ocean's water came all the way up to the HC as you can see, since the sand is all smoothed out!


Remains of the huge winter storm we had last week. The water apparently went all the way up to the Boardwalk it self!


From the beach. You can't really tell much of a difference but you can see the roof and some of the curved frontal parts.


Looking down the Boardwalk past the NEW Haunted Castle. Looking good!


View of the upper roof of the ride. Also rounded and now the roof is all in.


Front side of attraction with the now rounded front as well as wood holding it up for support!

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^Thanks for the comment!



FEBRUARY 8, 2010


Hey guys, I'm back with another update - but it's a mini update actually! There will be a big update tomorrow with new pictures of construction. So look forward to that!


Below is a video showing some concept art of the ride itself, as well as some of the exterior of the building. Also below is a picture of something I got from the ride 'building' during the demolition. Enjoy, and look forward to the real update tomorrow!



(video courtesy of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)


Here is part of a sign I own from the Ice Cream stand originally part of the Haunted Castle's building. The stand has been there for over 30 years.


Here is a view of the REAL stand before demolition. I have one of those piece.(I'm guessing one of the end's since the paint is cutoff on mine)


Another view of the Ice Cream stand/Haunted Castle. (on right)


Next update will be tomorrow! Look forward to that!


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@ghost: Thanks!


@UberBeavis: You should come back to Santa Cruz this Summer, and thanks!



Hey guys!


I'm back again with another cool update! I just went to the Boardwalk today and I saw some big changes in the exterior of the NEW Haunted Castle. There is a lot of steel that has been put up, for where the walls/windows/doorways will be. It seems to make the ride building feel much bigger to me. According to a construction worker there, they have begun putting up the walls on the basement level of the ride. I also have included 2 pictures of the 2010 park map that advertise for the NEW Haunted Castle. I was just there on Sunday with some friends and it was great fun. Anywho, thanks for looking and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know!


Enjoy! ~Nicholas


This is where you will enter the queue for the ride. Nice shiny steel eh?


Looking farther down at the Haunted Castle's new steel. Looking good.


Standing on the beach looking at the new ride. The stairs to the left are brand new. Also, we are now let much closer up to the Boardwalk then before.


A view of the left side of the ride's construction.


A beach-side panoramic view of construction.


Meanwhile, they were also working on pulling new cables through the tower. Apparently, they really needed replacing.


Street-side view of the construction. Looks like they haven't quite finished up with the steel on the 2nd floor.


Front-side of the 2010 Boardwalk map with an advertisement for the new ride!


Inside the 2010 map you can find another little blurb about the ride including a logo. I'm not sure if this is the final logo, however.


Update next Tuesday! Stay tuned.

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^Thanks! ..and nope, I don't work there, yet! (I'm only 15!) My Dad takes me down to the Boardwalk every Tuesday to take pictures. I do hope to work at the Boardwalk this summer as a job though.




Oh ok you had me fooled lol... Good luck with trying to get a job there this summer!

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Hey guys, welcome to the next update!! I was at the Boardwalk yesterday and have seen some changes in the exterior of the building. A lot more steel has been put up and parts of the structure have been sealed off. There has also been some progress under ground but the pictures I took were too dark to see. But basically most of the steel has been put underground marking where the walls will be for the track to follow around. They are still aiming for a Memorial Day weekend opening - let's hope they make it!


Enjoy the update.




Front left corner of the building with more steel. You can also walk in front of the ride on the NEW boarwalk section!


Side-view of the Haunted Castle. Working away on the steel!


Closer up on the side....


Looking down the front of the Haunted Castle... where that worker is is where you will enter for the ride.


A lot more steel has been put up on the front side.


Panorama of ride from beach. I liked how the colors of the Sky Glider were on the top of the picture. :)


Beach side pic from the other side. See how we can walk in front of it now? :)


A street-side view showing a LOT of wood that has sealed most of the back.. and look! A scissor lift!


BONUS PIC!!! .. They were blowing the pealing paint off the Sea Swing's platform so they needed to raise the ride. You don't see a swings ride in this position when it's not moving very often!!

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