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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (SCBB) Discussion Thread

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IMO I am glad that the hurricane is getting taken out. A lot of people like it for nostalgia reasons but when i rode it a long time ago it actually messed up my neck that I still can't bend my neck properly all the way to the left. If they get rid of that building I think that it would be cool if they got a good small steal coaster.


Kennywood in PA is small like SCBB and they got sky rocket:


Now could they afford it? meh who knows. I guess my point is that a new steal coaster to replace the old one. Like it was said earlier i would think they would put in a wild mouse. if you look on rcdb they actually took out their wild mouse in the 1970's. I guess it's a wait and see moment.

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I've said it before, and I don't know what they are putting in, but a spinning Wild Mouse would be absolutely perfect in that spot.


They have had a wild mouse before, my mom remembered it. So I don't think they would put a new one in because older generations wouldn't ride it.


If this was a spinning one it would be a different ride. And what about the newer generations, wouldn't they want to ride something like this? As far as their demographic, which group do they make more money on, older or newer generations?

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^ According to my unscientific calculations, a Zacspin of any size WOULD fit up on the Hurricane deck! But would SCBB invest that much money into any one ride? They aren't known for it. So far the park is Intamin-free. I have yet to ride a Zacspin, but can't wait to ride SFMM's. From the looks of it, a Zacspin would be a great addition to SCBB due to its high size-to-thrill ratio!

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A Zacspin would be different... I'd like that... But A Wild Mouse is most likely to happen I think.... Only because the Boardwalk has had one before, and they'd like to revive that classic.


I just jope they can fit not only a coaster, but a couple more thrill rides up there as well... then again, they'd have to think of the weight capacity on that top deck...

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