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Photo TR: Matt Moves To Florida!

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Well for months I knew I was going to work at the WDW College Program as an Attractions Cast Member & before I knew it I was heading down I-95 South from South Jersey. My good friend from Clementon Park helped me get in the WDW CP so we are now roommates. We left NJ about 10:45 am on Sunday the 3rd. We drove almost 8 hours straight until just passed the boarded of North Carolina & rested in South Carolina. For Christmas I received an 2 park preferred annual pass to Universal & went there Monday, Tuesday, & today. All we really rode was Mummy 10x, Hulk 2x, Dueling Dragons Ice 2x, Fire 1x & Jurassic Park 1x. We rode Rockit 1x & that was my first coaster ride of the year. Wednesday the 6th we moved into our new apartment & it is AMAZING! Enjoy my pics. Most of it is of us traveling & a few pics of Universal. Also I am proud to bring you my first video in HD! Enjoy:


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added "Photo TR:" to the beginning of the thread's title. Other than that, welcome to Florida!


my new computer area! That's it for now enjoy the video!


My new bedroom!


Ok time to move in the new apartment! Patterson Court!


Dr. Doom gives a great pop of air.


DD while it is still DD for now.



Some more HP pics.


Hogwarts looks AMAZING!


We stayed at Studios for a bit & headed over to IOA.


1st ride of the year! Rocked out to Cyanide by Metallica track 701


The Christmas stuff was still up.


Yay for first park of the year!


We went straight to Universal after SC since my Dad who was driving my car was catching up later.


Home at last! Orlando!






We made it to Georgia!


South Carolina during the day.


The first hotel stop at a Holiday Inn Express in South Carolina.


Driving the first night on I-95 S!

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Great report Matt.


Looking forward to your first 'at work' pictures


Thanks guys! Unfortunately we can't bring any kind of phone or camera to work or training so no 'at work' pics. I'm probably going to continue on my TRs of the year in this thread but not as complicated & as much as last year since I will be visiting parks so often. My videos for 2010 will be filmed like the Universal one & besides Universal (since Harry Potter isn't open yet) I'm only making one video per park. I won't be posting a PTR of every trip because as I stated above I'll be at Disney, Universal, & Sea World all year for the most part. I would like to make a Manta only music video separate from the Sea World video but I'll see how that goes in the future. The cool thing is one of my roommates is from TPR (jkwan) & I thought that was a coincidence because he sent me a pm on TPR about the CP! For the WDW video I am just going to throw all of the parks in one video since it is hard to make a Disney video & see how it goes. I don't no when I'll have another update just filling everyone in on how I am doing things this year. I finally get to go to the Disney parks now & don't no if I want to bother with taking pics just yet. Thanks for reading & "Have A Magical Day!"

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I'm going to be down there on January 13th to start my internship.


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and edited your post for spelling and grammar. Please read our Terms of Service and post according to those rules from now on.

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Today I visited Sea World (& then after went to WDW Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom) & spent most of the day filming Manta! All I did there was ride Manta 2x & Kraken 1x. I spent a good hour & a half filming Manta. The ride was better than I remember it when I rode it back in October. I didn't stay at Sea World long because there was a bunch of Brazilian Tour groups there & I was starting to get annoyed so I went back to WDW. No pics of Sea World or Disney just yet but enjoy my Manta music video in HD!


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Today one of my roommates & I decided to be sad & pathetic credit whores. We went to Old Town & Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee, Florida to get some credits. I needed the Wacky Worm in Old Town & the Kiddie Coaster in Fun Spot & he needed all 3. We both had work until 7:30 so we ended up getting there around 9:30. We also wanted to check out the Sky Coaster since I've always wanted to ride it & he never rode one before. When we first arrived we were shocked on how run down & creepy the place & the guests who visited looked. I didn't remember it being this ghetto when I visited it way back in 2001. So our plan was to ride the credits, ride the sky coaster, & leave as quickly as possible. Our first ride was the Wacky Worm. It was an embarrassing run as we were the only ones on the ride & everyone was staring at us. But being in TPR & stealing a kid on the West Coast trip to ride a kiddie I didn't care. It was my 293rd credit Next we rode Wind Storm. It was decent. I rode it back in the day so it was nothing new. Following Wind Storm we rode the Sky Coaster. It was awesome! I don't think it is worth the $35 but since I don't want to go to that creepy place again we said why not & gave it a go. The last thing we did was credit 294 the Kiddie Coaster at Fun Spot USA. Unlike the 2 laps on the Wacky Worm we had to endure this one was 7! At least nobody was around & I sat in the back & got a pop of airtime Well I only took a few pics with my phone because I didn't trust bringing my $500 cameras to this place. Enjoy:


Credit #294!


This was pretty cool.


Heading over to Fun Spot USA!


Wind Storm was ok.


First credit of the new year #293 the Wacky Worm!


Welcome to Ghetto Town! I mean Old Town!

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I didn't stay at Sea World long because there was a bunch of Brazilian Tour groups there & I was starting to get annoyed so I went back to WDW.


You must have been there the same day we were!


Seriously, there were Brazilian tour groups at EVERY theme park we visited in Florida. Apparently, no one explained to them the rules on line jumping. At one point, we had about thirteen kids pass right by us while we waited in line for Kraken. Finally, it got to the point where we were just simply not letting anyone cut in front of us for the rest of the park visits.


While I can understand that there may be an issue with language barriers, the tour group leaders should point out that cutting in line is not allowed in the parks. I know this would never happen on a TPR trip to a foreign country, but then again being enthusiasts might be a bit different than someone who may have never been to a theme park before.


I do know that we witnessed more line jumping (both young & old) at the Florida theme parks during my two week visit than I have witnessed in all of my other amusement park visits combined. It really did get a bit ridiculous...

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^Finally someone besides the people I work with is agreeing with me about the Brazilian Tour Groups I told all of my friends from the North not to come visit Florida until the middle of February after they leave. The funny thing is some of my friends at work are from Brazil & they are even annoyed with the tour groups They just don't listen.

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^ We wondered if they were the same tour groups following us from park to park!


The last day we were at IOA, this woman in her forties tried to cut in front of us when Michael put his arm across and said to her, "Just what do you think you are doing?" She pointed to a group of her friends that were about ten people in front of us (so I knew she understood English) and I said to her, "Are you aware that park rules state that you are not allowed to cut in front of others in line? Why don't you have them come back to where you are in line?" She never said a word, but she was texting her friends and they were giving us dirty looks every time we passed them in the queue!


You hate to be mean to these people, but it was so ridiculous that it happened on just about every major ride line we were in...we just got a little fed up and annoyed. We did speak to several ride op's about it and I have been very tempted to write letters to guest relations at all these parks to see if they can monitor this problem a little better and enforce the park rules.


It isn't fair to the other families that are paying steep admission prices and following the rules, only to let these large groups break the rules and get away with it repeatedly.

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^Thanks I like Florida so much better than NJ!


^^That really sucks especially since you were on vacation. Yeah they seem to be everywhere here. I might be going to BGA on Tuesday just to get away from the area for a day & hopefully from the groups. They are even at my Wal Mart when I go shopping! Another thing that really annoys me about the tour groups is the flags they carry. Every time I see one I just feel really Patriotic & want to wave a giant USA flag right back at them & play "Born In The USA" really loud.

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