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[RCT3] Riverside [2010 Project [28/2/10]]

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Welcome to Riverside!


So, I recently acquired some land at the edge of a river. Great! But, the problem is work is a little slow at the moment and not much progress is being made! So, you'll have to bear with me on the updates. (No this is not a rubbish excuse for my lazyness!)


Well, I've got some landscape shots and then some pictures of the W.I.P. Entrance.


Beautiful, no?


It's quite a way down the the river actually. The safest part is at that small sandy beach at the far end of the property.


And, the shots of the entrance. I really tried to experiment with colours and sizes here. I've noticed most of my buildings are either all brown or all gray. So, I did something about it. I'll try to follow a similar theme throughout but at the same time try not to go overboard, ha!


So, thanks for looking. I'll try my est to keep you posted. I'm currently revising for my exams in the next few weeks so progress may be slow. Once Chemistry is out of the way i'll get some serious graft done.


Cheers, KP.

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Woah this totally passed me by! Its always good to see a new park from you. Currently, I like the entrance buiding, but I would suggest you use some flowerboxes from either the SwizzIt set or the Alpine Village set, just to give it some character. As for the landscaping, that is so much better than I could ever do ( hence why Manor Lake is generally a flat scenario )


Keep it up

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Never believe me when I promise an update.


So anyway, after a bit of a break to deal with some issues I've got an update for you.


Nothing much, but just a little something to attempt to keep you interested.



I think it's faily obvious what's coming next, don't you?


That's all for now.

Thanks, KP.

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