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E-DA World coming to Kaohsiung, South Taiwan

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http://www.parkworld-online.com/news/fu ... World.html


E-DA World is the name of a new 90-hectare shopping and entertainment district in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan. The project is a flagship for the E-United Group, a local conglomerate with roots in the steel business.


“They [E-United] are the fifth biggest steel producer in the world, but they also have a university, hotel chain, hospital and golf club,” notes Edward Cromheecke of the Fabbri Group, one the key ride suppliers at E-Da World. “All that was missing was a theme park.”


Appearing alongside the E-DA Mall and two upscale hotels (Skylark and Crowne Plaza), the E-DA Theme Park is based around ancient Greek mythology and split across three themed zones: Greek Temple, Aegean Sea Village and Trojan Castle.


Although many of the attractions are still months away from opening, visitors to Kaohsiung are already offered a tantalising glimpse of what’s in-store in the shape of an 85-metre Ferris Wheel located on top of the shopping mall. The ride is the first to be completed by Fabbri’s new Giant Wheels division, and is one of several rides being supplied by the Italian manufacturer.


Including the building beneath it, the wheel stands 125-metres tall and was built to withstand the country’s extreme weather conditions including high levels of humidity, typhoons and earthquakes. The ride features 40 enclosed gondolas, including a VIP car with a computer, TV, bar, fridge and luxury leather seating. A sophisticated LED lighting package ensures maximum impact after dark.


Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, meanwhile, is contributing two coasters, including a custom-designed indoor Family Coaster covering five floors of the shopping mall and an outdoor Thrill Coaster.


Vekoma is owned by the Dutch steel producer Huisman, which puts the park’s owner in the odd position of buying from one of its competitors. Then again, E-United doesn’t know how to build rollercoasters. Vekoma does.


E-DA World will also feature Fly Over Taiwan (pictured below), the first I-Ride panoramic flight simulator developed by Taiwan’s Brogent Technologies in partnership with Vekoma. Reminiscent of Disney's Soarin' attractions, the attractions comprises a spherical screen, projection system and nine moveable platform units seating 72 passengers.


Each eight-seater platform offers a bird's-eye view of flight, featuring six degrees of freedom. The operator may control each of nine modules separately depending on the number of passengers. Above the seats are canopies serving as mounting bases for 4D effects as well as isolating guests from adjacent riders above or below.


The Giant Wheel should be turning in time for Chinese New Year in February, with further attractions coming on line in the summer.



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There is a new shopping and entertainment destination coming up in Taiwan called E-Da World. It has been billed as the first in the world to integrate luxury hotels, a theme park, residential property, and shopping malls into one huge development. It is also home to a giant ferris wheel and Asia's largest outlet mall. E-Da World - in southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung County - is spread over 90-hectares, which was all once sterile land. The development includes a Greek-style amusement park, a university, and high-end residential projects.


Lin Yi-Shou, the founder of E-Da World, had a vision twenty years ago to transform it into one of Asia's top shopping and entertainment destinations. He said: "Taiwanese like to go to the US or Europe for vacation. Now, the Chinese are among the largest populations in the world. I thought why not build a vacation destination for Chinese and Westerns to have fun."


Southern Taiwan is fortunate to have sun all year round, and developers of E-Da World intend to take full advantage of it. In December, the Asia-Pacific Film Festival was held here. The event showed Taiwan's growing influence in the regional film industry. It was also one with potential business spin-offs. Over the next five years, local officials will spend millions of dollars to transform E-Da World into the Cannes city of Asia.


Yang Chio-Hsing, Kaohsiung County Governor said: "We aim to attract more tourists from around the world. This project can create over 5,000 jobs, which can help the region grow."


As the largest mass development project in Taiwan, E-Da World is set to break another record. The team is now planning to build an over 400-meter high skyscraper. Upon its completion around 2014, it will become the first and the tallest observatory tower in Taiwan.


Although many attractions are still months away from opening, some luxury homes within the development are already occupied. Most popular among the Taiwanese, are the 3,000-square-foot houses, selling for between US$1.5 million and US$6 million.


Lin Yi-Chong, Tong-Young Advertising said: "Many of our customers are Taiwanese doing business in the mainland. They are from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. They find this is the ideal environment for living and education."


E-Da World expects more than 10 million visitors per year, and hopes to generate up to US$300 million annually.

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Nice to see a bit more news about this


This is the park that has already built the first Vekoma Big Air.


There is a topic here about the coasters



However as this is a newer topic and bit of news


Cracking picture.



Source: http://forum.canonfans.biz/viewthread.php?tid=58807


Great page here with tons of pics on the themeing and such


Source: http://speedbug.pixnet.net/blog/post/25723568


Lovely Rock Themeing on the rather large flume ride


Massive statue infront of the Vekoma Big Air


Coming down the road towards the park

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A new theme park in southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung County that claims to be Taiwan's largest is scheduled to begin a trial run on June 19.


The park, featuring themes from Greek mythology, has 47 entertainment facilities and is expected to attract more than 5 million visitors a year, according to E-United Group, the owner of "E-Da" theme park and outlet mall.


"We hope to build E-Da World into Taiwan's 'Disneyland, '" said Lin Yi-shou, founder of the group, at a press conference on Tuesday.


Lin also expressed hope that the theme park's mascots, conceived by prominent local designer Demos Chiang, will become as popular as Japan's famous mascot "Hello Kitty" in the Chinese-speaking world.


The amusement park, which cost about NT$30 billion (US$930 million) to build, contains a big indoor park and some rides never seen before in Taiwan -- a 7-story freefall ride with seats angled at 45 degrees, a halfpipe-shaped "Big Air" coaster, and an 18-story booster ride, according to the park's website.


The theme park will be open from 9 a.m.to 9:30 p.m. Admission for adults during the trial period -- which will run to the end of the year -- is NT$800, also the highest of any theme park in Taiwan.


The adjoining E-Da World mall, which covers 190,000 square meters and consists of 300 well-known worldwide brands, is expected to pose a threat to other department stores in southern Taiwan, according to media reports.


Meanwhile, the Kaohsiung County government has approved an application by the group's transportation subsidiary to operate bus lines between the Taiwan high-speed rail station and E-Da World, which is located just north of Kaohsiung City

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