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Photo TR: Wrebbit rides Steel Dragon


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As the older members here might know I used to be very enthusiastic (lol) about Steel Dragon 2000, the hypercoaster in Nagashima Spa Land without ever ridden it. Well I'm in Japan for a year now and this morning I thought it would be a good idea to finally check the park.


I took the Nozomi bullet train to Nagoya, boarded the local train to Kuwana and then took a cap to the park. And there I saw it, 3 hills in the distance looming over everything else. I looked out to see if I saw a train running on it but got nothing, so I feared it might have been closed because of strong winds. Funny how the coaster is right next to the ocean with all it's winds


I headed over to the shuttle loop first and from there I could hear the sound of SD2k's chainlift and I obviously immediately headed over there. There was a small que because of 1 train operations with 3 of it's 6 cars inaccessible, but there was never more than a 10 min. wait. Once we boarded and were set off by the friendly staff we went up the 97 meter tall lift hill. I first noticed that the lift hill seems to go faster than I imagined it would be. There were also strong ocean winds hitting our face and the cold didn't help either. But who cares about that when you can finally ride the coaster you've always wanted to ride You also get stunning views of the park and ocean from up there.


And then ... the drop. Hands quickly in the air. It seemed like we were falling forever, and the angle was steeper than I anticipated. At the bottom of the first drop the strong wind was beating our faces up but I just couldn't help but laugh. Soon enough we raced back to the sky up the second hill. Not alot of airtime to be found there which I thought was a missed opportunity. The third hill didn't have alot of airtime either, but it could have been the conditions (half full train and strong winds) maybe. Then you enter into the double helix which was awesome. I thought there were some good powerfull horizontal forces in there. Some good headchoppers too!


After the helixes and before the mid-brakes is a kinda boring part with not much thrills apart from the speed you travel at. This too is a missed opportunity in my opinion. Luckily the brakes didn't slow the train down at all so we got lots of good airtime on the final stretch of bunny hills. This was obviously the best in the back of the train. The 2 tunnels are nice and the second one contains the best airtime. And then you hit into the final brakes and the ride is over. I immediately qeued again after leaving the ride. In my opinion it's an AWESOME ride BUT the design could have been worked out better (more airtime on the second and third hill). I really loved it




But obviously it's all about Steel Dragon. They closed it down at 1:30 pm because of the high winds =(


And go down this windy course full of hills. It's really fun to do!


Hidden behind Steel Dragon are these awesome bobkarts. You basically sit with one or two in one of these things...


Schwarzkopf loops, still the best loops in the world.


Other than the Shuttle Loop they also have another one of Schwarzkopf's classic designs: the Looping Star


This freefall was a nice surprise too and more forcefull than I expected! Also it's an ingenious system how the cars are being brought up vertically again.


Only one side was open and not worth it. The brakes are on waaaay too hard and it's more torture than a fun ride. Worst wild mouse I've been in.


The forces in the hearline rolls are pretty heavy but it's an awesome ride.


This Togo death machine was actually awesome. Never would have expected that. Also notice the new colour scheme.


They got the Arrow Corkscrew model too bit it was way too rough for me.


And again, like all good parks there's a meaningless coaster called Jet coaster.


Like all good japanese parks Nagashima Spa Land too has an enourmous ferriswheel.


He was right...


When I went on the water ride the attendant asked me 100 yen for a rain coat. I said I didn't need one, and the expression on his face was hilarious.


I wonder how many times they repaint the structure and how much time it costs.


This sums up the crowds pretty good: 1 train operations, 2 people.


I like the design of the coaster and the helixes weren't that boring in my opinion. There are some really good headchoppers too!


It is bearable if you sit straight with your back not touching the car.


White Cyclone is one of the most beautifull woodies in the world but it sure is rough as hell.


Of course the park has more to offer, like 3 pirate ships right next to eachother.


Apparently air force pilots with boogies give thumbs up to Steel Dragon!


Good airtime on the way back!


Double helix, or noodley bits as Robb likes to call them!


Damn you hills you should have more airtime!


And an awesome way back down hehe


It's a loooong way up...


Luckily today there weren't that many people (again, cloaking devices?!?)


They have a humoungous queing area. Wow I wouldn't want to be in line when it's filled.


Gothic influences anyone?


Aah Steel Dragon.


This one isn't braked much on it's way back so it makes it far up the spike!


This is how a day at a park should look like every time! Or maybe there's just alot of Japanese with cloaking devices :O


I first headed to the Shuttle Loop. Now matter how old these things are, they still amaze me every time



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I liked Steel Dragon, too (even the "noodly bits"). The old Schwarzkopf is great, as well. I didn't think their woodie was any worse than Rebel Yell at KD, but that was a few years ago (definitely looks prettier than Rebel Yell).


Oh, and congratulations, by the way. Maybe the Title Fairy will bless you, as well.

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It is funny after all these years that you finally got to ride it. I actually liked Steel Dragon. Not a great ride by any means but still fun. Maybe it was fun because Robb got us a couple of rides before it opened to everyone else so there was no wait! One of the many great perks R & E provide on TPR trips!


I liked the rest of the park too. I think the next time I visit I would like to check out the water park. Never had a chance on the two previous trips.

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havent been here in a while, glad to be back! Congratulations man, you have experienced the greatness that I still wait for. Ive never even been out of the country... But my dad takes alot of buisness trips, so maybe i can get to Japan or England sometime. Glad it was what you hoped for

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Great report, it was really good view of the park.


Sounds like with the cold and the wind the coaster wasn't at it's best more Steel Draggin' but still good.


This is one place place I'd definitely like to check out in Japan.


If they had queues like that at Fuji-Queue it would probably still be 2 hours to get on. Have you been to Fuji-Q yet?

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This seems like one of those rides that is WAY bigger in real life than in pictures. Like Sheikra, that really took me by surprise.


Glad you finally got it, I really want to too! Mamba is such a great ride, and this is similar.


I'm a little disappointed by lack the airtime on this thing, according to you. The initial drop and first hill on the mamba is some of the best airtime I've ever had (if you sit in the back.)

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If they had queues like that at Fuji-Queue it would probably still be 2 hours to get on. Have you been to Fuji-Q yet?


Not yet but I'm looking forward to experiencing it's crappy-ness.



I'm a little disappointed by lack the airtime on this thing, according to you. The initial drop and first hill on the mamba is some of the best airtime I've ever had (if you sit in the back.)


SD2k's first drop is awesome but it could have been better if it didn't start and end so gradually.


That looks like a great park...a little bit of everything.. Hope you had fun..and man those double pirate ships look MASSIVE!! But hey man why in the ''Looping Star'' picture..there is like a glow of some wooden coaster? Mistakke or just a ghost lol?


They really were massive. Very good airtime if you sit at the edges too.


I didn't even notice the reflection in that picture

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