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RCT2 Design - Fright Nights

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I created a ride that is composed of two; the first half being a dark ride themed to a haunted hay ride with the second half being an Intamin rocket coaster. I spent a lot of time on this, and I would like to know your guy's thoughts on it. Here is the link to its page. Enjoy!




ADMIN NOTE: We really appreciate you sharing your work, but please upload your park/tracks for people to see. This was your first post, and when your first post is "Hey, here's a link to another site" it looks like spam. You are more than welcome to post your parks here, but please don't spam the site.


See the 3rd post down on the ToS topic:



Thanks! --Robb

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Frankly I don't think Phatage was trying to spam. He's trying to link you to one of the greatest rct2 coasters ever built. Additionally it just so happens that NE is the residing place for many of the remaining real rct enthusiests. You should really check out what we was linking to before deciding it was span purely because it's in his first an only post.


If the link was to the main page of NE then I can see how that might be a problem, however if it led to the design page for the ride then I don't see the issue.



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^ I appreciat your input, but still, as a first post linking to another site is against the ToS. If he wanted to share his track or park, he could have simply uploaded it.


If he wanted to link to another site after he had contributed some files and been an active member, that would be fine.



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