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Help Design Club TPR's Logo & Membership Card!

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I really like the above design. My concern is that is looks generic. It almost looks like something I could make if I used a card design program. It's a great design, but something about it looks "templateish"..



Chris "likes to make up words" Con

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I like the card n7 did just not as much as I used to. Not sure if those colors will look as good on a card.


I like the logo that rcrider did. Really stands out on the card.


I like the card that jcrouse did in black but not my favorite logo. Looks like" CLUB TPR" to me. I like how he did the letters for club though. Just needs to be smaller in my opinion.

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gisco - The colors will reproduce just fine, it's more a matter of personal opinion and taste.


Jcrouse's design is my current favorite as well. I would agree that it does run the risk of being too generic looking...but I think that as long as we all have a platform of what TPR is looking for, we can shave down to something more distinguished and unique.


One foreseeable problem is the use of gray for the text - If I remember correctly, ribbon printers can do opacity, but it's not at all recommended. With the white ribbon already being finicky, I wouldn't risk having it do 3 different levels of opacity. What you're going to end up with is cards that still have the ribbon attached because there wasn't enough heat on the print head to cleanly press and remove it - so you'll have your white ribbon getting caught on rollers...sucked up into the body of the printer...it's a mess when things go wrong.


I'll keep tweaking my design - looks like we're moving into a more neutral pleasing color scheme. Time to retire the color blocks me thinks.

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One last layout tonight - this time in black



I was loving this design, then I had a brainwave, why not try having the background of the TPR Logo end at the yellow stripe, so that you can see the Yellow stripe all across the card, but behind the colours of the logo (If you catch my drift)


Also, I think it would look pretty good to have a hand drawn rollercoaster train on the yellow stripe facing towards the front almost at the left hand side, using the yellow stripe as track.

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I think your instincts are right on this one...the track element is too strong in the visual mix. Not a fan of that.



I like this one much better, though I think you're struggling with the background element for the lower portion of the card. Try the really subtle dots like in Jcrouse's design. I think it might work.





Not to get all Simon Cowell negative here, but this looks like it was made in five minutes. Awful font, bad spacing, flat and confusing.

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two new idea's


the logo is not so good and should be replaced by one of the better ones like jcrouse's

but i like the card style.



first one may be to much coaster


second one is simple and clear based on american express


clear one


fun one

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Okay, I didnt have a lot of time to work on a logo and a card so this will be my official entry. I made an entirly different logo, but the card is still the same..


Its not that proffesional as some of the other logos and cards that have been post here so I probably wont win the poll, but thats okay. I do it for the fun and learn some new stuff with PS





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I think some people keep forgetting that, while roller coasters are a very important part of theme parks and this website, TPR is *NOT* a "Roller Coaster Site" and Club TPR is not a "Coaster Club."


I really do not feel we will have a card that features a roller coaster as a main focal element of it.


Yes, it may be included, but if you're drawn to that image over anything else, it's not going to win.


Gumball, jcrouse and n7, looking more and more at printers, we may need a version where we print in black. Just FYI.



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In my opinion, which i admit counts for little, having a joined date on the card seems completely pointless, so pointless that its starting to annoy me!


If you look at any bank card they have a "valid from" date on them, so I think its a good thing to have personally.



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