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2010 Predictions

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What predictions do you have for the amusement industry in 2010? Mine are:


1. I think there will be a rise in Vekoma as they promote their new track and trains. Im hoping they will make sure everypark with an SLC knows about the new trains so they can all be a lot smoother.


2. The sad part is I could also see a lot of small parks closing in 2010. With so many people losing their jobs, not every family will have the money to do as many fun things and since theme parks can be quite expensive, they wont make as much money and some may have to resort to closing.


So there's mine. What are your predictions? Good or bad.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Do we have any small parks left to lose?


I also see Vekoma, Gerstauler, and Intamin continue to lead the industry as they offer more and more affordable products with very reasonable quality. I think we will begin to see more manufacturers re-engineer their product lines to provide cheaper services rather than the massive showcase items of the past.


I think this will be one of those years without anything huge announced. There might be a surprise or two (I know SDC is working on something), but I don't see anymore hyper coasters or massive rides going in anywhere.

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^I mean, outside of USS, the intimidators', dueling GCIs', Ferrari World and Ring Racer: there really isn't that many big things announced for 2010 haha.


I think he is trying to say that there will be no great annoucements made in 2010, for 2011/12 rides, as the economy will have halted a lot of projects.


I could be wrong though.

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1. Universal Studios Orlando will grow in popularity and be a top park once again. (Will make a big return, not saying it isn't already but with the opening of WWoHP it will be major!)


2. HRRR will be open all the time with everything working smoothly.


3. Like said before, Vekoma might grow in popularity.


4. A new roller coaster to replace Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Europe.


Those are basically all I have right now. I also don't disagree with anyone else predictions.

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I would think most of the big additions for 2010 have already been announced, unless there is something going to China...which there probably is.


At the moment, 2010 isn't looking like the most exciting year coaster-wise. Really all that interests me is Intimidator 305, Efteling's Dueling GCIs, whatever the Yellow Mack Track is, and whatever Toverland is getting.


It's sad to see that there are no plans for another Mega-Lite in 2010 yet, I really hope they continue to be built and grow in layouts (and hopefully make thir way to the US).


I do agree with the grow in Vekoma's though. I don't have all of them memorized but there have been a lot Mine Trains, kiddie coasters, and now new types of coasters from them (Battlestar Gallactica) being built recently.

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I think that B&M will lose popularity and get very few customers but Vekoma, Gerstlauer and Intamin will rise to be the most cost-effective and popular choice for major companies that are struggling.



I have to disagree. I am more of an Intamin fan but I would never try to say B&M will lose its popularity. I dont think the company has ever been as successful as they are now. With hypers alone the company could survive.


My guess is that we will see a rejuvenation of Inverts. Possible a second wave of the this incredibly fun concept.

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The problem is B&M makes bigger more expensive coasters while Intamin, Vekoma, Gerstlauer, Zamperla and Mack provide cheaper,more compact and more family friendly rides. Im not saying B&M won't give us anything in 2010 but I do think they should find a way to make their rides more affordable. Look at the Intamin Zak-Spin. That isnt going to cost as much as B&M hyper or invert, its a lot more compact, and from the reviews its gotten some of them are going to be more thrilling than a B&M hyper. I mean look at Tele2 Insane. I dont remember the last time Robb gave a B&M as good of a review as he did for insane. I think B&M just need to make something a bit cheaper because with the economy like this and many parks and park chains in debt, they might not always want to spend so much money when somthing that costs half as much is more thrilling.

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Confirmed major coasters (this is just a general list and definitely not complete)

- Thirteen (world's first)

- Intimidator 305 and Intimidator Carowinds

- Dueling GCIs

- Skyrocket

- used SLC for La Ronde

- Ferrari World and Universal Singapore's projects

- Unknown B&M flyer in China


Confirmed new parks

- Ferrari World

- Universal Singapore



- New coaster for MM, but I just uncovered this today... http://www.rcdb.com/4346.htm Not sure if this is old news because I'm a bit behind in coaster industry-related news.

- Mysterious yellow B&M



- Wizarding World of Harry Potter


At this point, the economy seems to be catching up to theme parks. Fewer new parks are being built (even in China) and it seems as if the more established parks are going for smaller, cheaper investments. Looking at the new coasters for 2010 list on RCDB, which can be found here...http://www.rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&op=2010, most major coaster projects are just used rides that are being moved and rebuilt (La Ronde, Mirabilandia, Wallygator Park, etc) and most new coaster projects are small in scale...


The biggest 100% brand new investments seem to be the two Intimidator coasters going to Kings Dominion and Carowinds. Both Universal Singapore and Ferrari World also have pretty big investments being added as well. Skyrocket and the dueling GCIs take the third and fourth place. A random Eurofighter follows in fifth. After that, the size and scale of the new coaster projects drops off dramatically with the rest of the new projects being family rides and/or used rides.


Therefore, my prediction is that there will be fewer if any huge projects in the near future. More parks will go for smaller, cheaper options and there will probably be even fewer new coasters being built. There will be the occasional new park built in China/Middle East, but the projects will be scaled back...

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My guesses are as follows (all CGA-related):


49er stadium plans phase out, too many hurdles to jump with all these lawsuits, and funding is available/building is approved for the new woodie to arrive in 2011. I keep having strong thoughts that 2011 will be our year for CGA to shine again.


Ok, maybe I'm being too optimistic.

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1) Golden Horse begins to make deals to deal rides outside of Asia, perhaps even to the US or Canada. Cost is a huge factor in this for a number of struggling parks. Next stop: patent lawyers!


2) More parks close, maybe even a few major regional themers in the pile.


3) China's boom slows not because their economy is near collapse, but because they are beginning to reach a saturation point in their major population centers. Its time to start looking now more at there being shifts in the industry there similar to how American parks have gone from picnic parks run by railroads to cartoon and fairytale parks to regional themers based on Disneyland, except perhaps in reverse.

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Well...the only thing that i am looking for to in 2010 is Harry Potter at IOA. Nothing else really...I am not going to China anytime soon so there is really nothing I can predict. I do think in 2010 small parks will flourish in the USA mainly because people are not going to spend too much money on bigger expensive parks.

I think most of your prediction is of what is to happen this new decade, in that case I see B&M slowly fading out and eventually non-existing, unless they come up with new innovated ideas. I see Vekoma, Gerstlauer, and even Mack and MS being the top competitors.

2011 will be a much more interesting year for coasters and theme parks

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