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PTR: New Years at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Hey guys, on Thursday I ventured over to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to celebrate New Year's Eve for the third row in a year...reason being SFFT puts on a heck of a firework show! Last year they shot fireworks off from 3 locations at once but this year they decided to up it to 5! Even though it was EXTREMELY cold we braved the weather to get some rides in and enjoy the beautiful lights and sights throughout the park. Enjoy the photos!


And thats it folks! Happy New Year TPR!


Grand Finale!!!


The show was short but when you are shooting from 5 locations you run out of supplies fast!


Explosions everywhere!!!


Here is an example of how they shot fireworks off from a bunch of different locations!


Happy New Year!


Another train of happy passengers goes by...not sure If I mentioned it but all of the guests seemed to be in a really good mood tonight.


Anyways, after RRE we decided to take refuge in our car until midnight to stay out of the cold...we were just tired. So...firework pictures!


For anyone that goes to SFFT you must ride RRE in the front seat...it has one of the only moments of airtime in the park!


Last but not least was Road Runner Express


We sat in the first row of the back car (magic seat?) and it was actually really smooth and pretty fun!


The entrance! Little to no wait here as well (for the park being so busy lines were short other than on the boardwalk)


Next up on the agenda was Boomerang...why not???


The train is out of season for HIP, but atleast they make it look pretty


It was only a 2 ride wait, but I totally regret going on this thing! While fun, I have never been more cold and the tower swaying in the wind while sitting up top was extremely freaky!


After the wheel we continued around the park and decided to brave the cold to get a ride on Scream!


And to the left is THBS and the boardwalk.


Scream in action! Speaking of another extremely cold ride...


Here you can see a majority of the park that was open


At this point I noticed the ferris wheel was open and would allow for some nice aerial photos! I ended up freezing my ass off even more up there but it was worth it.


Another reason for the popularity over here is the snow hill. While pretty small, the poor little kiddos here have no idea what snow is like!


THBS doing its thing! I don't know why this picture looks like this but it was taken at like 8pm! Anyways, good ride as always (didnt spin too much though)


We actually ended up waiting about 30 mins for the ride...this area of the park was the heaviest on crowds! I love the way they had the ride lit up.


After the tree we decided to walk around and ride until midnight...next stop was THBS!


BAM! A beautifully lit up tree! They cut down the "show" after Christmas (no characters like Frosty/Rudolph/Santa and fireworks) but it didn't matter because the real show was to come at midnight!


The Rockville carolers came out and sang some festive tunes and eventually counted down which resulted in...


Even the local news stations were out in the park to capture some footage for New Years! Funny story, this news lady has actually come through my line at work (I guess she lives somewhere around me)


Somehow I managed to get over to the tree area on time to get a good seat before the "ceremony" begun


Yes the log flume was open! Despite the frigid temperatures some idiots did dare to ride this thing! That's just asking for some nasty cold IMO!


I heard on the "announcements" that they were about to light the tree up so we headed that way. They must have let the Jewish guy hang the lights in this section!


The wait was only a walk-on despite the park being very busy and the ride delivered like always


The first thing we did once inside though was hang a left and hit up Goliath!


Once inside the park the main pathway (Los Festivales section) is lit up the most elaborately


The ticket area.


Here is a better look at the entrance area all lit up for HIP!


I had wanted to try taking pictures in the daylight with my new camera but sunset will have to do!


Welcome to SFFT! I arrived around 6PM so I didn't have to spend TOO much time in the park tonight! It really was freezing outside

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I have Nikon D3000...got it for Christmas.


Most of the park is open except for 3 major rides...SKC, Rattler, and Poltergeist. Polty was open for the first HIP season 2 years ago but they had so many problems with it and the weather and have it closed now. The only section of park blocked off is from Rattler to SKC, which only includes those 2 rides, the rapids, and a few flats.

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I don't think SKC runs very well in the colder weather...same as Poltergeist. When Poltergeist was open 2 years ago for HIP it constantly broke down and even valleyed I think.


Also, Since the park opens again at the end of February/Beginning of March the park needs time to do maintenance on all of the rides...so during this time they can work on SKC, Polty, and Rattler trains for example. I'm pretty sure every train gets rebuilt at some point.


Overall I just think there are a bunch of reasons that lead them to only open 2/3 of the park or so...it would just be too large of a 'project' to have the entire park open basically all year (it would be an operation day in every month).


Ohwell, March isn't too far away for some Polty/SKC rides

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Nice pictures! Is there a reason SKC is closed during HITP?


Well, I'm pretty sure Diamondback only closes down when it gets to 38*F out. During Halloween Haunt, rainy and windy weather probably brought the temp down to 30*, but it still ran most of the nights.


Great pics Texas!


Bummed not to see any San Antonio Sam.

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Nice pictures! Is there a reason SKC is closed during HITP?


Well, I'm pretty sure Diamondback only closes down when it gets to 38*F out. During Halloween Haunt, rainy and windy weather probably brought the temp down to 30*, but it still ran most of the nights.


Great pics Texas!


Bummed not to see any San Antonio Sam.


Yeah, I think I heard its like 40* for SKC, and its often pretty cold in the evenings (HIP is pretty much a 4-10 event). I think maintenance is also an issue, as the park opens in less than 2 months.


Unfortunately San Antonio Sam goes away for the season when the Lone Star Spectacular stops, sorry for the disappointment!

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