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What kind of device are you browsing TPR with?


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I didn't find a similar topic so, what are you using to browse TPR? Is the device different from your usual? And how well does it display TPR?


I'm browsing on my PSP. I usually use my PC. My PSP displays it rather well with the new 6.20 update.

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I usually use my laptop/PC to browse TPR. Displays it normally; I use Mozilla Firefox with the Black Stratini skin (I like dark themes) and surf with Verizon FiOS.


Theme Park Review still looks the same it did since the day I registered.

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Most of the time, I'm browsing on a 32 inch HDTV screen (No Limits and higher res coaster POV videos look amazing!). When I'm on the run, say, at work or at school, I'll browse TPR with my iPod. Sideways orientation probably works the best with the iPod/iPhone.


Prior to iPod, I'd do it with PSP or my DSi (which was nice but a challenge to fit everything, had to move back and forth a lot.)

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Lets take a look...shall we....I use a 2005 HP Media Center (XP SP3 FTW), I DID put souped up graphics and sound cards in for recording though...so that makes up for the oldness of the PC a bit....as for my monitor, I just use an HP vs15 LCD monitor...does the job...

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