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Hysteria Heights [RCT2]

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It's been a while since I advertised my latest park "Chesterfield Amusement Park." However, with some much needed experience (from posting over at NE) I have been able to start yet another park. This time, I was "lucky" to get an error trapper which forced me to restart. Which helped me to plan out my park better.



Hope you all like the park!



Park Status:

-Entrance Plaza 27%

-First Coaster (Intamin Woodie) 15%

-Carousel finished

-First Area (Loony Land) 7%

-Second Coaster (Spiral Coaster w/ straight lift) 45%



entrance plaza (a little outdated)


souvenir stalls



first coaster (ignore the sign)






shops in loony land



second coaster






And remember, if there is anything you think I should change (however small) PLEASE post your opinion.

I'm hoping for a lot of criticism as I want this park to be my best.



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Well, if you want criticism...


Entrance Plaza- I like the waterfall, but the building kind of looks like a factory or something, IMO. I would suggest making the roof lower, and adding a balcony or something. In the little fence, I would put one or two of the quarter- tile flower pieces in there, to add a little color. That little building is a little bland as well, maybe put some poles around the edges in a red or yellow.


Souvenir Stalls- I really like the balconies with the flower boxes, so keep that, but I think you should mix- up the roof colors. Also vary the roofs' shapes a little more, I don't see very many buildings that come to a point on top.The windows look good, except in the middle, where the window on the left drops a little down the wall. If the window is on the same level as the center one, it should be even with it(IMO).


First Coaster(yay for Intamin Woodies!)- Again, you should probably put a flower or two in the plants, to give it some color. I would make the station larger, and cover up the ride's entry and exit buildings, because right now, they kinda stick out. You might want to rebuild the station 5 feet higher, so it's 10 feet off the ground instead of 5. The only reason I say this is because, well, really, you don't see wooden coasters( or any coasters, for that matter) touch the ground. An even easier fix would be to not drop the track 5 feet right out of the station, just let it roll around that turn.


Carousel- I'm really fond of the foliage arrangement you've got going on in those flower beds, so good job with that. Those flowery- archy- thingies should either be put over the first block of queue/exit path IMO, or should be taken out completely. If you're goinig to put a sign by a carousel, I wouldn't make it so large and steel. Just build a wall, put the sign on it, and put a roof over the queue from the back of the wall.


Shops in Loony Land- Again, try and mix up the roofs' shape. Otherwise looks good to me.


Second Coaster- The station is really blocky IMO, so I would add some roof pieces around the edge, and maybe add some windows, too. The layout looks interesting, but I'll need a full layout shot to give my full opinion of it.


Please keep in mind that everything I've posted is what I would have done, so if you have a different style than me(mine is realistic, BTW), by no means you have to listen to me. Good luck on this park. What accolade are you going for, anyway?

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Thanks both of you.


TLM - The shops in the second last picture are supposed to be part of a kiddie area, so I wanted them to be bright and vibrant to attract their attention.


Mastersax68 - I'm aiming for a silver, but I would rather not win anything and enjoy building, than winning and having a huge struggle to make all the areas perfect. The station on the second coaster is unfinished at the moment, but it is supposed to look like a prison so I'm not planning on having roofs as such. The entrance plaza building was more of a filler than something to look at, so I'm not overly worried about the look of it at the moment. Lastly, it was really hard to make the station for the woodie because of the footpaths that I've built, so I'm thinking of redoing the station and building the footpaths around that.



Any more comments/criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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Aiming for silver is a little high on hopes think,


There just aren't enough details in your park, landscape variations and overall complexety to get anywhere near silver.


For example TPLA is nearly finished and a few friends on NE who have seen it completely in-game say its a good bronze or maybe a close silver so I suggest to be a lot more critcal towards yourself if you want that accolade.


Just to give an examplemy new pak is in game year 27 and I've got 3rides so far and they aren't even finished, just the basics have been build. If you really want that accolade and are intrested I'd like to help you out.


just mail me on this address: xstijnx_arakis@hotmail.com

So we can have a chat on what you could improve for your park^^

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Well, after a three week hiatus I have FINALLY begun working on the park, although not much progress has been made, I have done the supports on Bowser's Great Escape.






Any thoughts/suggestions on how to imporve the support work would be much appreciated.

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^I was planning that lol, but I was posting to see what you all thought of the supports, if I should add more or get-rid of some. Thanks for your suggestion though.


^^Would you mind showing me a pic of your coaster, you can pm me if you like.

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A little more work on the park has been done, the Entrance Plaza now has a Chinese Noodle House, selling

...the best noodles I've ever tasted...



bowser's castle



aptly named "knoodle house" (purposely spelt incorrectly)




NOTE: Have decided to keep the layout of the speed racer, but will theme it similar to that of real-life ones.

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