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Worst gifts you ever got


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The worst gift I got were from some distant relatives I don't see too often. For some reason, they still think I'm like 9 years old, so they get me toys and kiddish stuff.


The worst was two Christmases ago when they got me some "Mini DVD Jr." player or something. Basically, think of PSP UMD's with an even shorter lived proprietary format. It came with 2 kids movies... I think it was Shark Tale and some old Looney Toons compilation. The only useful part of the gift was the rechargeable AA batteries (which comes in handy for the Wii remotes).


Other than that, the gifts from them (Hot Wheels, stuff from the clearance bin at Ross, etc.) always end up in the Goodwill bin the next day. I seem like such an ungrateful bastard.

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I just got a tin of broken up gingerbread cookies, 90% of the tine is literally just crumbs. The seal on the tin was already broken too.


I'm not sure what to make of it.


Sounds like someone re-gifted the cookies, after they ate all the cookies that were still in shape. Or, the tin dropped which caused everything to break? I don't know. I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like this. But it is an odd gift.


One year, my grandmother (who I really don't hear from at all anymore nor do I care too) sent a Christmas card to my brother and I (a separate one for each of us). Well the envelopes were addressed to us, but inside she put the wrong cards, with a check for $50 made out to our cousins (who we never ever met). Lets just say that my brother and I received a much smaller amount each Christmas.

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I'm evil. For my cousin's Christmas presents I went to Dollarama and bought 2 boxes and tons of random stuff. One of them got a pregnancy test, sardines, a micro fibre hair wrap, a container of powdered ice tea, plastic grapes, mens shaving cream and a few other things I can't remember right now. The other one got a bow of plastic muppet cutlery, a sesame street drink container, pickled garlic, "Ultra Spill Grabbing" wipes and a few more things I can't remember.

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Does receiving girly shower stuff count? It was the gift exchange game that we were all doing and me being new to it at the time, snagged the one that caught my eye immediately, then got jacked, then my once cool item was replaced with girly glittery shower soap.


Another one (not Christmas or Birthday) was when my parents surprised me with a pet water snake. I guess they were informed that they're really tame and you can carry them in your pockets. I was completely excited about it until I went to pull him out of the box and he bit onto my cheek (right below the eye). In panic, I yanked the snake off and chucked it (sorry snake!). My cousin caught him and he was brought back to the pet store and replaced with a much less aggressive (and smaller) snake.


Otherwise, can't really say that I received anything bad at all...maybe a nasty scratch from a cat (cat's gift to me) on the palm of my hand as she jumped off...super painful!

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