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[RCT2] Tahendo Zoo

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First off, I know everyone here is a coaster enthusiast and probably couldn't care less about zoos (unless there was a credit involved ), but this is a project that I've been wanting to do for a good while so bare with me, a coaster will come!


Ho To, our male Giant Panda, enjoys wandering about his outdoor grotto.


The female must be inside today...


The indoor pavilion features China Wok, a small food stand featuring Chinese cuisine,

indoor exhibit viewing, and access to viewing above, and even under, the outdoor exhibits.


Tahendo Zoo, come see why everyone's calling it "the #1 zoo in the World!"

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Tahendo Zoo Partners with Gatorland, U.S.A


TAHENDO, [insert state here], August 4, 2010 - Today, Tahendo Zoo and Gatorland, U.S.A have begun a partnership which allows Tahendo to receive various crocodilians from the alligator farm. In return, Gatorland, U.S.A of Savannah, GA will receive royalties from the loan, as well as funding for the extensive animal breeding programs already in place. Tahendo hopes that the partnership will ensure a greater awareness for the animals as well as a much needed boost in revenue at both locations.


Gatorland, U.S.A is the largest alligator farm in the state of Georgia, and the oldest in the Southeast


Tahendo Zoo and Gatorland have worked together in the past, exchanging design work for the waterfowl exhibit at Gatorland and sponsorship for the "Land Down Under" temporary exhibit at the zoo. Tahendo plans to develop a permanent exhibit housing the animals in the near future.


Unlike most other farms, Gatorland features a large wooden roller coaster, thrilling riders since the 1920's


Officials state that this is just "step 1" for the development of the area, which only consists of the "Boomerang" roller coaster and small animal exhibits.




Tahendo Zoo, come see why everyone's calling it "the #1 zoo in the World!"

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Is this Gatorland a small separate park or is it sitting in the corner of the big map for the Tahendo Zoo?

The coaster looks great. Your attention to detail is always stunning.


I am working on a new version of the 6 seat wooden coaster that will allow for longer trains.

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